What's Up Wednesday: All About October 2018

Wow October. What a month. It seems like it took forever for the fall weather to get here but it is finally here. Better late than never.  Since it is the last Wednesday of the month, otherwise known as Halloween, I am linking up with MelShaeffer, and Shay to talk about what I have been up to in October. 

What We're Eating This Week

Monday-Smoked paprika chicken breasts, roasted sweet potatoes and salad.

Tuesday-Sausage, fingerling potatoes, and roasted vegetable sheet pan meal.

Wednesday-It's Halloween, so probably a sandwich or maybe leftover lasagna.

Thursday-Chicken tostadas, black beans, salad.

Friday-Pizza night.


Friday Favorites: Fall Sweaters, Hot Drinks and the World Series

Image result for heather stillufsen friday

Oh Friday, sweet sweet Friday. I am so glad you are here. It's been a long week. We are supposed to have quite a storm out there but I get to work from home today. So I am going to settle in with a hot drink with some reports with my unhelpful four-legged assistant, while Hockey Guy works on some reading for a book report. On this chilly and rainy Friday, I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for a quick list of what is bringing me Joy.

1) Bite Lipstick in Chai

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Since I am busting out my fall wardrobe (yippee) it is also time to bring back the fall lip colors. I have always been more of a lipstick girl than eye makeup for the record. I received two samples of Bite lipstick from Sephora in my birthday box last spring, both of which I love. Chai is a perfect brownish mauve for me. If you have been around this blog for a minute you know that I love a Good brownish pink lip. This lipstick has really Good staying power and only has organic, Good for you ingredients. What could be Better than that?


Friday Favorites: New Hair, Fall Fashion, Best Charity and Go Red Sox

Wow! It finally feels like fall. It might even feel like late fall out there. On this lovely autumn week, I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for a quick list of what is bringing me Joy.

1) New Hair

I feel like I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about my hair lately. The truth is, I was not born with Good hair so I really need to work at it with a Good cut with Good products. Last Saturday was time to go in and get some maintenance done on the melon, and I decided to go a little shorter. The back of my hair was past my shoulders when I went in and while it looked Good, when you have fine hair it can start to look a little stringy. 


Gluten Free 101

Image result for gluten free

If you have been around Good Better Best for any amount of time you probably know that I am gluten free as part of my regimen for my health challenges. Being gluten free just helps by body function Better with my autoimmune disorders. I am truly gluten free, not for a month, not to loose weight, not just during the week but completely gluten free. I am talking gluten free for over 8 1/2 years. No bread, no beer, no donuts, no gluten. Nada.  Because I am linking up with The Blended Blog today and we are talking about health, I wanted to give some Gluten Free 101 tips in case anyone was interested in exploring the gluten free lifestyle.


Friday Favorites: Fall Shoes, Good Skin, Pumpkin Bread, Hockey and Good Hair

Ahhh Friday! This week ended Better than it started and today even finally feels like fall. Today I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for a quick list of what is bringing me Joy this week.

1) Franco Sarto Shoes

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How awesome are these shoes? They are a little pointier than I typically like but I so love a plaid and wool shoe for the cooler months. The come in other colors and also an animal print. They look really Good with pants and I am looking forward to trying them with tights and a skirt. Most of all, they are actually really comfortable. Cute and comfy? Yes please. 


Friday Favorites: Fall Flavors, #Last90Days, Best Nail Polish, New Lilly, and Ways to Help the Carolinas

Wow, what a week around here. We some big deadlines at work because the campaign season is in full swing. Friday, Good to see you! Today I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for a quick list of what is bringing me Joy this week.

1) Fall Flavors

At Trader Joe's , all the fall flavors went in my cart. I broke the pumpkin spice seal a few weeks before. I picked up the autumn mix (candy corn, Indian corn and the pumpkins) as that is Hockey Guy's favorite and the International Delight Pumpkin Spice. I am trying to wean myself off of that pumpkin spice creamer right now. Ahhhh.

Related image

World of caution, grocery shopping after Barre 3 can be a little dangerous. I was making my way around the store and spied the Terra Chips Pumpkin Spice Sweet chips. I kept thinking...weird? or Good

Image result for terra chips pumpkin spice
I decided to give this a try and I can tell you, they are Good.  It makes sense, because they are sweet potato chips seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. These might be making their way into my cart again this season.

At Trader Joe's I was all pumpkin in! Three boxes of the gluten free pumpkin bread mix and I added the white chocolate chips. I also grabbed the gluten free pumpkin pancake mix the pumpkin spice tortilla chips. The tortilla chips are Good but the Terra chips above are way Better.

2) Simply Southern Hurricane Relief

Simply Southern, which is is headquartered in North Carolina designed a shirt to help support the hurricane relief efforts. I bought it the day it was released.

HURRICANE FLORENCE RELIEF DONATION TEE: 'Together We Will Rise Above the Waters' Turtle Tee by Simply Southern (PREORDER)

HURRICANE FLORENCE RELIEF DONATION TEE: 'Together We Will Rise Above the Waters' Turtle Tee by Simply Southern (PREORDER)
Here is my shirt that arrived over the weekend.

This week, they also released a design with Tervis Tumblers. How cute is this?

Simply Southern - Rise Above the Waters

I am thinking I may need one of these too. I mean it's for charity!

3) #Last90Days

I am going to preface this with... all of those pumpkin spice flavors above went in my cart before I decided to do the Last 90 Days challenge by Rachel Hollis. I am one of those people, who thinks Rachel Hollis is pretty darn amazing. In addition to her best selling book Girl Wash Your Face Rachel has a challenge for the end of the year called the Last 90 Days. The premise is pretty awesome in that what would your new year in Better shape than you started 2018? What if you made Better eating and health choices between now and the end of the year? What if you focused on what you are grateful for? Pretty amazing huh? 

Healthy snacks from this week 

To find out how I am taking steps over the next 90 days to Better my life, read my post from yesterday here.

4) Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover

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My last item from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party arrived this week. I love the Skipper popovers and they are a weekend staple in my wardrobe. I am looking forward to busting my new one out in the High Tide print this weekend.

Skipper Popover//Wit & Wisdom Jeans (sold out) but I also own these//
***contains affiliate links

5) Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 

I mentioned a few weeks ago  that I was loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. I liked the look of salon gel nails but didn't love how they wrecked my nails and the who upkeep process. Enter Sally Hansen!  I am really loving this polish and it does stay on nicely for a full 7-10 days. I have tried a mauve color as well as navy. I so love a navy nail!

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The Best part, it dries really quickly which is totally key for me.

Hope you all have a really Good fall weekend!


The Last 90 Days with Rachel Hollis

If you have been around Good Better Best this summer you know that I have joined the "I love Rachel Hollis club." I read Girl Wash Your Face this summer on the way back from a work trip on a very long flight and it was simply life changing. Not kidding. I believe that every woman should read this book. When I say that it is life changing, it changed the way I talk to myself, which before was not always Good or nice. For the record, that part was very hard for me to just admit. Not every part of Girl Wash Your Face applied to me and every part will not apply to you, but the parts that do, will hit you where you live and make you take a Good hard look at your life.  Rachel has a way of doing this, with such honesty, care and such love that her book is truly unlike anything I have ever read.


The Blended Blog Asks: Fall 2.0

It's actually, kinda starting to feel like fall around here. The days are warm but not crazy warm and the nights are cool enough to open the windows.  Running Daddy calls my need to open the windows are soon as I think the temperatures have dropped enough my "Yankee Sensibility." Since it's the first Monday of the month I am linking up with The Blended Blog to talk Fall 2.0. Feel free to leave any of your Good thoughts about fall in the comments below.

1) Favorite Fall Color

I absolutely love a Good burgundy color. It's really one of my Best colors and always one I reach for both in clothing and beauty.
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