Friday Favorites May 21: Ulani Collection, Mrs. Meyers Mint, Return to Barre 3, Lacrosse Season, and the Holderness Family End of School


Happy Friday Besties! It's been a little bit since I have shared my Friday Favorites.  I am back today I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that brought me simple Joy this week.

1) Ulani Collection

The new Ulani Collection from Stella & Dot is so beautiful and so different. This collection is a really Good option for punching up your summer wardrobe and getting back out and about. 

I chose the earrings in silver and have been wearing them on repeat. These earrings are basically a three in can wear with the pave' drop, flip them for a smooth metal drop and then take off the drop for a small hoop option. These are perfect for a quick weekend away and take up no room in your overnight bag.

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You can shop the entire Ulani collection here.

2) Mrs. Meyers Mint

Besties, I am loving the new mint scent from Mrs. Meyers. It's not your traditional mint scent that is like the Christmas peppermint they have, it is more like a fresh mint plant. It is a little intense but Running Daddy and I love how clean it makes the house smell.

Another big tip for you, did you know that ants hate mint? We get a little bit of an ant problem every spring and wiping down our countertops with this several times a day is keeping those little buggers out of our house.

If this scent is too intense for you but you want something fresh for spring and summer, I also highly recommend the Basil scent. It is a little lighter but also smells fresh.

3) Return to Barre 3

Now that I am fully vaccinated and past the two week period, I finally went back to Barre 3. It had been 16 months to the day since my last class and the owner has gotten really creative and the classes are outside.

I was welcomed back in true Barre 3 fashion with a "welcome back are going to rock it." Oh how I have missed this workout and this amazing community. I am truly prioritizing my weekend classes now.

A few weeks ago we had classes on the dock right on the banks of the Potomac River. It was amazing. How can you not feel amazing looking at this view and working to make your body strong?

4) Lacrosse Season

Speaking of things I have missed, I have missed when Hockey Guy turns into Lacrosse Guy. They played one scrimmage in 2020 before the whole world stopped.

This year his high school team has a shortened season, but they have a season. He is having a blast, they have won some games and lost some games, but mostly he is out there and loving it.

Cool coach, brotherhood of players and it brought tears to my eyes and lots of Joy to see these high school boys pray before the game ...right before they truck someone. Trucking people is fun...sorry Jesus, forgive these boys and their moms!

Oh these last few weeks of normalcy are really helping to shape what is important in life isn't it?

5) Holderness Family School Year: Start vs. Finish 

Besties, I leave you with this. This skit from the Holderness Family is spot on. I have pretty much felt all of this including the ending about teachers. Congrats everyone, no matter what your school year looked like, we made it!

Have the Best weekend! And don't forget to join Holly and me for Monthly Musings next Thursday. I will put the questions up early next week and out topic is Summer Preview.

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  1. I am going to have to look for that mint scent; I love that line of cleaners and really enjoy most of their seasonal scents.


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