What's Up Wednesday: June 2018

Let's actually call this What's Up Thursdays because my Wednesday involved two cab rides, two flights (on in the opposite direction from where I was headed), two subway rides and a commuter train. So let's do a day late What's Up Wednesday with MelShaeffer, and Shay. So let's get to what is up for June and the start of summer.

What We Are Eating This Week

Well, as I am writing this post I am on a work trip, so I think there is a lot of Moe's Southwest Grill being eaten and maybe that tortellini that I left.

Wednesday and Thursday I will do something easy like a sheet pan meal or maybe parmesan roasted shrimp. I will get to all that when I get home.

Let Stop Saying "Let Me Know If You Need Anything"

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This post has been running through my heart and my mind for about a month. Warning, it is going to sound a little preachy, and I don't mean it to be, it's just a call for all of us to be a little Better to one another. Technically, we are more "connected" than ever before, but honestly how many of these are true deep connections lately? The kind that really matter, the kind that spread Joy and help make lives Better.

Recently some things have happened in our community that have really made Running Daddy and I stop and pause.We had a conversation a few weeks ago that we are just going to stop saying "Let me know if you need anything" to people. I know we mean it when we say it but honestly how many people are really going to take you up on that unspecific offer? How many people after that comment in passing will call you up and say "hey can you make my family dinner after my surgery", "can you pick up my kids every day after soccer while I am dealing with my parent with Alzheimer's" "can you bake me a batch of muffins because my husband was just deployed again?" You see, most women (and men) I know are just total bad asses and they are not going to randomly ask for help even when they need it.

But what if we just helped? What if we reached out to a friend or someone in our community we know is struggling and said:

-I would like to make you dinner, what night works for you?
-I was thinking about picking you up some magazines to read during your treatments, what do you like? In Style? People? Elle Decor? Believe me, infusion centers are stupid boring places and sometimes you just need to see Who Wore It Better.
-I have some time this week, can I take your child home from soccer, school, piano lessons?
-I was talking to so and so, and we would like to send my cleaning person/lawn guys over to help you out...our treat. What day works?
-Just baked a batch of muffins, could I drop some off?

See how different this is? This is real help and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. This is the kind of help that creates true connections. The kind of moment that can help ease someones life. And you may not know it at the time, but it might be the very last time you hug someone when you drop those muffins off. 

I know we are all busy and have a lot on our to do lists but we all need to start really connecting, not with photo likes, not by post comments, but by letting people know in person that you care about them. I personally believe that there is nothing that a batch of box brownies doesn't make Better. Who doesn't want a night off from cooking? But no one is probably going to ask.

Let's just all take some time and really connect. Stop and email your friend who is struggling and offer to do something specific. Stop saying "Let me know if you need anything".

In the comments below feel free to leave Good ideas of ways to help people when they are in need. It can help make lives Better.
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