Friday Favorites September 29, 2023: Best Fall Movies


I am so glad the weekend is here. This week was ahem, interesting. Running Daddy noticed that on Wednesday night there was a full moon and it definitely seemed like it this week. 

For today's Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing a list of my favorite fall movies. Not Halloween movies...yet, just fall-themed. I am hoping this list broken out into Hallmark fall and non-Hallmark fall gets you into the fall mood and helps you relax this weekend. Grab your softest blanket, your favorite movie snack, your favorite fall beverage and let's fall into movie night. 

Note: this list is not ranked. This is just a list of fall movies that I love and make me think of fall. I will make note here and there of some that I particularly love.


You've Got Mail

This movie is just the perfect fall setting in New York with two delightful main characters. I tell Hockey Guy every time we watch a Tom Hanks movie that Tom Hanks is the greatest actor of his lifetime and a national treasure. He rolls his eyes, but he also agrees.

Last September when I was on the road to recovery from COVID, I caught the beginning of You've Got Mail and watched the whole movie on the couch. It was like running into an old friend and being able to spend a few hours with them when you really needed them. 

I also love every outfit that Meg Ryan wears in this movie and her clothes are so classic that they would work today even though this movie is basically 20 years old. 

When Harry Met Sally

Keeping with the Meg Ryan movie marathon, the fall vibes in When Harry Met Sally are strong.

Autumn in New York

While Autumn in New York might not be a cinematic masterpiece, when I had COVID last year and couldn't really leave the house, this was one that I had not seen in many years but definitely gave me all the fall vibes I needed.

Runaway Bride

 A much Better Richard Gere movie is Runaway Bride. It was filmed in Maryland not super far from where we live. The fall scenes are beautiful and this is a fun movie.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is also a movie I can watch every time it is on. As always Reese's fashion is on point in this movie too.

Mona Lisa's Smile

Unpopular opinion, I am not a big Julia Roberts fan, despite the fact that her movies appear multiple times in this post. Mona Lisa's Smile is a perfect comfort movie when you need a little girl power in a a classic setting.

Hallmark Fall Movies

Excited to share some of my favorite Hallmark fall movies!

Harvest Love

I am such a big Jen Lilley fan and it all started with this movie. A pear farm, the fall and Jen Lilley, sign me up for Harvest Love. 

Pumpkin Pie Wars

Pumpkin Pie Wars is on demand if you currently have Peacock. I watched it last weekend and love it so much. Last fall, Hockey Guy walked into the room when I was watching this movies and basically said, "wait, is this the movie that (don't want to give away the plotline)...I love this movie." 

If you need a little Hallmark fall and can either catch this when it plays or watch on Peacock it will totally get you in the mood for fall. It's all about the fall food!

October Kiss

Oh this one will give you all the fall feels plus the fall decorating in this movie will totally inspire you to decorate your house for fall.

I was with my mom last year and she was telling me that she watched a Hallmark movie and it was set in the fall and it was about a nanny named Poppy and a widower with kids. My response was "oh, that's October Kiss." Seriously Besties, when I am telling you I am an original Hallmarkie, I am not kidding. 

Falling for Vermont

Running Daddy has a joke about Hallmark movies where he always asks if someone has amnesia in the movie I am watching because he thinks that everyone has amnesia in Hallmark movies. Well in Falling for Vermont, he gets his wish with this plot line.  This is a Good one to check out for all the fall vibes with a hint of intrigue. 

Love, Of Course

To close things out, I really love the movie Love, Of Course. I always think that Running Daddy looks a lot like Cameron Matheson and he always gives off great warmth on screen.

Plus, Kelly Rutherford's style game in this movie is strong. She has totally different coloring than I do, but I would wear every outfit she has in this movie. One of the Best wardrobes in any Hallmark movie.

 I hope you found this post as much fun as I did. Now if you find yourself with a few hours on a fall weekend, you know what movies to queue up!

Have the Best fall weekend!


  1. Oh this post is everything- thank you for sharing- going to check out the Hallmark ones this weekend!

  2. I have never seen You've Got Mail before and so many people say it is the perfect movie for this time of year. I should really watch it. I love Runaway Bride and Sweet Home Alabama. I think I am going to have to rewatch them.

  3. I just printed off the Hallmark Fall into Love movie guide - I've missed a couple of the movies but will watch for them to show up again on the schedule so I can hit the DVR and save them. Have a great weekend!

  4. I really enjoy Sweet Home Alabama and Runaway Bridge!


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