Friday Favorites September 29, 2023: Best Fall Movies


I am so glad the weekend is here. This week was ahem, interesting. Running Daddy noticed that on Wednesday night there was a full moon and it definitely seemed like it this week. 

For today's Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing a list of my favorite fall movies. Not Halloween movies...yet, just fall-themed. I am hoping this list broken out into Hallmark fall and non-Hallmark fall gets you into the fall mood and helps you relax this weekend. Grab your softest blanket, your favorite movie snack, your favorite fall beverage and let's fall into movie night. 

Note: this list is not ranked. This is just a list of fall movies that I love and make me think of fall. I will make note here and there of some that I particularly love.


You've Got Mail

This movie is just the perfect fall setting in New York with two delightful main characters. I tell Hockey Guy every time we watch a Tom Hanks movie that Tom Hanks is the greatest actor of his lifetime and a national treasure. He rolls his eyes, but he also agrees.

Monthly Musings September 2023: Fall/Halloween Fun


Oh fall, hello, we missed you. This month Holly and I are focusing on all things fall and Halloween as the theme for Monthly Musings. If you are joining us as a writer, be sure to link back to both of us, grab our graphic and share all of your fall and Halloween fun.

Pour a pumpkin spice latte or even an Oktoberfest beer and join us for Monthly Musings.

1. Favorite fall traditions

For fall I am frankly all about the food. I love to hit the farm stand and see when the apples and pears come in and then the fall squashes. Fall food, besides low-country food, is my favorite food.


What's Up Wednesday September 2023


Wow September you were eventful. We spent time getting back into the school routine and I had a big work event at headquarters which took up a lot of time and energyHere on the last Wednesday of September, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Settle in with your favorite fall treat and join me for all things September.

What We Are Eating This Week

Monday-Burgers, hot dogs, tots and cucumber/hearts of palm salad

Tuesday-Crockpot beef barbeque sandwiches with salad

Wednesday-Beef tips, rice, salad

Thursday-I am going out to celebrate a friend's birthday and the guys are on their own.

Friday-take out, always take out on Fridays


Hello Monday September 25, 2023-Monthly Musings Topics Fall/Halloween Fun


Hey hey Monday! Fall is officially here and I am so excited. Today I am starting the week by linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings. If you are new to Monthly Musings, Holly and I host a linkup the last Thursday of every month where a group of talented writers join us for a little food, a little decorating and all kinds of themed Joy


September 22, 2023 Fall Friday Favorites


Ah, it's a fall Friday and who's excited? This gal! Today Erika and Andrea and sharing all of my fall Friday favorites. Grab your favorite fall beverage and join me for Friday Favorites.

1. Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice

I love lip balm and I love pumpkin spice, so when the Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm launched I bought it right away. This lip balm is totally silky and has a slight pumpkin spice taste and scent. Yes, please!


Parmesan Chicken Tenders with Creamy Honey Dijon


These chicken tenders are super easy to make and were the perfect after work, after school but before sports dinner the other night. They come together really easily and you probably already have everything to make these in your kitchen right now.

I served these with a simple roasted veggie mix and the veggie pasta from Birdseye and dinner was on the table in about thirty minutes. This recipe is the essence of Good Better Best food.


Joy in the Lasts: Senior Year Edition Flash Back


I have been thinking about the piece I wrote four years ago a lot lately. It's senior year for Hockey Guy and I am not as sad as I probably should be. He has really had the high school career that most of us, his mom included, would dream of. He is happy, he has lots of friends, he is in a school where he is supported, he is a peer mentor and he is a successful athlete. I know not every kid has this experience in high school, and I know that because I was one of those kids that really struggled in high school. I think that because of his experience and my experience being polar opposites, I am once again finding Joy in the lasts.

I am not one bit sad Hockey Guy is in his senior year. I am loving the traditions like Senior Sunrise, I am counting the days until the first puck drop of hockey season, and trying to breathe during the college application process. The one thing I am not doing, is trying to make time slow down. This is his time, not mine and it will all move along for him exactly like it should. It will all fall into place exactly like God wants it to, even though at times lately I am raising my eyebrow a little at a path God is adding for us. 

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