Pink Slime

Yeah, you have heard about it on the news, and now it is time for me to write my Good Better Best Food post on...Pink Slime.

Last year I was on a business trip for my day job.  I ate dinner and settled into my hotel room to watch the season premier of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  On this first episode, I learned about pink slime and this had a big impact on me.  I knew after watching this clip I know I needed to find a new way to buy our ground beef.

This clip is not for the faint of hearts but it was something that was so important I added a new element to the Good Better Best raised.  I had seen the South Mountain Creamery trucks around and knew of people who got their old fashioned bottled milk there, so I checked out their website.  I learned they also sold meat...including ground beef and poultry.  I sent them an email and asked if they used the pink slime process...they said no and I was sold.

There are several great things about South Mountain.   They have great products.  They will deliver them to your doorstep.  Their ground beef prices are also pretty much in line with the grocery store prices but at South Mountain you can be sure there is no pink slime.  If you are in the Washington, DC metro area check them out.  You will not be disappointed. 

So the pink slime is gone from the Good Better Best kitchen...and in my opinion it should be gone from all kitchens including schools.  If you want to know more about pink slime....I heard all I needed...check out this NY Times article from 2009.

Enjoy the Best Food,
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