March Monthly Musings: Spring Traditions and Activities


Hey Besties, I am taking a pause right now as there are some matters that need my full attention. I may get to my Monthly Musings post later this week, but I may not. 

For now, I am providing the link for this fun link up with Holly

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Monthly Musings March 2021 Topic: Spring Traditions and Activities


This Thursday, join Holly and me once again for Monthly Musings. Whether you join as a blogger, reader or both, we hope to see you later in the week. 

See you later in the week!


Friday Favorites and a Life Update: Best Body Scrub, NJ Housewives, That Sounds Fun, Emily in Paris, Smooth Lip Colors


Happy Friday Besties. I have been a little MIA lately. I have had some things going on and I would rather wait and put up a really Good post when I was ready, than just phone it in. Phoning it in is not my style.

First, I have been having shoulder problems since May. I know, I know. I did some physical therapy this summer and it kind of helped. Basically I have been waiting for COVID to end or for my shoulder to get Better. Since neither of those things have happened yet, I went to the Best shoulder doctor in the area. The verdict? I have an off the charts frozen shoulder and had a set of cortisone shots two weeks ago. It's feeling Better and I am so thankful for kind, smart medical professionals.

I also received my first COVID-19 vaccine two weeks ago, but had to go off my major Lupus med for a couple of weeks before and after the vaccinations. Not being able to do this injection every week has really impacted my health and my life. I am planning to do a post on my vaccination experience hopefully next week so stay tuned. 

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