Friday Favorites: 15 in Quarantine, Titan Games, Best Skort, New Landscaping, Dirty John Betty Broderick

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Happy Friday Besties! I hope you get a chance to breath and reflect this weekend after a long week. I know that I am looking forward to a little down time this weekend along with a little safe celebration. After crunching numbers all week and kicking off my very first Stella & Dot virtual show I am back here to share my Friday Favorites and link up with ErikaAndreaNarci.

1) Fifteen in Quarantine

So far we have celebrated two milestone birthdays and now a milestone anniversary in quarantine. Things are starting to open up a little bit here in Northern VA but we are really still keeping close to home.

Fifteen years married and sixteen years together. Sometimes it seems like we have been together forever and that I don't remember life not together. Then other times I cannot believe that it has been fifteen years.

Running Daddy is smart and stable. He is super funny and kind. He is a really Good dad and an amazing coach. How many 50 year olds do you know who are in Better shape now than they were 20 years ago?

He is a person who is also very quiet about his faith, but is taking a major step this weekend to get closer to Jesus. I could not be more proud of him. 

2) Titan Games

Titan Games' Season 2 Premiere Date on NBC | TVLine

If you are looking for a really Good show to watch, especially with kids of all ages, check out the Titan Games with The Rock. I mean who doesn't love The Rock? 

It's kind of like American Ninja Warrior but Better. Sometimes Ninja Warrior gets a little monotonous with the same course over and over. Titan Games is way harder and just so fun.  Check it out. 

3) The Best Skort


It has been super fun this month to work with Top It Off and help highlight some of their new summer arrivals. This skort is just perfection. The Best length that is not too short. I am 5ft 5 inches so this hits just above the knee but doesn't look too short from the back. The built in shorts means it has you covered no matter what. Since this is part of the travel collection it doesn't wrinkle. Just wash and line dry and you are ready to go. Oh, did I mention it has pockets?

This skort is going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe. You can order it here  and save 10% on this skort or anything else on the website with my code GBB10.

While Top It Off gifted me this skort all opinions are my own. You know I always do Good by you all. 

4) Landscaping Projects

Ok, I feel like a total adult adding my landscaping projects to my Friday Favorites, but we have worked really hard on these and I love them. The upside of being home all the time the weather is Good is that it lends a lot of time for the outdoor projects that we have not had time to tackle. 

Being a hockey family, and at some points lacrosse, we can be gone up to five hours both days every weekend, and we are not even a travel family.  The hockey season is long and it doesn't leave a lot of time for weekend projects.

2463 Best other images in 2020 | Bones funny, Funny pictures, Funny

This meme is funny because it is true. Here are the projects we have been working on:

This area always pools water and we had an azalea that totally got burned out in this spot. Once I had Hockey Guy edge the area, I added in some plants that love damp areas and some pea gravel so far so Good with this area. 

We also took out another old azalea from the front area and then got three dwarf spruces and three Virginia Sweet Spires. I am also to add in some hostas to fill in the area so that we have plants there and not weeds.

5) Dirty John: Betty Broderick

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Premiere Date Announced ...

Are you watching this? Because it is so Good. Of course I saw the Lifetime version years ago but this is brought to us by the same producers at the original Dirty John. I have a special interest in this because of my time that I spent in San Diego.

If you are tuning in, let me know your thoughts.

That's what I have for you this week! Hope you have the Best weekend.


  1. We like the Titan games too. But darn it, we liked Dirty John but can’t get into the Betty one. Love your cute skort. Happy Anniversary and Happy weekend. xo

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary-you are such a beautiful couple and I LOVED your wedding dress Patty...thanks for the Dirty John suggestion- I watched the original-will def have to check this one out too!

  3. Happy anniversary! Love seeing your wedding photo in there. We'll definitely have to check out Titan games; that sounds like something all my boys would enjoy.


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