Get Dressed Challenge-Week 11 and a Switch Up

Wow Besties. We are at Week 11 and so many ladies are still joining in and getting dressed. I am in awe of this mini movement the Get Dressed Challenge has become. I am so proud that women took time to do something for themselves and share when they are feeling Good about themselves. Honestly, that is all I want, to help women add some structure into their lives and feel Better

Later in the post I am going to share a few tweaks that I am going to make the Get Dressed Challenge as our lives hopefully start to safely open up again. For now, let's look at what I wore this week and then get to the ladies!

This dress was supposed to be my Easter dress. It's Draper James and I actually bought it at a consignment store right before everything closed down for a bit. When we knew we would have a safe and in person graduation, I knew this was the dress I was going to wear.

Palazzo pants  (save 10% w code GBB)

We had a really wonderful graduation day considering the circumstances and the fact that most people didn't get any type of in person ceremony. By Thursday, the week was starting to catch up with me so I was craving comfort. I have mentioned in the past that these palazzo pants are as comfortable as sweatpants and that is totally what I needed for Friday eve. Don't forget that you can save 10% off your order at Top It Off with my code GBB. 

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Friday, the weekend was hours away and I was just so ready for some classic Lilly Pulitzer pants.


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Monday I was ready to be focused on the week. I grabbed a classic white label Lilly Pulitzer skirt that I --no lie--purchased at the Goodwill in Palm Beach. I paired it with my new crinkle blue tee from J Crew Factory and my classic Sperry flip flops.


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Oh this skort. So cute, so comfortable. The Best length and like everything in the Top It Off travel collection, the fabric is like butter. This skort is just perfect because it does not wrinkle and because of the built in short, it has you covered no matter what. 

I mentioned the sweet story of the sisterhood of the traveling Costco skirt and this skort would be a really Good update for this season. 

This skort has deep pockets and all you have to do to launder is wash and line dry. That's it! You can save 10% off on this skort and anything else on the Top It Off site by adding my code GBB10 at check out.  

That's what I wore this week for the Get Dressed Challenge. Let's see what the other ladies were up to. 

We have 10 women who joined me this week. I am so hoping I didn't miss anyone because it is pretty late when I am writing this.


Jennifer S



Elizabeth (new this week!)

Stephanie F

Michelle S


Shannon was the big winner of the mega Stella & Dot prize pack this week! Go Shannon! She has been part of the get dressed challenge every week.

Prize pack! Prize bowl!


Stephanie T

These women are so beautiful. You know what brings me so much Joy? I love it when they compliment each other and they have not even met. That's women supporting women. That's women building each other up. That's pure kindness and a lift when we all need it. That's the point of the get dressed challenge.

So here we stand in week 12. I have been getting dressed every day, during the week, for 12 weeks straight. My first weeks involved fleece and now we are talking about sleeveless shirts. So for now, I am going to give myself some permission to not get dressed every day. I will probably still do it and post a photo, but I am giving myself a little grace too.

The get dressed challenge isn't going away. Running Daddy told me it was too important. It is just taking on a little different form. It is going to be What We Wore Wednesday starting next week. Not much will change, so just keep sending me your photos and I will post mine. 

I truly see what this has done for women and the connections, the stories we have told through our fashion and the ability to lift each other up. That was my whole point and you all have helped make this even more than I could have dreamed. Stay well, be safe and get dressed and feel Better

I will see you back here later in the week.

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  1. Love that skort! I am really enjoying my skirts and palazzo pants lately. Still feel cool and keeps the bugs away!

  2. You outfits keep getting better and better and just so cheerful!


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