What's Up Wednesday: March 2018

It's the last Wednesday of the month that means It's time for What's Up Wednesday with MelShaeffer, and ShayHere's what I have been up to this month and it's been a whole heck of a lot.

What We Are Eating This Week

Monday-Sweet vidalia and Dijon chicken, yellow rice and steamed broccoli

Tuesday-Sausage pepper pasta with salad

Wednesday-Root beer pulled pork sandwiches 

Thursday-We will probably have enough pulled pork leftover to have a repeat of Wednesday.

Friday-Good Friday pizza night

What I am reminiscing about

Easter is back on at our house on Sunday after we needed to take a year off for construction in 2017. I am reminiscing about all of the Easters at our house and how much fun we have had with the epic egg hunt and bottle rocket launches.

What I am loving

I am loving some hair product lately namely ones that I have talked about in the past. The OGX Morocco Oil shampoo and conditioner is a really Good product for both Hockey Guy and me. We could not have more different hair so this must be the product that is working.

***contains affiliate links

***Contains affiliate links

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned that I am really getting into Barre3 over the last year. It's pretty much the only exercise that I have every really liked. The last Sunday of the month they have a "Restorative" class which basically means that you get your butt kicked by candlelight. It's magic because I am like a crazy person trying to get on the sign up list and have luckily made it off the wait list twice until I wised up this month and signed up like a week in advance. 

I have to say that my arms look the Best they have every looked. Last week in class I thought...holy smokes...are those MY shoulders...yup. 

What We've Been Up To

Team Good Better Best has been up to a lot this month. I always feel like March is such a busy month. We ended the hockey season and started the lacrosse season.

Speaking of lacrosse, we had the opportunity to take in a Navy lacrosse game a few weeks ago which is something we try to do every season. This time we were treated to a private box which was such a special treat. It was the perfect way for Running Daddy to wrap up what we think was marathon #35 as he headed to the Navy game right after the race and was so happy to hear that there was beer in the suite. Best post race recovery.

We are also starting to work on a few Easter break day trips and thinking about some new options for summer vacation.

I have personally been working on a lot. This past month has taught me to look at every opportunity and make sure that you negotiate well. Most importantly, don't be afraid ask for what you want and need. Ask questions and really listen to the answers, don't just hear what you want to hear. More on this to come.

What I am Dreading

I am dreading cleaning up our yard and am currently thinking about just hiring some help to do weeding so that we can just add in some plants. I would prefer just to do the fun stuff.

What I am Working On

I am working on some summer plans both for our family and some camps for Hockey Guy. I have already bought tickets for Reba McEntire and also for Jaws with a live orchestra. There are some other tickets  we are looking at too.

I am currently working on getting ready for Easter and to have it back at our house after having to move it to my in-laws due to our renovation. Can't wait to have everyone back here on Sunday.

What I am Excited About


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What I am Watching/Reading

Now that the Bachelor is over I am basically waiting for NY Housewives and Southern Charm to premier, so I am biding my time with the ladies of Beverly Hills.

This past month I re-read Jamie Ivey's book If You Only Knew so that it was fresh in my mind for the book review I posted yesterday. This book is so Good and I totally cried in different parts. I mean how can I not love a books whose last chapter is called "Jesus is Better"?

If you have any recommendations for new books for me to read or shows to catch while I am waiting for my Bravo shows to premier please leave them in the comments below.

What I am Listening To

Since it is Holy Week, I am currently listening to a whole lot of Jesus music. A few years ago I started a Holy Week ritual of listening to Christian music only from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday. A few years ago I changed that up and start on Monday of Holy Week. This tradition is a really Good way to focus on the real purpose of this week and the miracle that is Easter.

What I am Wearing

Lately, I am still wearing my Uggs and my puffer vest and getting pretty sick of it. Typically I would be putting those items in the back of my closet and busting out my transition wear. Not this year! 

On Sunday I did wear this super cute outfit to church. It is a mix of new and classic Cabi styles and these really Good Loft pants.

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I am looking forward to really busting out some spring styles including this super cute jacket from Nordstrom. I think I will be wearing this from now until early September.

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I also cannot wait to wear these Franco Sarto shoes, but think it will take a few more weeks. I bought them in both black and nude. I am so glad the slides and mules are back in this season. Slides are really my favorite style of summer shoe and they have been hard to find as of late. I think these will take me through the entire summer. 

***contains affiliate links 

What I'm Doing this Weekend

Since the weather is finally going to be nice, we plan to go to the Georgetown vs. Denver lacrosse game and then head to a late lunch/early dinner. Sunday is the big day with Easter. We will be heading to an early church service with Hockey Guy serving his first Easter Mass and then everyone over to our house for the big egg hunt and Easter dinner. Cross your fingers that the weather report stays in the Good range.

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

Easter on Sunday! It is also a big birthday month with by my mom's birthday and my birthday being that first week. I am also looking forward to our day trips for Easter break. We just couldn't put a trip together this year but I think the day trips will be a really Good time.

What Else is New

There is actually a lot of new things in our household coming up but I am not ready to share yet. They are all Good and it will mean some changes but I think we are all looking forward to new adventures.

That's what is up in our world. Bring on Spring and bring on April.

Good Better Best Book Review: If You Only Knew by Jamie Ivey

There is only one Good way to start this book review and that is "Hi Friends!" Fellow listeners of "The Happy Hour" will know exactly what I am referring to with that greeting. Today I have the honor of reviewing Jamie Ivey's first book called If You Only Knew and it's a Good read. This fall I jumped at the chance to be part of Jamie's launch team for her first book, which was such a fun and interesting process in itself. While Jamie's book launched the end of January, I have had some Good but big life things come my way over the last couple of months and I needed to take some time to do my Best work on this book review. Since I am an avid listener of Jamie's podcast, I know she would understand because if we lived on the same block we would so be friends. (I know that just sounded so fan girl!) 


Friday Favorites: Beauty Picks, Your Gut, Choose Kind

Well, we made it to Friday and while we may be getting used to the time change, I think may of us are so over winter hanging out at the party too long. It's been a Good few weeks, but ones charged with lots of choices, love and trusting what God is telling me. More on that in the future.

Time to link up with ErikaNarci and Andrea today for a list of my Friday Favorites. These are the things I am finding Joy in lately.

1) L'Oreal BB Cream Skin Magic

***contains affiliate links

I recently had a big meeting and had some redness on my face and of course didn't want to have redness on my face for said big meeting. I found this BB cream completely eliminated the redness I was having. It is light which is so Good because most products of this type are very thick and makes your face look green. The results on me were truly magic and this is one of the Best products I have found to eliminate redness.


PedEgg Easy Curve Review: Ready for Spring?

I don't know about where you are, but it doesn't look or feel like spring around here today. But I can assure you, spring is coming, some day, some how and we all need to be ready to look Good. Very soon it is going to be time to come out of hiding and get ready to get our cute outfits and shoes on. 


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