Friday Favorites: Best Makeup Palette, Hydrangeas, Good Work Music, Shop for a Cause, and Time

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Happy Friday Besties! I have a quick list for you today because we are having a chill week around here. We were able to spend some time, six feet apart, with some friends last weekend and I belly laughed for the first time in months. Today, I am sharing my Friday Favorites and link up with ErikaAndreaNarci as I do every week.

1) Ever Palette

I talk a lot on the space about how I am trying really hard to clean up my beauty game and use products that are Better for my body. I did a little Facebook live the other night for my Stella & Dot business and used this palette before I went live. I am not much of a bronzer or highlighter person,but decided to follow all of the numbered steps this time. It was pretty amazing. After I followed the three cheeks steps my skin looked so Good. I didn't look overly made up, just like myself but fresher. I also did the eye makeup steps and really liked the results.

The Best part of this palette is that not only is it very neutral, it also comes with a card that gives you numbered steps on how to apply. This clean make up palette would be really Good for teens who want to try some make up, especially this fall for things like homecoming (cross your fingers those things still happen).

If you have any questions about Ever clean beauty reach out to me at

2) Hydrangeas

I think you are either in the love or hate hydrangeas camp. I am in the so love camp. I had them as one of my wedding flowers and we have two bushes in our yard. The one out back is pretty small but the one in the front is really flourishing this season.

These looked so pretty I just needed to bring a few inside this week. Sometimes they droop, so I cut them and put them in warm water for a few minutes and then transferred to cool water. No droop!

3) Faith Hill Radio

I mentioned in my What's Up Wednesday post that one Pandora station I was really enjoying while I did my work was Faith Hill radio. It's the Best mix of country with a few Good contemporary Christian hits mixed in. It has been a nice option for me while I am working. Helps drown out the distractions while also helping to keep the day moving.

4) Shop for a Cause- Dress for Success

I so love these sets that Stella & Dot put together to help support Dress for Success. Between now and June 30th, if you purchase one of these sets for $39 (all are a $66-$81value), Stella & Dot will donate an equal amount of jewelry to Dress for Success. Dress for Success helps provide professional clothing for women returning to the workforce. This could not be more important right now.

You can choose one of these three sets:

The Best part? In addition to helping women in need is that if you spend over $50, you will earn Dot Dollars!

5) Time

One of the Good things about the pandemic is time. I am still working as hard as I have ever been, despite being at home, but I do like the time at home. Since we were not able to go away for Easter break, or anywhere else, I do have a lot of vacation days. This week I took a day and since things are a little safer I took Hockey Guy to the beach. We met up with some friends and had a really nice day. Two moms, five boys--grades 1 to 9--and really Good weather. 

We had a little Chik-Fil-A late in the afternoon and a quick trip through the Vineyard Vines outlet. It was a really Good day and I am so glad we did it. Like all kids, especially those with a graduation year, he missed out on a lot. It was nice for us to have a little treat and a little time.

That's what I have this week. I am looking forward to little relaxing time this weekend. I hope you can do the same.


  1. Yeah for beach time- can't wait to get back! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower of all time Patty so I am with you :) Have an awesome and relaxing weekend XO

  2. Oh I just love Hydrangeas!! I have been trying to grow some blue ones for years. They get nice and big and green but they do not flower.


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