Friday Favorites: August 4, 2023: The Summer I turned Pretty, True Crime Podcast, a Good Song, and two GBB Approved Dupes


This week was a little bumpy. Everyone in the Good Better Best household is fine but we had a little drama over the weekend. Saturday we had some really crazy storms. As I was snoozing on the couch Saturday afternoon, I heard a big boom and then felt the ground shake. A big tree in the woods across the street from our house and fell into the street. There was no damage but it was pretty startling.

Sunday afternoon also got a little interesting. We were getting ready to meet our friends over at the pool for a little soak and happy hour and decided to give my legs a quick shave. I had my leg on the side of the tub with the water off when all of a sudden the water turned on by itself and wouldn't turn off. Unfortunately, it was the hot water! The only thing that Running Daddy could do was shut off the water in the house until we could get a plumber in there on Monday. The problem is fixed but Sunday was a little interesting to have very limited running water in the house. It was very frontier days.

As I headed into the weekend, I am exhaling and linking up with  Erika and Andrea to share the things that brought me Joy even in a bumpy week.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty

You are probably starting to wonder if I am turning this site into a fan page for The Summer I Turned Pretty. Frankly, I just can't help it because the show is just so darn Good. Season two is even Better than season one. 

Running Daddy and I may be into it because of the age group of the main characters, being parents of a teen. We are just clamoring for the next episode. 

I remain Team Conrad. Do I think Jeremiah may also love Bellie, sure, but not in the way that Conrad describes his love for her. I just think Conrad takes a lot on emotionally. I kind of relate to him.

If you are also watching, please feel free to sound off in the comment section below.

2. The Girlfriends Podcast

Is anyone else listening to the podcast The Girlfriends? It's juicy.

I alway like to say that I am not into true crime because it is so dark, but I may be into true crime a little bit.

3. Fast Car by Luke Combs 

Does Luke Combs have one bad or even mediocre song? The answer to that question is a big honking No. How does he do everything so well?

How can he take a song like Fast Car that we all loved growing up and make it even Better now? A big congrats to Tracy Chapman for becoming the first African American woman with a solo songwriter credit to hit #1 on the country charts with Luke's cover.

4. Trader Joe's Sunscreen

If you haven't tried Trader Joe's sunscreen, it's one of the Best buys on the planet. I have been buying the spray forever. I use the mineral because I am kind of a hippie like that. The boys only use the clear regular. I am just happy they wear sunscreen, so I am done with the talk about how the mineral ones are healthier.

The Daily Facial Sunscreen is supposed to be a dupe for the Supergoop. I tried to pick up another one yesterday morning and it was completely sold out! 

I grabbed this one instead because I am kind of a sunscreen hoarder!

5. Costco Vuori Jogger Dupe

Speaking of dupes, my friend Miss D turned me onto these joggers from Costco! They are supposed to be the Vuori dupes. They are soft as butter and light enough to wear now or layer in the fall.

I grabbed the grey camo because the blue was sold out in my size, but I am stalking the blue online. I think I am going to be living in these this fall!

I took a medium, so I would think about sizing up if you are between sizes. At $14.99 you can totally buy multiple colors!

I am so ready to exhale this weekend and spend some time with my guys! Thanks for joining me today Besties! I totally feel more chill now that I have spent some time on this site. I hope you do too.


  1. Devouring "The Summer I Turned Pretty" here too- hope it was an awesome weekend friend!

  2. Gosh I am so sorry for your dramatic weekend- hope this week and next weekend are much more calm and uneventful my friend XO


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