Friday Favorites: Beauty Picks, Your Gut, Choose Kind

Well, we made it to Friday and while we may be getting used to the time change, I think may of us are so over winter hanging out at the party too long. It's been a Good few weeks, but ones charged with lots of choices, love and trusting what God is telling me. More on that in the future.

Time to link up with ErikaNarci and Andrea today for a list of my Friday Favorites. These are the things I am finding Joy in lately.

1) L'Oreal BB Cream Skin Magic

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I recently had a big meeting and had some redness on my face and of course didn't want to have redness on my face for said big meeting. I found this BB cream completely eliminated the redness I was having. It is light which is so Good because most products of this type are very thick and makes your face look green. The results on me were truly magic and this is one of the Best products I have found to eliminate redness.

2) Lune + Aster CEO Lip Gloss


If you have been reading this blog with any regularity you may remember that I am a big fan of the Lune + Aster line at Blue Mercury. I recently stopped in and bought a full size of this really pretty color called CEO after I received a sample a few months ago. This color is so wearable and goes with anything. I think this will look really Good with spring outfits.

3) Wonder

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We are always so behind the curve on movies, tv shows etc., but we are probably only like 5 months behind on the movie Wonder. We watched this last weekend and all three of us loved it. So much of it touched my soul and there was a box of Kleenex involved. I loved every person's story and this movie was about so much more than I thought it was going to be about. This movie is Good, this movie is pure, this movie is kind. 

4) Your Gut is God

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I don't want to go into too many details here, but recently I have had to make some decisions. All were Good choices, all were blessings, but I did have to make a decision. My gut kept telling me to go one way and not the others, but at times my head was telling me to go another way. When talking to one of my Besties, who knows me so well as a person and we have also worked together, I told her my gut was really poking at me. She told me "that's not your gut, that's God." She was right, and I went with my gut and I seriously had instant peace with my decision. 

5) PedEgg Easy Curve

It's time to get ready for spring and that includes getting those feet out of our winter boots. We are just weeks away from cute shoe season I promise, even though the view outside your window may not look like it. This week I reviewed the new PedEgg Easy Curve and it is a really Good product for getting your feet ready for spring. Check out my full review here.

Hope you all have a Good weekend and I promise, spring is on the way!

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  1. That BB cream sounds great..I could use that sometimes too.
    Love wonder and all the good quotes. So many great messages.


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