Hello Monday: Monthly Musings Topics August 2023


Happy Monday Besties! Summer is winding down. Are you ready or are you holding onto the last days of summer with the tightest of grips? Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. For Monthly Musings on Thursday, Holly and I are joining the group of talented writers who link up with us to talk all things Back to School 2023.

Whether you have a little and you are managing this all for the first time or you are like me and just have this one more year or if you even are finished with the Back to School process, we will have all types of fall tips and tricks for Monthly Musings on Thursday.

See you on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday and then on Thursday for Monthly Musings!


  1. Thank you so much! Perfect timing for this link up; our schools start on Thursday.

  2. Cannot wait my friend! Blogging with you brings me JOY :)

    1. Right back at you! I couldn't ask for a Better partner.


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