Monthly Musings August 2023: Back to School Shopping , Prepping and Meal Planning


Welcome to the last day of August Besties! This week was Back to School for us and I am frankly really ready. Are schools back in your area or are you holding on for a few more days? No matter where you are in the Back to School process Holly and I, along with the group of talented writers who link up with us every month for Monthly Musings, have you covered for all of the Back to School tips and tricks. Even if you don't have kids in school there are bound to be a few recipes or daily planning tips that you can use in these posts. Sharpen your pencils, grab an apple for the teacher, and join us for Monthly Musings today.

1. Where do you usually shop for Back to School? Any tips?

This one is so easy as Hockey Guy has worn a uniform for his entire school career. We did have a little trouble with fit this year for shorts and pants but after several moms tried to help with gifting uniforms that may fit, I ended up at the uniform store anyway.

Our Back to School shopping truly consists of uniforms, socks, maybe a new pair of shoes but that is that. I like Kohl's a lot for teen basics like socks.

What's Up Wednesday-August 2023


August has been a very eventful month. We had a dreamlike vacation, a bunch of work and back to school prep. Since it is the last Wednesday of August I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Take a moment to breathe and find out what we have been up to in August.

What We Are Eating This Week

This is the first week of classes and hockey is in full swing, so meal planning is key right now. I am definitely planning our meals around hockey nights. The Good news about practices being so late this year is that Hockey Guy will be home for dinner on hockey nights for now.

Monday-Raspberry balsamic chicken, rice and salad

Tuesday-Baked chicken tacos, black beans and salad

Wednesday- Grilled cheese with fruit

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, bacon and berries

Friday-End of the week take out


Hello Monday: Monthly Musings Topics August 2023


Happy Monday Besties! Summer is winding down. Are you ready or are you holding onto the last days of summer with the tightest of grips? Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. For Monthly Musings on Thursday, Holly and I are joining the group of talented writers who link up with us to talk all things Back to School 2023.

Whether you have a little and you are managing this all for the first time or you are like me and just have this one more year or if you even are finished with the Back to School process, we will have all types of fall tips and tricks for Monthly Musings on Thursday.

See you on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday and then on Thursday for Monthly Musings!


Friday Favorites : August 25, 2023-Playlists, Good Hair Serum, a Hint of Fall, Cute Dress and Five Below Desk Accessories


Ah Friday, Good to see you. We are in post-vacation, back to school and deep in work mode around the Good Better Best household. I am so ready to exhale this weekend. Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share a fun summer list with you of things that are bringing me Joy this week. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty playlists on Spotify

Why yes, yes I am talking about The Summer I Turned Pretty...again. This week I busted out the many playlists on Spotify from this show that we are obsessed with.


Running Daddy and I finished the series up this week and we remain firmly on Team BelRad! 

Friday Favorites: August 4, 2023: The Summer I turned Pretty, True Crime Podcast, a Good Song, and two GBB Approved Dupes


This week was a little bumpy. Everyone in the Good Better Best household is fine but we had a little drama over the weekend. Saturday we had some really crazy storms. As I was snoozing on the couch Saturday afternoon, I heard a big boom and then felt the ground shake. A big tree in the woods across the street from our house and fell into the street. There was no damage but it was pretty startling.

Sunday afternoon also got a little interesting. We were getting ready to meet our friends over at the pool for a little soak and happy hour and decided to give my legs a quick shave. I had my leg on the side of the tub with the water off when all of a sudden the water turned on by itself and wouldn't turn off. Unfortunately, it was the hot water! The only thing that Running Daddy could do was shut off the water in the house until we could get a plumber in there on Monday. The problem is fixed but Sunday was a little interesting to have very limited running water in the house. It was very frontier days.

As I headed into the weekend, I am exhaling and linking up with  Erika and Andrea to share the things that brought me Joy even in a bumpy week.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty

You are probably starting to wonder if I am turning this site into a fan page for The Summer I Turned Pretty. Frankly, I just can't help it because the show is just so darn Good. Season two is even Better than season one. 

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