Monthly Musings April 2021-Spring Cleaning


Welcome to Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. This month we are talking spring cleaning and I promise this is a no judgement zone. We are just trading tips and tricks here. 

1) Are you doing spring cleaning this year?

Honestly, not a formal spring cleaning but mostly just trying to contain the chaos and keeping our house from being downright gross. At times, I am not sure I am winning this battle.


What's Up Wednesday--April 2021

Happy Wednesday Besties. April was kind of a lot around here. Taking a breath and linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

Sunday-Grilled swordfish and shrimp, steamed green beans and rolls.

Monday-Baked chicken tacos, salad. 

Tuesday-Running Daddy will be swimming doing triathlon training so Hockey Guy and I will probably have leftovers from the baked chicken tacos if there is any left or something easy like burger and dog night.

Wednesday-Sausage, polenta, broccoli.

Thursday-Running Daddy is swimming again, so something easy like tortellini and salad.

Friday-Take out


Monthly Musings April Topics--Spring Cleaning


This Thursday is Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. This month we are talking spring cleaning. This is a no judgement zone and we are excited to learn everyone's tips and tricks.

We hope you will join us this Thursday as a blogger, reader or both as we answer this fun and helpful questions.

See you Thursday for Monthly Musings and I will be back on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday.


Friday Favorites-Air Fryer Convert, Charcuterie Cups, Autism Awareness Boutique, Artichoke Antipasto and Sweet Magnolias


Hello weekend! There is a little chill in the air lately but it looks like spring is coming back next week. I have so been enjoying my spring flowers lately and cannot wait for some others to come up.

I have a very food centric list of Friday Favorites for you today, just in time for the weekend. Settle in and join me today.

1) Air Fryer

My name is Patty, and I am a total air fryer convert. I get it! It took me a long time to come around to the air fryer, and a model that wasn't a Good fit, but now the Good Better Best household is all in.

Charcuterie Cups and Rose' Water Review


Ok, Besties, you are finally vaccinated and the weather is getting Better. You want to have friends over and hang out safely. The challenge...what do you serve that will be safe and yummy? My charcuterie cups that I brought to Wine Gal K's house the other night are exactly what you need. They are safe and flexible for any dietary needs. I am sharing these with you today and also a review later in the post of the new Rose' Water from Trader Joe's. Basically, this post is everything you need for safe entertaining over the next few months.


Life Lately: Storms and Rainbows


Deep breath in, deep breath out. Hey there Besties. I am popping in today to share a little life update. I have had some storms and rainbows these past couple of weeks, but I am doing ok.

Let's start with the storms. In late March, my sweet dad passed away. My dad was kind, funny, and was never tried to be anything but the person he was. I miss him so, but we should all live a full, blessed and happy life until we are almost 89 years old.

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