Monthly Musings December 2023: Ringing in the New Year


Besties, are you ready to say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024? I think I am ready. 2023 wasn't horrible but it also wasn't my favorite year. Today for Monthly Musings, Holly and I are hosting our monthly linkup and sharing ways we ring in the New Year. Join us for the questions in the graphic above, linkup with us if you are writing your own post and make sure you visit the other writers who join us. Are you ready for the New Year's fun?

1. How do you ring in the New Year?

Honestly, it really depends on the year. Running Daddy and I don't feel pressed to have plans for New Year's but if we get invited to a get-together, we are game. I think we have plans this year.


What's Up Wednesday December 2023


Well Besties, we made it to the end of December and the end of 2023.  This has been an interesting year and hopefully, one that will set the tone for some things in the future.  Here on the last Wednesday of December and 2023, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Grab a warm beverage, light a candle and settle in for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

Since we are in the middle of two holidays, we are basically eating whatever is around. Leftover breakfast casserole is one thing that will definitely be consumed and the pot of butternut squash and lentil soup that I made is available, but there is not a lot of meal planning happening this week. That will happen next week as we look to head back to work and school. Although I am working some this week.


Merry Christmas Besties 2023


Merry Christmas to all of the Besties who celebrate and true gratitude to everyone who has visited this site this year. Wishing you peace, Joy, prosperity and health in this season of wonder.


Monthly Musings December 2023 is December 28--Topics Ringing in the New Year


Hey there Besties! I have been away from this space for a little bit this month as there is a whole lot of life happening around here. Year-end is particularly busy for me at work and I am just trying to get all of the Christmas things done.

Holly and I wanted to make sure we put up the topics for Monthly Musings before Christmas so that everyone had them in time for the December Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday, December 28.

Grab our graphic, link back to us both and join us for the December Monthly Musings where we are sharing all of the fun of Ringing in  the New Year.

I hope you have the Best Christmas if you celebrate and I will see you back here soon.  


Monthly Musings November 2023: How We Holiday


Are you ready to kick off the holiday season Besties? I totally am! Today, Holly and I are getting together with a group of talented writers to share how we celebrate the holiday season. We want to hear about all of the holidays. I personally love to learn about different holidays and the traditions they hold. Ok, let's kick off the holiday season Monthly Musings style!

1. Favorite holiday traditions?

Even though Hockey Guys is not little anymore, the elf does still make an appearance at our house. He doesn't do anything too crazy at our house but he does make an appearance and show up in a different part of the house every morning.

The last few years we have also gone to church on Christmas Eve around 6pm and then gone out to dinner just the three of us. It has been a really nice way to start Christmas and just have a quiet evening and reflect on the night.

We also adopt a nun every year and fulfill her Christmas list. The things she asks for are so simple that they warm my heart. This is probably Running Daddy's favorite Christmas tradition.


What's Up Wednesday November 2023


Did November fly by for everyone else? This has been a Good month and I am so ready for the holiday season. Here on the last Wednesday of November, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Grab a hot chocolate or cup of coffee, light a candle and settle in for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

I am keeping it real Besties and sharing that because we have a really busy hockey schedule this week I don't have a very solid meal plan for the week. I can tell you that on Monday we just did burgers and hot dogs with salad, fruit and tater tots. Tuesday will probably be baked chicken tacos. Wednesday and Thursday are totally up in the air but I am thinking that one of those nights we might do breakfast for dinner with pancakes, bacon and fruit. On Friday night we will figure something out on the way home after the game. 

As you all probably know, I like to have a meal plan because it just makes the nights run more smoothly when I get home and works Better nutritionally. Some weeks, you just need to go with the flow. This is one of those weeks.


Hello Monday -Monthly Musings November 2023 Topics: How We Holiday


Happy Monday Besties! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with fun and those that you love. We had a really Good break. We had some food, some fun, time with family and friends and thankfully rest. I am in a season of sitting in my gratitude and just enjoying some unexpected blessings.

We are finally in the holiday season and all three of us in the Good Better Best household are especially excited for Christmas this year. For Hello Monday today I am linking up with Holly and Sarah  to share the topics for Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday. This month our topic is How We Holiday. We want to hear all about how you celebrate this holiday season. The more diverse, the more different takes on the holiday season the Better in my book. 

Friday Favorites November 3, 2023: Two Good Shows, Ms. Christmas, Cute Shoes and Clean Fall Home Scents


Brrr Besties! It literally went from summer to winter in a matter of days around here. How about where you live? Over the weekend I had the air conditioner on and yesterday morning I clicked the heat on to take the edge off because it was 58 degrees in our house. Running Daddy thought I left a window open, but that was not the case, it was just full-on cold. Now the weekend is here and I am ready to chill, make some food and watch a little hockey.

This week for Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea with two shows that I am loving, a Good Hallmark movie, shoes that will elevate any outfit but are also comfortable and my favorite Mrs. Meyer's scent for fall. Are you ready? Let's Go!

1. The Golden Bachelor

This show is a total delight. With all of the bad stuff happening in the world right now, and there is a lot of bad stuff, The Golden Bachelor is a little ray of light. Gerry, from what I can tell, is a truly genuine guy who is looking for a second chance at love. I also find Joy in the way that the women support each other. 


Monthly Musings October 2023: Thanksgiving Prep


Happy Friday Eve Besties! Are you ready for Monthly Musings? I know that the first trick-or-treater has not even crossed your front porch yet, but for Monthly Musings today I am getting together with Holly and the talented group of writers who join us to share of the Best Thanksgiving and holiday preparation and traditions.  Let's jump into the questions and wrap ourselves in Thanksgiving.

1. What Are Your Thanksgiving Plans?

It's a little early, so I am not sure what our plans are. I know that I am definitely looking forward to having about five days off during the Thanksgiving week.


What 's Up Wednesday October 2023


Oh October, you were everything an October should be. You brought us cooler temperatures, all of the fall flavors and the start of high school hockey season. Here on the last Wednesday of September, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Settle in with a warm blanket, your favorite beverage and maybe a fall candle and join me for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

Monday-sheet pan chicken thighs, roasted butternut squash with walnuts, dried cherries and a touch of goat cheese, plus zucchini and yellow squash

Tuesday- baked chicken tacos with salad

Wednesday-Greek meatballs, pasta and roasted vegetables

Thursday-steak tips, roasted potatoes and salad

Friday-game night on the road so we need to figure it out 

What I'm Reminiscing About 

This little boy, in the peacoat, with his nose and hands pressed up against the glass watching our local Catholic high school play hockey in kindergarten, I am reminiscing about how he used to go and watch this team play. He is now in his senior year and serving as assistant captain of this same team. There's nothing Better than watching a dream play out. 


Hello Monday October 2023 Monthly Musings Topics-Thanksgiving Prep


Hey there Monday! It definitely felt like Fall this weekend and it's about time. I am kicking off an new week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. If you are new to Monthly Musings, Holly and I host a linkup the last Thursday of every month where a group of talented writers join us for a little food, a little decorating and all kinds of themed Joy

Since we are at the end of October and American Thanksgiving is around the corner, we are helping you out this week and sharing tips and favorites to make this the Best Thanksgiving ever.  

If you are also a writer, grab our graphic, share your Thanksgiving favorites and tips and then link up with us on Thursday.

I will see you back here on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday and then on Thursday for Monthly Musings!


Friday Favorites September 29, 2023: Best Fall Movies


I am so glad the weekend is here. This week was ahem, interesting. Running Daddy noticed that on Wednesday night there was a full moon and it definitely seemed like it this week. 

For today's Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing a list of my favorite fall movies. Not Halloween movies...yet, just fall-themed. I am hoping this list broken out into Hallmark fall and non-Hallmark fall gets you into the fall mood and helps you relax this weekend. Grab your softest blanket, your favorite movie snack, your favorite fall beverage and let's fall into movie night. 

Note: this list is not ranked. This is just a list of fall movies that I love and make me think of fall. I will make note here and there of some that I particularly love.


You've Got Mail

This movie is just the perfect fall setting in New York with two delightful main characters. I tell Hockey Guy every time we watch a Tom Hanks movie that Tom Hanks is the greatest actor of his lifetime and a national treasure. He rolls his eyes, but he also agrees.

Monthly Musings September 2023: Fall/Halloween Fun


Oh fall, hello, we missed you. This month Holly and I are focusing on all things fall and Halloween as the theme for Monthly Musings. If you are joining us as a writer, be sure to link back to both of us, grab our graphic and share all of your fall and Halloween fun.

Pour a pumpkin spice latte or even an Oktoberfest beer and join us for Monthly Musings.

1. Favorite fall traditions

For fall I am frankly all about the food. I love to hit the farm stand and see when the apples and pears come in and then the fall squashes. Fall food, besides low-country food, is my favorite food.


What's Up Wednesday September 2023


Wow September you were eventful. We spent time getting back into the school routine and I had a big work event at headquarters which took up a lot of time and energyHere on the last Wednesday of September, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Settle in with your favorite fall treat and join me for all things September.

What We Are Eating This Week

Monday-Burgers, hot dogs, tots and cucumber/hearts of palm salad

Tuesday-Crockpot beef barbeque sandwiches with salad

Wednesday-Beef tips, rice, salad

Thursday-I am going out to celebrate a friend's birthday and the guys are on their own.

Friday-take out, always take out on Fridays


Hello Monday September 25, 2023-Monthly Musings Topics Fall/Halloween Fun


Hey hey Monday! Fall is officially here and I am so excited. Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. If you are new to Monthly Musings, Holly and I host a linkup the last Thursday of every month where a group of talented writers join us for a little food, a little decorating and all kinds of themed Joy


September 22, 2023 Fall Friday Favorites


Ah, it's a fall Friday and who's excited? This gal! Today Erika and Andrea and sharing all of my fall Friday favorites. Grab your favorite fall beverage and join me for Friday Favorites.

1. Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice

I love lip balm and I love pumpkin spice, so when the Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm launched I bought it right away. This lip balm is totally silky and has a slight pumpkin spice taste and scent. Yes, please!


Parmesan Chicken Tenders with Creamy Honey Dijon


These chicken tenders are super easy to make and were the perfect after work, after school but before sports dinner the other night. They come together really easily and you probably already have everything to make these in your kitchen right now.

I served these with a simple roasted veggie mix and the veggie pasta from Birdseye and dinner was on the table in about thirty minutes. This recipe is the essence of Good Better Best food.


Joy in the Lasts: Senior Year Edition Flash Back


I have been thinking about the piece I wrote four years ago a lot lately. It's senior year for Hockey Guy and I am not as sad as I probably should be. He has really had the high school career that most of us, his mom included, would dream of. He is happy, he has lots of friends, he is in a school where he is supported, he is a peer mentor and he is a successful athlete. I know not every kid has this experience in high school, and I know that because I was one of those kids that really struggled in high school. I think that because of his experience and my experience being polar opposites, I am once again finding Joy in the lasts.

I am not one bit sad Hockey Guy is in his senior year. I am loving the traditions like Senior Sunrise, I am counting the days until the first puck drop of hockey season, and trying to breathe during the college application process. The one thing I am not doing, is trying to make time slow down. This is his time, not mine and it will all move along for him exactly like it should. It will all fall into place exactly like God wants it to, even though at times lately I am raising my eyebrow a little at a path God is adding for us. 


Monthly Musings August 2023: Back to School Shopping , Prepping and Meal Planning


Welcome to the last day of August Besties! This week was Back to School for us and I am frankly really ready. Are schools back in your area or are you holding on for a few more days? No matter where you are in the Back to School process Holly and I, along with the group of talented writers who link up with us every month for Monthly Musings, have you covered for all of the Back to School tips and tricks. Even if you don't have kids in school there are bound to be a few recipes or daily planning tips that you can use in these posts. Sharpen your pencils, grab an apple for the teacher, and join us for Monthly Musings today.

1. Where do you usually shop for Back to School? Any tips?

This one is so easy as Hockey Guy has worn a uniform for his entire school career. We did have a little trouble with fit this year for shorts and pants but after several moms tried to help with gifting uniforms that may fit, I ended up at the uniform store anyway.

Our Back to School shopping truly consists of uniforms, socks, maybe a new pair of shoes but that is that. I like Kohl's a lot for teen basics like socks.

What's Up Wednesday-August 2023


August has been a very eventful month. We had a dreamlike vacation, a bunch of work and back to school prep. Since it is the last Wednesday of August I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Take a moment to breathe and find out what we have been up to in August.

What We Are Eating This Week

This is the first week of classes and hockey is in full swing, so meal planning is key right now. I am definitely planning our meals around hockey nights. The Good news about practices being so late this year is that Hockey Guy will be home for dinner on hockey nights for now.

Monday-Raspberry balsamic chicken, rice and salad

Tuesday-Baked chicken tacos, black beans and salad

Wednesday- Grilled cheese with fruit

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, bacon and berries

Friday-End of the week take out


Hello Monday: Monthly Musings Topics August 2023


Happy Monday Besties! Summer is winding down. Are you ready or are you holding onto the last days of summer with the tightest of grips? Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. For Monthly Musings on Thursday, Holly and I are joining the group of talented writers who link up with us to talk all things Back to School 2023.

Whether you have a little and you are managing this all for the first time or you are like me and just have this one more year or if you even are finished with the Back to School process, we will have all types of fall tips and tricks for Monthly Musings on Thursday.

See you on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday and then on Thursday for Monthly Musings!


Friday Favorites : August 25, 2023-Playlists, Good Hair Serum, a Hint of Fall, Cute Dress and Five Below Desk Accessories


Ah Friday, Good to see you. We are in post-vacation, back to school and deep in work mode around the Good Better Best household. I am so ready to exhale this weekend. Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share a fun summer list with you of things that are bringing me Joy this week. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty playlists on Spotify

Why yes, yes I am talking about The Summer I Turned Pretty...again. This week I busted out the many playlists on Spotify from this show that we are obsessed with.


Running Daddy and I finished the series up this week and we remain firmly on Team BelRad! 

Friday Favorites: August 4, 2023: The Summer I turned Pretty, True Crime Podcast, a Good Song, and two GBB Approved Dupes


This week was a little bumpy. Everyone in the Good Better Best household is fine but we had a little drama over the weekend. Saturday we had some really crazy storms. As I was snoozing on the couch Saturday afternoon, I heard a big boom and then felt the ground shake. A big tree in the woods across the street from our house and fell into the street. There was no damage but it was pretty startling.

Sunday afternoon also got a little interesting. We were getting ready to meet our friends over at the pool for a little soak and happy hour and decided to give my legs a quick shave. I had my leg on the side of the tub with the water off when all of a sudden the water turned on by itself and wouldn't turn off. Unfortunately, it was the hot water! The only thing that Running Daddy could do was shut off the water in the house until we could get a plumber in there on Monday. The problem is fixed but Sunday was a little interesting to have very limited running water in the house. It was very frontier days.

As I headed into the weekend, I am exhaling and linking up with  Erika and Andrea to share the things that brought me Joy even in a bumpy week.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty

You are probably starting to wonder if I am turning this site into a fan page for The Summer I Turned Pretty. Frankly, I just can't help it because the show is just so darn Good. Season two is even Better than season one. 


Monthly Musings July 2023-Summer Fashion


Hey there Besties! It's Friday Eve and time for Monthly Musings. It is also that time in the summer when I am in a little bit of a fashion rut, so I am so glad Holly suggested this topic. I am really looking forward to seeing the answers from the other writers who link up with us. If you participated this month, grab our graphic and link up with us!

Let's get ready to talk summer fashion!

1. Favorite Summer Outfit?

I feel like the skort/tennis skirt is everywhere this summer and I am not mad about it. I grabbed two of these skorts to wear on the weekend and have been pairing them with cute sleeveless tops. 


What's Up Wednesday-July 2023


July has been a little hot, a little rainy and a month when we were mostly home the entire month, which is rare in our world. July has been filled with work, some summering and someone in this house became an Iron Man for the second time! Hint, they are not the author of this post. Since it is the last Wednesday of July I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Pour your favorite summer beverage and settle in for What's Up Wednesday, July style.

What We're Eating This Week

Honestly, I am not sure what we are eating this week. Running Daddy is getting back from Lake Placid on Monday night but I am not sure what time. Hockey Guy is working a lot this week and then has hockey. This week's schedule is up in the air so I am doing my Best to have healthy, easy food on hand for everyone.

Hello Monday: Monthly Musings July 2023 Topics


Happy Monday Besties! We are officially in the dog days of summer. Does it feel like summer where you are? Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings.

For July, Holly and I are talking all things summer fashion to give you ideas of what to wear as the second half of summer rolls in. If you are a writer, grab our link and graphic and join us here on Thursday for Monthly Musings. We also hope that everyone will join us as a reader and visit the talented writers who link up with us every month.


Friday Favorites July 21, 2023: Christmas in July, Bravo Drama, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Time on the Weekends, and Twist on Taco Night


Hello weekend, I am so glad to see you. The last few weeks have been a lot, but there have been some Good things mixed in too. I am so ready to take a deep breath this weekend and hopefully get some sleep.

I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for today's Friday Favorites and I have all of the Hallmark Christmas in July, a summer series on Prime we are obsessed with, all the Bravo drama, time on the weekend and Rancho Taco mix. This is, as usual, a pretty eclectic list but totally what I am loving this week. Ready? Let's do this!

1. Hallmark Channel Christmas in July  

Anyone who has ever stopped by this site knows that I love the Hallmark Channel. I have been a Hallmarkie long before it was a thing. While some people think it is odd to watch Christmas movies in July, I cannot imagine not watching them.


My Interview with Corporate Mom Life


Today I am so excited to share with you an interview that I did with Colleen Thedieck who just launched Corporate Mom Life an online magazine on LinkedIn. Colleen's goal is to focus on balancing it all with a focus on moms who work in Corporate America. I loved talking with her and sharing my day, my work philosophy, and things that are total non-starters when it comes to work for me. 


Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July Besties! Have a safe day celebrating freedom. See you back here soon.


Monthly Musings June 2023:Summer Fun-Vacay Trips, and Adventures


Hey hey Besties! It is officially summer. I know that it doesn't always feel like summer these days, I am looking at you New England and the mid-Atlantic, and that some parts of the country feel like the surface of the sun, ahem Texas. For today's Monthly Musings Holly and I wanted everyone to share all of the fun that is summer regardless of the temperatures. This post has all of the summer travel, cocktails/mocktails, and places we love to visit as the schedule slows down and the days get a little longer. Grab your favorite beverage and join Holly, me, and all of the other talented writers who join us every month for Monthly Musings.

1. Favorite Vacation Destinations?

When Hockey Guy was little, we went to Bethany Beach, DE for a Good ten years. It's an easy drive for us and it was the perfect spot for little kids.

Six years ago we decided we were up for a longer drive and a little more of a true vacation. We started going to Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island and never looked back. At first Hockey Guy was resistant to going anywhere but Bethany, but once he put his feet in that warm South Carolina water and had shrimp right off the boat, he was hooked. I always tell him that the Low Country has seeped into his veins. More on that in the future.


What's Up Wednesday June 2023


Oh June you have been mostly a lovely month. You have given us a strong finish to the school year, a wedding anniversary, two Good trips and lots of hard work for everyone. Since it is the last Wednesday of June I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. This June post is going to be a little quick because this is a busy week but more on that in a bit.

What We're Eating This Week

We have some travel at the end of the week and I am finishing up a big work project so the dinner plans are a little fluid in the beginning of the week and then a lot of dining out in one of the Best food cities in the USA later in the week. Here's what I can tell you so far:

Monday I was super glad that I put some stew beef with broth and taco seasoning in the slow cooker before I left the house in the morning because I didn't expect to get home so late! I luckily had the meat cooking all day so that we could have easy tacos when I got home.

Tuesday will probably be burgers and dogs with sweet potato puffs along with cucumber, hearts of palm and chickpea salad. I am going to post this salad recipe in July...I promise!

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