Monthly Musings September 2023: Fall/Halloween Fun


Oh fall, hello, we missed you. This month Holly and I are focusing on all things fall and Halloween as the theme for Monthly Musings. If you are joining us as a writer, be sure to link back to both of us, grab our graphic and share all of your fall and Halloween fun.

Pour a pumpkin spice latte or even an Oktoberfest beer and join us for Monthly Musings.

1. Favorite fall traditions

For fall I am frankly all about the food. I love to hit the farm stand and see when the apples and pears come in and then the fall squashes. Fall food, besides low-country food, is my favorite food.

2. How do you celebrate Halloween?

For years, Running Daddy and our neighbor have decorated the house outside and built a spooky path between our houses. We are a bit of a destination house in our neighborhood. We have a soundtrack and smoke machines it is really fun.

We are typically finished up by 8 pm and we are pretty generous in the candy department. We are all about volume and not just size, but we talk about doing full-side bars but have kept it with lots of the fun size candy.

3. Favorite fall recipes-please share links

One of the Best things I make at any time of the year is my butternut squash and pear soup. The addition of pear instead of apples to the soup makes it slightly sweeter and unexpected. 

I also really love my chicken with butternut squash, cranberries, and wild rice. I basically just love butternut squash.

4. Favorite fall fashion pieces

I love a Good pair of jeans for fall. I love the options and price points of Judy Blue jeans

For fall this year, the sweater blazer is everywhere and I love this one that I bought in light blue a few weeks ago. 

5. How do you decorate for fall?

Inside our house, I decorate in September and focus on fall and then in October I add a few Halloween touches.

Below is what I worked on last weekend and I love how it turned out. 

I still need to work on the family room but love what I got to last weekend. Everything I used, were items I already had and I reimagine the tablescape every year.

Need more fall inspiration? Try this post on easy fall decorating or this post on fall tablescapes

6. Pumpkin Spice? Oh yes or Over It?

I am firmly in the pumpkin spice camp. I may not have had my first official pumpkin spice latte yet, but I did have some pumpkin spice coffee from Wawa last week and it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be.

And if you have not had the combination of pumpkin and white chocolate, you are missing out. Try this combo, you will thank me.

7. Thoughts on candy corn?

I a totally fine with candy corn. Frankly I don't love it but I like a little autumn mix. I frankly only need a little bit because it is so sugary.

Candy corn never did anything to me so I don't understand the hate.

8. Favorite fall/Halloween movies?

I love all of the fall Hallmark movies, especially Pumpkin Pie Wars and Love, of Course. I know some people only watch the Christmas movies, but the fall ones are pretty awesome too. 

For Halloween, we really love the old-school Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween. Running Daddy and I are also talking about a screening of Spooky Buddies. It's been several years since we have screened it so I am here for it.

9. Apple pie, pumpkin pie or cider donut?

I cannot eat any of it unless it is gluten-free but I would totally choose a cider donut. It is honestly a food I really miss. 

10. Bonfire, hayride or Haunted House?

I am all about a bonfire or even just a small firepit outside on a cool night. I could be all about a hayride but I don't love Haunted Houses with the exception of the one at Disney World.

That's it for me and I cannot wait to see what the other ladies have in store for us with their fall and Halloween these below.

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  1. It must be SO FUN in your neighborhood especially your house at Halloween- love how you go all out- wish I lived closer :)

  2. Your house sounds so fun for Halloween! Cute table decorations...thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks. In a house of boys, my table decorations make me happy. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  3. Thanks for this fun topic and link-up! I enjoyed reading your answers and fall and Halloween are such a fun time of year.

    1. Thanks for joining us! Holly and I like to keep it light and fun.

  4. Thank you for hosting this Blog Hop - I enjoy reading and seeing what everyone posting is doing :-)

    1. It's always so fun especially this time of year. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

  5. I love butternut squash too and eat it nearly once a week. Disney's haunted house is just about the only one I like too. I do not like being scared.

    1. So happy it is winter squash season. Thanks for joining us!

  6. I have a really good butternut squash pear soup too. Now I want a butternut squash so I can make it!!! And I love your tablescape this year. It's wonderful! And yes, yes, yes to the Fall Hallmark movies -- so fun!

  7. The fall Hallmark movies also means the Christmas movies are around the corner. Thanks for stopping by.


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