Thanksgiving 2013

Just a quick post on what I am making this year for Thanksgiving in the Good Better Best test kitchen.  As a reminder, Running Daddy and I host Easter but we do our Best to make each holiday special.  Running Daddy is in charge of the wine and I bring my awesome stuffing and the Sweet Boy helped me with the gluten free carrot cake.
1) Cornbread, Sausage and Chestnut Dressing-A Good Better Best Thanksgiving-this has become one of my signature dishes.  Whenever anyone is looking for a new dressing (stuffing) recipe or one that is gluten free that will fool even the “gluten free phobic” I send them this recipe.
2) Gluten Free Carrot Cake- I started making gluten free carrot cake three years ago when I went gluten free and the Sweet Boy just loves it.  Today he basically made the whole mix by himself.  I grated the organic carrots but let him do the rest.  Simply Organic is my favorite brand but it is difficult to find.  The last two years I have used Namaste brand and it has worked out fine.  I use a prepared cream cheese frosting because remember….I am not a baker!
3) The Wine!-Running Daddy stopped at our favorite local wine shop as he is in charge of the wine.  They had a tasting of the Hillinger Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris which he was told would pair nicely with a Thanksgiving meal.  The tricky part of wine pairing on Thanksgiving is not the turkey…that’s easy.  The challenge is the varied flavors and balances of the sides.  I am looking forward to trying these wines tomorrow.
Have the Best Thanksgiving!  What are you serving?

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