Charcuterie Cups and Rose' Water Review


Ok, Besties, you are finally vaccinated and the weather is getting Better. You want to have friends over and hang out safely. The challenge...what do you serve that will be safe and yummy? My charcuterie cups that I brought to Wine Gal K's house the other night are exactly what you need. They are safe and flexible for any dietary needs. I am sharing these with you today and also a review later in the post of the new Rose' Water from Trader Joe's. Basically, this post is everything you need for safe entertaining over the next few months.

I haven't really been going to Trader Joe's over the last few months because you had to wait in line due to store capacity. Well the lines are over and I stopped in Saturday morning and stocked up on all of my favorites. I also knew that Trader Joe's would have some really fun options for the charcuterie cups I had in mind for Saturday night.

I knew I wanted a selection of Italian meats and interesting cheeses. This little trio of meats was perfect for four people. I also thought the Toscano cheese soaked in Syrah wine looked really interesting and I could not resist the asiago with rosemary and olive oil. Meat and cheese...check!

I also really love a dried apricot with cheese. It is a really Good palate cleanser and really balances out the saltiness of cheese. The Trader Joe's ones are really fresh and at a really Good price point. 

Since I was making some that were gluten free and some that were not I chose two different types of crackers. The fig and olive ones that have gluten, looked really Good to me so that was my gluten choice. For gluten free I chose probably my favorite cracker ever, the Three Seed Sweet Potato cracker. They are so so Good.

I layered all of the ingredients in small plastic party cups that people often put wine or punch in. They looked beautiful and were perfectly portioned.

I then placed them on a disposable tray and just covered with plastic wrap. 

These were so easy and they are a really pretty and safe way to start socializing again. These are totally flexible and you can do ones that are all vegetarian, ones for kids and even dessert ones.

Wine gal K and I also sampled the Rose' Wine Water that was recommended by a Trader Joe's staffer. This light alcohol wine in a can would be a Good option when you want something light.  They are only 69 calories and are just dry rose' wine and sparkling water. That's it.

Wine Gal K and I thought this would be Good on a really hot day or sitting on the beach late in the afternoon. Have you tried these yet? The Trader Joe's employee said they were flying off the shelves.

Let me know if you try these charcuterie cups or have ideas for your own. Leave any Good ideas for your own in the comments below.


  1. Ok I am salivating over this post- I need to make those cups and try that wine- going to TJ's today-stay tuned! :)

    1. The shopping list is right there for you. And you can have a lot of fun making a variety of these. You probably could just serve a variety of these cups for any entertaining needs.

  2. I love this idea so much! It's PERFECT for those of us who were germ-o-phobes even before COVID. LOL And easier to carry around then everything sliding around on a little plate! Brilliant. Now if only we had a Trader Joes here in 1-story town Arkansas.

    1. Oh I am sure your local grocery or super store has all kinds of really Good options to make these. Thank you for taking time to stop by and comment.


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