Friday Favorites: Fall Shoes, Good Skin, Pumpkin Bread, Hockey and Good Hair

Ahhh Friday! This week ended Better than it started and today even finally feels like fall. Today I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for a quick list of what is bringing me Joy this week.

1) Franco Sarto Shoes

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How awesome are these shoes? They are a little pointier than I typically like but I so love a plaid and wool shoe for the cooler months. The come in other colors and also an animal print. They look really Good with pants and I am looking forward to trying them with tights and a skirt. Most of all, they are actually really comfortable. Cute and comfy? Yes please. 

2) Serum

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While I do work hard at taking care of my skin, sometimes I get a little lazy about using serum. Frankly, my skin looks a lot Better when I am using serum. Usually every fall I try to use a dark spot corrector as I get some discoloration from the sun even though I always use SPF. I seem to have it on my left side jaw line most often, probably from driving.

A few weeks ago I busted out the Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector and have been trying to use it most nights. It really is helping even out my skin tone and correct the dark spots. In general, my skin looks Better with the extra step of serum. Even skin tone, smaller pore, smooth skin, the whole enchilada.

3) Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

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At least once per year, this gluten free pumpkin bread mix makes the Friday Favorites. I really loved the regular mix when I could eat it. It was always a favorite. When Trader Joe's came out with a gluten free version a few years ago, I started buying it like a doomsday prepper.

Typically on the weekend I make a batch of muffins and add in white chocolate chips. I personally prefer white chocolate with pumpkin.  If you haven't tried the combo...check it out.

4) Hockey Season 

Hockey season has officially started. I am not necessarily meaning the NHL, I am a little more into middle school hockey. I just love watching Hockey Guy play. It brings me such Joy

This weekend they had their first preseason game and he scored two goals after like a million shots on goal. Oh and there was a penalty in there too. Dancing Granny and Grandpa came straight from a bar mitzvah in their Best outfits. Is there anything Better than watching your kid do what they love?

After the game, which was an evening game, we went out for a little dinner and had some family time. Easy, pure bliss.

5) OGX Mousse

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Ok, I might be slightly obsessed with the OGX hair and body products. I think they put out a really Good product at a reasonable price point. My hair is totally overdue for a cut and I had to cancel my appointment last week at the last minute. I have been struggling with my hair some and decided to try this mouse by OGX as a change from my regular gel. While I am not ready to go back to the 1980's with big hair mousse, I think this product is really Good. It made my hair smooth, gave it body and movement even while it was very humid today. I am going to keep using it to see how it works long term. 

And, I am getting my haircut this weekend and thinking of going a little shorter. Not too short, but my fine hair is getting a little stringy!

That's what I have on this fall Friday.

Feel free to leave any Good serum recommendations in the comments below. 


  1. Super cute shoes and I just added that pumpkin bread to my TJ’s list! Have a super sweet weekend too!

  2. Totally try the pumpkin bread with white chocolate chips Andrea and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The shoes are so cute AND Oh my does that pumpkin bread look great- have an awesome weekend Patty!

    1. I totally think those shoes will be a staple in my wardrobe this fall and winter. Thanks for stopping by Holly.

  4. I use a serum that has buckthorn oil which is supposed to do amazing things for your skin!

    1. Ooooh Jaclyn that serum sounds really interesting! Thanks for stopping by and have a really Good weekend.

  5. ohhh, need to try that moose! That looks fantastic. Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. It's a really Good product! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are gaving a Good week!


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