Thanksgiving 2013

Just a quick post on what I am making this year for Thanksgiving in the Good Better Best test kitchen.  As a reminder, Running Daddy and I host Easter but we do our Best to make each holiday special.  Running Daddy is in charge of the wine and I bring my awesome stuffing and the Sweet Boy helped me with the gluten free carrot cake.
1) Cornbread, Sausage and Chestnut Dressing-A Good Better Best Thanksgiving-this has become one of my signature dishes.  Whenever anyone is looking for a new dressing (stuffing) recipe or one that is gluten free that will fool even the “gluten free phobic” I send them this recipe.
2) Gluten Free Carrot Cake- I started making gluten free carrot cake three years ago when I went gluten free and the Sweet Boy just loves it.  Today he basically made the whole mix by himself.  I grated the organic carrots but let him do the rest.  Simply Organic is my favorite brand but it is difficult to find.  The last two years I have used Namaste brand and it has worked out fine.  I use a prepared cream cheese frosting because remember….I am not a baker!
3) The Wine!-Running Daddy stopped at our favorite local wine shop as he is in charge of the wine.  They had a tasting of the Hillinger Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris which he was told would pair nicely with a Thanksgiving meal.  The tricky part of wine pairing on Thanksgiving is not the turkey…that’s easy.  The challenge is the varied flavors and balances of the sides.  I am looking forward to trying these wines tomorrow.
Have the Best Thanksgiving!  What are you serving?

Friday Five-November Things I Love

Today I came to the conclusion that I think November is a really underrated month.  Today was a little cloudy and breezy but it also started to take on the look that the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and I love it.  It made me stop and think that this time in November is a really special time so I am going to stop and really appreciate this November.  So for this Friday Five, here are the things I love in November that I think are Good, Better, Best:

1) Butternut squash- I have been making a lot of my butternut squash with pear soup (see recipe) and every day when I eat it at lunch, I cannot think about how amazing it is and so easy. 

2) Simply Organic Carrot Cake Mix-Gluten free baking is very difficult and I am much more of a cook than a baker.  When I went gluten free almost four years ago I found this cake mix and it is amazing.  I make this in a brownie size rectangular plan and then frost the top with cream cheese frosting.  The Sweet Boy and I love it and I have even made it for some of his class parties at his request.  Gluten free baking does not have to be dry if you use this mix and can be a hit even among your non-gfree family and friends.

3) Beaujolais Nouveau-Beaujolais Nouveau is release on the third Thursday in November in France at 12:01 am only weeks after the grapes have been harvested.  I truly enjoy this light fruity red wine and each year’s production is truly different from year to year.  Beaujolais Nouveau Day is November 21 so be sure to mark your calendar and pick some up!

4) Skinny Peppermint Mochas-I love a Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  At about 130 calories for a tall size, it is pure joy in a cup.  I am actually one of those people who is glad that they don’t sell these all year.  As I said to the gentleman who waited on me at Starbucks on November 1…if I could get this in July, you would not see this look of pure joy on my face when I get my first Skinny Peppermint Mocha of the year.

5) Hallmark Channel Count Down to Christmas movies-Ok I know this is not a food item, but it is something that I love to watch and they run until after Christmas.  This time last year my health problems were really taking a toll and one thing that really helped me out was to crawl into bed and watch one of these sweet movies.  I also love that they are all rated G and nothing that I am embarrassed to watch around the Sweet Boy.  It’s nice to be able to watch a movie where men treat women with respect, when people have misunderstandings things work out in the end and in general people are kind to each other.  Right now I am watching “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade” which the Sweet Boy and I also watched together on Sunday afternoon.  It’s one of our favorites and Jack thinks the main character Henry is cool because he plays chess.  Running Daddy finds my love of these movies quite endearing.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

So these are the Five Things I love about November.  Leave me a comment with what you love about November.

Enjoy the Best Food and November!


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