Monthly Musings March 2024-Spring Fashion


Oh spring you are so close and I am so happy. Holly and I are so ready to talk about spring fashion for our monthly linkup Monthly Musings. Every month we put together a themed list of questions and invite talented women to join us for a linkup party. For March we are ready to share all things spring fashion.

If you are joining us this month we are so excited to have you share your love of spring fashion. Just link back to both of us in your post and join the linkup below.

Let's talk spring fashion!

1. What is your go-to spring outfit?

My go-to spring outfit will always be white jeans and a Lilly Pulitzer top.  I own probably four or five of the Lilly Skipper popovers and they are just so easy to wear. The one below is very similar to ones I own. 

I have some of these in smalls but typically prefer a medium for layering purposes.

What's Up Wednesday-March 2024


March, you will a little chilly but you ended up being a pretty Good month.  As this is the last Wednesday of March, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. This is a little food, a little fashion, and a whole lot of fun things we have been up to in March.

What We're Eating This Week

I am going to be gone for a few days this week checking in with my mom so I will not be home Wednesday and Thursday nights. The boys will be on their own for dinner those nights, but here is what I think I have planned for the other nights.

Monday-Parmesan roasted shrimp, salad, jasmine rice

Tuesday-Hockey Guy has a golf match so we will do something easy like burger night or meatball subs. It will depend on if he has something to eat on the way home.

Friday-It will be pizza takeout for Good Friday

Hello Monday-Monthly Musings Topics


Happy Monday Besties! The weather is so very March around here, beautiful skies but very windy weather. I know that spring is right around the corner though.

Today I am linking up with Sarah  and Holly for Hello Monday and sharing the questions for Monthly Musings coming your way on Thursday. For March, we are focusing on spring fashion. Follow the questions listed above, link back to Holly and me and join us for all the spring fashion fun.


Friday Favorites: March 23, 2024-Favorite Quiet Luxury Brand, Makeup Updates and a Polarizing Show


Hey there Besties, I have been a little off the grid lately as this is a busy season of life. It's been a few weeks since I linked up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and I am pretty excited about the list of beautiful items I am going to share with you today. Let's all take a deep breath because the weekend is here and enjoy Friday Favorites.

1. Quince Washable Silk Skirt

Is anyone else struggling with the length of skirts and dresses these days? I feel like they are all so long even in the "midi" length. I have been looking for a really Good black skirt at the right length for a while now and finally found one at Quince. 

Monthly Musings February 2024-Surviving the Winter Months


Happy Leap Day Besties! How fun to Monthly Musings on Leap Day. Today Holly and I are hosting our linkup party and talking about surviving these last few days of winter. It is more like fake spring around here and a cold snap could be just around the corner, so we may need these tips any day now/

1. What do you do in the winter that brings you Joy?

In the winter I like to use our fireplaces and light candles. It just brings a sense of warmth and calmness like nothing else. I really like it when I have an hour or so to be in the house alone with my candles and the fireplace on and maybe some music.

What's Up Wednesday-February 2024


February, I am not going to lie, was a little weird. There were a few ups and downs with a few things that made us really scratch our heads. We are all doing ok and we got some Good news as we headed towards the end of this month.  On this the last Wednesday of February, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Let's do this.

What We're Eating This Week

Monday-I have acupuncture after work so everyone is on their own. I have frozen meatballs, french bread pizza, Niman ranch barbeque and berries in the fridge. No one will starve around here.

Tuesday-Marinated chicken thighs and veggies sheet pan meal.

Wednesday-Mini meatloaves, roasted potatoes and salad.

Thursday- Tacos with black beans and salad.

Friday-We have wine pickup for wine club and then we are stopping by a party. Definitely need to figure out food for Friday night.

Hello Monday-February Monthly Musings Topics


Hey there Besties! I hope everyone had a Good weekend. I am here today for Hello Monday with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday to share the February topics for Monthly Musings later in the week. On Thursday we will be sharing tips for surviving the last of the winter months. 

If you would like to join Holly and me for Monthly Musings, grab our graphic above and link up with Holly and me on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you back here on Thursday to share how to survive these last few weeks of winter.

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