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If you have been around Good Better Best this summer you know that I have joined the "I love Rachel Hollis club." I read Girl Wash Your Face this summer on the way back from a work trip on a very long flight and it was simply life changing. Not kidding. I believe that every woman should read this book. When I say that it is life changing, it changed the way I talk to myself, which before was not always Good or nice. For the record, that part was very hard for me to just admit. Not every part of Girl Wash Your Face applied to me and every part will not apply to you, but the parts that do, will hit you where you live and make you take a Good hard look at your life.  Rachel has a way of doing this, with such honesty, care and such love that her book is truly unlike anything I have ever read.

Rachel has a year end challenge called the Last 90 Days, #Last90Days. The premise is, what if instead of making a lot of bad choices over the next three months, especially related to eating and health and starting the New Year in not so Good shape, what if you worked to make really Good choices and started 2019 feeling Better?  What.A.Concept!

Since I just finished a big work project that took three months and a lot of my time and energy, I decided to jump in and try the #Last90Days challenge. I am sort of doing many of these things already, but could use a little focus or a little tweaking on some of these ideas. I also have been eating like I am still on vacation and I have been back from vacation for about six weeks now, and let's just say, it's no longer cute.

Let's jump in on Rachel's Five to Thrive:

1) Get up an hour earlier and use that time for Yourself.

I started doing this in early 2017 when Running Daddy was on an extended business trip. I started getting up at 5:00 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m. to try to do something blog related every day. It might be working on a post, it might be reading other blogs written by other amazing women and commenting on them or it might be organizing some photos or fashion widgets. It has been a really Good way to start my day and really helped this site grow.

Ok, so it is not a whole hour, but it is a start and a change and one that has worked for me. How could you use your time? Well that is up to you. Could you use this time to grow in your faith or be more creative or feel more in control of your life?

2) Work out for at least thirty minutes

I have been pretty Good about trying to get back to Barre 3, aka the only exercise I have ever like, every Sunday. I love the Sunday 4 p.m. class. I mean, what else am I doing at that time on a Sunday? I need to try to add in a Saturday class too when possible now that we have the hockey schedule.

Now that the weather is starting to get more normal, meaning not pouring all week or 105 degrees, I can up my walk time with Stormy. I usually try to walk him 30-45 minutes every day but those walks have been getting a little shorter this summer because as a black dog, he hates the heat. Time to up those walks, for him and for me.

3) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day

This one is easier for me as I don't really drink soda but I am not sure I was hitting the number of ounces necessary every day. I am probably a little under this especially when I am busy. When I am getting my water in my skin is Better and in general things are just Better with my body. Bring on the H2O.

4) Give Up One Food Category You Shouldn't Be Eating

Confession, I can be a bad snacker. Sometimes, when I am tired or hungry I can make some not so Good snacking choices. If I am tired, I can do things like grab a packet of Lifesavers Gummies at the grocery check out. I probably only do this about once every couple of weeks but I should really try harder not do make this choice. They are so Good but I usually don't feel so great after I down that packet of gummy, fruity Goodness. One of the things I am going to work really hard on is making sure that I have plenty of snacks at the ready or when I don't or just need a snack, I am going to make Better choices. 

Here are the snacks I packed the other day.  Much Better right? There's food in that food.

The other thing I am going to give up, is once that bottle of International Delight Pumpkin Spice creamer is gone, that is going to be it. I don't buy things like this very often but a few weeks ago I was having a moment of pumpkin spice weakness and low and next thing I knew that creamer was in my shopping cart. It's yummy, but I don't need to add almost 100 calories per coffee into my body every morning. If I want a pumpkin spice coffee I am Better off going and getting one at Starbucks on occasion considering I only have one or two a season or just buying pumpkin spice ground coffee.

5) Write Down Ten Things You are Grateful for Every Day

Earlier in the year I was much Better about this.  I was getting up and writing down five things every morning. I need to get back in the habit of doing this in the morning and then work on ten things to be grateful for. I definitely feel grateful every day and think about the things I am grateful for even on the worst days, but writing them down is so much more powerful.

This is my plan for the #Last90Days. The main thing is just to be more focused on what I am doing and the choices I am making. If I have a bad day and grab those gummies, the entire program isn't lost. I just need to get up and do Better the next day. Right?

To find out more about Rachel Hollis or the #Last90Days challenge click here. It's not too late to join in and there is also a Facebook group.

What changes are you trying to make in the last 90 days of the year? Leave them in the comments below.

Here's to making the last 90 days as Good as the first 90 days of 2018.

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