Monthly Musings April 2021-Spring Cleaning


Welcome to Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. This month we are talking spring cleaning and I promise this is a no judgement zone. We are just trading tips and tricks here. 

1) Are you doing spring cleaning this year?

Honestly, not a formal spring cleaning but mostly just trying to contain the chaos and keeping our house from being downright gross. At times, I am not sure I am winning this battle.

2) Favorite cleaning products

I have been really Good about trying to change to green cleaning products and I get a lot of those at Grove. I get a monthly order and have product delivered to the house which was totally key in the pandemic.

Some of my favorite products include:

Mrs. Meyers

I am a big fan of Mrs. Meyers products. I love the way they smell and they really work. I use the dish soap, hand soap and the cream cleanser in the sink.


There are also Method products I really like too. I use the Daily Shower Cleaner every day and also like the Counter Cleaner. 

I also really like the Seventh Generation wipes in mint. I think they help if you have a little spring ant problem like we do right now. Tip--ants hate mint!

Again you can find all of these products and other green products through Grove and if you use my link you can get a some really Good free gifts!

3) What is your must clean for every spring?

I try really hard to go through all of our clothing every season. Today I brought three pair of Hockey Guy's Vineyard Vines shorts, dress shirt and a navy blazer that no longer fit to our local kids consignment store. These should all sell and they were all in Good condition. 

I am also a really big fan of Thred Up. I order a clean out kit and just fill it with things I know I have not been wearing. You don't get a ton of money per item, but it does add up and eventually you can shop for free or a discount. For items I really think I can make money on, I have a Good consignment shop that I go to.

4) Any garage/shed cleaning tip?

Nope, I try not to go in the garage. The only place in our house I frequent less is the attic.

5) Pack rat or Marie Kondo devotee?

Ugh, I hate to admit it but I am a total pack rat. I really don't want to be and I am working on it, but I just have so little time. Some day my house will be totally organized. 

6) Best Cleaning Hack?

I would probably say that one of my Best cleaning hacks is having wipes under the sink. Several times a week when I am getting ready in the morning, I will just give the sink and the tub area a wipe. Doing this helps control the crud.

7) Do you have help with house cleaning?

I am very blessed that we have had the same cleaning team for over 12 years. We made sure that we have paid her during the pandemic even when we didn't have her come. While I know this is a luxury for some, it is really important due to my health issues to have help in this area.

Even if this is something that you save for and only have help cleaning done monthly or even quarterly, I highly recommend that you try to get some help in this area if you can. You deserve it.

8) Favorite cleaning appliance?

Besties, I love my Roomba, not as much as I love my air fryer, which basically got a love letter to it in last week's Friday Favorites. I love that the porch can get vacuumed while I make dinner. I was super late to this party, but I truly love the Roomba. I detest dirty floors.

9) Run the dishwasher every night or just when full?

We run ours almost every night, especially now that we are home all day. If not, we have a situation on the counter that is not Good

10) Favorite way to donate or purge unneeded items?

As I mentioned above I am a fan of local consignment shops and Thred Up. I also love the Little Free Libraries for passing along books.

I am so looking forward to hearing everyone's cleaning tips and hopefully trying some too! 

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Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I have been wanting to try Thred Up, so this is a good reminder for me. I love my vacuum too!

  2. Give Thred Up a try. You won't make tons of money but it will start to add up and then you can use your silly credit towards items on the Thred up site. And then stuff will be out of your house.

  3. We love Grove! I bought almost all my cleaning products from them last year and our face masks too. I worked in a consignment shop all through college and used to bring large batches of clothes each season... sadly it has closed and I don't know of any others in our area.

  4. Besties--here is another Grove code if the one in the post doesn't work. You will get a free Mrs. Meyers set w your first order:

  5. Glad to hear you have a cleaning team- so essential when you are working full time! Thanks for being the best blogging partner!


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