Friday Favorites : August 25, 2023-Playlists, Good Hair Serum, a Hint of Fall, Cute Dress and Five Below Desk Accessories


Ah Friday, Good to see you. We are in post-vacation, back to school and deep in work mode around the Good Better Best household. I am so ready to exhale this weekend. Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share a fun summer list with you of things that are bringing me Joy this week. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty playlists on Spotify

Why yes, yes I am talking about The Summer I Turned Pretty...again. This week I busted out the many playlists on Spotify from this show that we are obsessed with.


Running Daddy and I finished the series up this week and we remain firmly on Team BelRad! 

There is so much Good music in this series too and Spotify has it all. Running Daddy said there was a lot of Taylor Swift played during the Iron Man he did in July. We are referring to this summer as "The Summer He Turned Swifty." 

If you are into The Summer I Turned Pretty the way Running Daddy and I are, let's bust out the playlists and sail into the weekend.

2. Biolage Smooth Proof Serum 

I was not born with a Good head of hair. Product is my friend. Over the last month or so I have been streamlining my list of products in my hair with positive results. I used to use the Biolage smoothing balm on a daily basis and just switch to only the Smooth Proof serum a few weeks ago. 

The serum is much lighter and gives my hair much more body. It also helps keep my hair straight through the August Washington, DC weather. 

You only need a little bit. I use about a pump and maybe a touch more. I think I will keep going with this serum for a while.

3. Hint of Early Fall

Speaking of August in Washington, DC we had a slight hint that fall is on the way over the last week. Running Daddy always says that when the humidity lowers like this in late August that it has the back to school feeling.

Starbucks launched the pumpkin spice latte this week and there was pumpkin spice coffee at the Wawa this week too. I have no hard and fast rules on when I have my first pumpkin spice coffee. There is no magic date on the calendar. I mostly go with how the weather feels and when I feel like I need this fall treat. This week was not the week, but I am glad fall is on the way and I was happy to see the pumpkin spice and autumn mix in the stores this week.

4. Henley Dress

How cute is this dress? It's not only super cute, it is also really comfortable. I don't shop at Chico's very often but every now and then I find a gem like this dress. The fabric is really nice and hits right at the knee which is a Good length for me. 

I added silver jewelry and a pair of low-heeled animal print pumps. I can see wearing this well into the fall and adding boots and a fun pair of textured tights. It also comes in Navy blue.

If you need a Good fall dress this is the one for you. Chico's has their own sizing so as a guide I took the 0 in Chicos and the tag inside has the 0 and also size 4 listed. I would say that this dress runs slightly large.

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5. Five Below Desk Accessories

On Saturday I had to run to the uniform store and was surprisingly in and out of there in less than ten minutes. That gave me a few minutes to take a stroll through Five Below. I don't go to Five Below a lot but every now and then I find something very fun there.

I have been looking for a desk pad for my downtown office for probably years. I found this super cute vinyl desk pad on my Five Below outing and grabbed it for only $5. It has slip pockets and a pen tray area. It comes in a peach color and off-white as well. Score!

I also have a job where there are a lot of deadlines and many of them are compliance-related so I really like a calendar open and ready on my desk. The block desk mat calendar I was using ended at the end of July and I have been looking for a replacement.

I love this lucite calendar and desk organizer that I also picked up for $5. It holds my personal and work phones and also can hold items like pens and scissors. I keep all of my pens in a drawer but I am definitely keeping my phones in the stand. So much fun and organization for only $10.

Those are my favorites for this week. Next week I will have both Monthly Musings and What's Up Wednesday for you. On Monday I will post the questions for Monthly Musings and this month we are all about Back to School. We will have the shopping, prepping and meal planning for you.

Have the Best weekend!


  1. Oh I love that dress on you and it is perfect with the leopard heels! Such a great look for fall. Can't wait for our linkup :)

  2. That henley dress is so cute! It has definitely been feeling like fall here-- well, at least hints of fall. I'm almost ready to start decorating for it...but not quite.

  3. The Summer I Turned Pretty is a favorite of mine! Also, I adore that henley dress - so beautiful! I hope you're loving those first glimmers of fall...we're getting them here, too!

    1. Thanks, Melissa!. Fall is so close. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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