Friday Favorites: Best Makeup Palette, Hydrangeas, Good Work Music, Shop for a Cause, and Time

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Happy Friday Besties! I have a quick list for you today because we are having a chill week around here. We were able to spend some time, six feet apart, with some friends last weekend and I belly laughed for the first time in months. Today, I am sharing my Friday Favorites and link up with ErikaAndreaNarci as I do every week.

1) Ever Palette

I talk a lot on the space about how I am trying really hard to clean up my beauty game and use products that are Better for my body. I did a little Facebook live the other night for my Stella & Dot business and used this palette before I went live. I am not much of a bronzer or highlighter person,but decided to follow all of the numbered steps this time. It was pretty amazing. After I followed the three cheeks steps my skin looked so Good. I didn't look overly made up, just like myself but fresher. I also did the eye makeup steps and really liked the results.

Monthly Musings Summer Kick Off

After probably the longest spring ever, summer is finally here. Holly and I are so happy to kick of summer with you for Monthly Musings. Let's jump into all things summer.

1) Lake or Beach?

This one is now tough for me. We are typically beach people but this year we are going to explore the lake more. Probably towards the end of the summer we are going to try a weekend at the lake.

2) Ice Tea or Lemonade?

Mix them together please!

3) Favorite Summer Vacation Memory?

When I was little we had a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee. There used to be a 4th of July boat parade and maybe there still is. It was really fun and when I was little I thought this was the most amazing thing ever. We would decorate the boat and I loved waving to everyone.

What's Up Wednesday-June 2020



Hey Besties. We made it to the end of June. Are things opening up where you are? We are starting to open up some here. We are playing it safe but starting to see some people.

It's the last Wednesday of the month and I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. Settle in to find out what we have been up to this month. We have had a pretty eventful June all things considered.

What We Are Eating This Week

Sunday-ribeye steaks, pan roasted fingerling potatoes and salad for Father's Day. There was a big cookie cake too for the boys.

Monday-burger night, broccoli and gorgonzola potato salad.

Tuesday- sausage polenta with salad

Wednesday-we are taking a little day trip if the weather holds out, so we will see what dining is like.

Thursday-probably something easy like pesto pasta.

Friday-take out at the pool.

What We Wore

Hey there Besties! This was kind of a crazy week and I needed to keep super focused on my day job and start my work day early, so I didn't have a ton of time to take photos. That said, I am super happy that people joined in still to share their outfits and how fashion brought them Joy

Here's what I wore this week:

We had some cooler temps last week so I was able to grab this layered sweatshirt combo that I love. When I say that Stella & Dot is effortless, this is exactly what I am talking about. I am looking forward to wearing the black sweatshirt part this summer minus the shirttail with just some shorts or white jeans.

Monthly Musings Topics for Thursday

Hey Besties! Holly and I are looking forward to having you join us for Monthly Musings on Thursday. It is now officially summer and we are so looking forward to having you join us to link up or as a reader or both. Holly and I like to keep these link ups, quick, light and fun.

The topics are above. Feel free to grab the graphic too. Holly and I look forward to seeing you for Monthly Musings on Thursday.


What We Wore Wednesday--June 17

I mentioned last week that the Get Dressed Challenge was going to take on a little bit of a different feel. I worked on the Get Dressed Challenge for 12 weeks, every day. As we get ready to safely, slowly try to get back to regular or a new normal life, I wanted to make sure that we could all have some fashion fun, but also give us all some grace. The Get Dressed Challenge is now What We Wore Wednesday. Still the fashion and fun, and a new logo on the way, but with a few tweaks.



Friday Favorites: 15 in Quarantine, Titan Games, Best Skort, New Landscaping, Dirty John Betty Broderick

heather stillufsen quotes | HappyShappy

Happy Friday Besties! I hope you get a chance to breath and reflect this weekend after a long week. I know that I am looking forward to a little down time this weekend along with a little safe celebration. After crunching numbers all week and kicking off my very first Stella & Dot virtual show I am back here to share my Friday Favorites and link up with ErikaAndreaNarci.

1) Fifteen in Quarantine

So far we have celebrated two milestone birthdays and now a milestone anniversary in quarantine. Things are starting to open up a little bit here in Northern VA but we are really still keeping close to home.

Fifteen years married and sixteen years together. Sometimes it seems like we have been together forever and that I don't remember life not together. Then other times I cannot believe that it has been fifteen years.

Running Daddy is smart and stable. He is super funny and kind. He is a really Good dad and an amazing coach. How many 50 year olds do you know who are in Better shape now than they were 20 years ago?

He is a person who is also very quiet about his faith, but is taking a major step this weekend to get closer to Jesus. I could not be more proud of him. 

2) Titan Games

Titan Games' Season 2 Premiere Date on NBC | TVLine

If you are looking for a really Good show to watch, especially with kids of all ages, check out the Titan Games with The Rock. I mean who doesn't love The Rock? 

It's kind of like American Ninja Warrior but Better. Sometimes Ninja Warrior gets a little monotonous with the same course over and over. Titan Games is way harder and just so fun.  Check it out. 

3) The Best Skort


It has been super fun this month to work with Top It Off and help highlight some of their new summer arrivals. This skort is just perfection. The Best length that is not too short. I am 5ft 5 inches so this hits just above the knee but doesn't look too short from the back. The built in shorts means it has you covered no matter what. Since this is part of the travel collection it doesn't wrinkle. Just wash and line dry and you are ready to go. Oh, did I mention it has pockets?

This skort is going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe. You can order it here  and save 10% on this skort or anything else on the website with my code GBB10.

While Top It Off gifted me this skort all opinions are my own. You know I always do Good by you all. 

4) Landscaping Projects

Ok, I feel like a total adult adding my landscaping projects to my Friday Favorites, but we have worked really hard on these and I love them. The upside of being home all the time the weather is Good is that it lends a lot of time for the outdoor projects that we have not had time to tackle. 

Being a hockey family, and at some points lacrosse, we can be gone up to five hours both days every weekend, and we are not even a travel family.  The hockey season is long and it doesn't leave a lot of time for weekend projects.

2463 Best other images in 2020 | Bones funny, Funny pictures, Funny

This meme is funny because it is true. Here are the projects we have been working on:

This area always pools water and we had an azalea that totally got burned out in this spot. Once I had Hockey Guy edge the area, I added in some plants that love damp areas and some pea gravel so far so Good with this area. 

We also took out another old azalea from the front area and then got three dwarf spruces and three Virginia Sweet Spires. I am also to add in some hostas to fill in the area so that we have plants there and not weeds.

5) Dirty John: Betty Broderick

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Premiere Date Announced ...

Are you watching this? Because it is so Good. Of course I saw the Lifetime version years ago but this is brought to us by the same producers at the original Dirty John. I have a special interest in this because of my time that I spent in San Diego.

If you are tuning in, let me know your thoughts.

That's what I have for you this week! Hope you have the Best weekend.


Get Dressed Challenge-Week 11 and a Switch Up

Wow Besties. We are at Week 11 and so many ladies are still joining in and getting dressed. I am in awe of this mini movement the Get Dressed Challenge has become. I am so proud that women took time to do something for themselves and share when they are feeling Good about themselves. Honestly, that is all I want, to help women add some structure into their lives and feel Better

Later in the post I am going to share a few tweaks that I am going to make the Get Dressed Challenge as our lives hopefully start to safely open up again. For now, let's look at what I wore this week and then get to the ladies!

This dress was supposed to be my Easter dress. It's Draper James and I actually bought it at a consignment store right before everything closed down for a bit. When we knew we would have a safe and in person graduation, I knew this was the dress I was going to wear.

Friday Favorites-Statement Earrings, Lance Armstrong, Best Song for Right Now, Sparkling Greyhound, and a Landscaping Project

Heather Stillufsen Hello June | Rose hill, Cute illustration ...

Oh Besties, what a week. This week has seen so many highs and lows. We had our graduation ceremony in person with all kinds of safety restrictions and it was so Good to see everyone.  I also watched the frustration in our country and even in my own city come to a dramatic head this week. I know as a middle class, white woman I will never fully understand this pain, but I am trying and I am teaching in our own home. 

I am taking a moment, to take a breath and find some Joy in the week as I do every Friday by linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci  with Friday Favorites. 

1)  Love Hoops

***contains affiliate links

I bought these Love hoops when they went on sale a few weeks ago. I typically have not been wearing large earrings over the last few years, but I am getting back into this trend. I so love these and they seemed totally the message I wanted to send this week. We all need a little more love and fashion can make a statement and send a message. They also come in gold

Get Dressed Challenge: Week 10

Hey is week 10, yes 10 of the Get Dressed Challenge. For the last 10 weeks we have been taking control of our day, getting dressed and feeling Better. I know that this challenge has helped me be able to tell what day it is, focus my work day and add some fun into my week. It has also helped me get more comfortable with selfies...something that is so outside of my comfort zone.

The Best part of the Get Dressed Challenge has been is seeing all of these beautiful women join in and get dressed. It truly brings me Joy to see to see their style and their sweet faces as they join me in this challenge.

Let's get to the Challenge this week:

Use code GBB10 to save 10%

It's white jeans, tunic and Jack Rogers season. Thank heavens. I think this tunic would look Good on everyone. The turquoise color is just stunning and this whole outfit will be on repeat for me all summer.
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