Monthly Musings December 2022-Goals for the New Year


Besties, we are getting ready to usher out 2022 and make way for 2023. With the New Year coming this weekend, Holly and I are hosting our monthly linkup called Monthly Musings and we are focused on Goals for the New Year. Pour a sparkling beverage, make those lists and join all of the talented writers who linkup with us as we get you inspired for 2023.

1. Do you make resolutions/goals for the New Year?

I think mine fall more into the goals category than resolutions. Sometimes I think that resolutions set us up for failure. I have a word for 2023, which I will get to later on in the post but mostly I have things that I am trying to get Better at, if that makes sense.

I want to be Better at meal planning with purposeful grocery shopping, especially during busy weeks. I want to be Better about less food waste and that will evolve with the first goal. I tried this all in 2022 and then fell back into bad habits.

I also want to be Better at taking time off and enjoying these last few years with Hockey Guy at home and making time for my friends. Being around Hockey Guy, Running Daddy and my friends make me feel Good about myself. There have been a lot of situations lately that have really sucked the life out of me and I need people who help breathe life into my soul.


What's Up Wednesday-December 2022


Here we are at the end of 2022 Besties and the last Wednesday of December. Did you know today is Wednesday? It is so easy to lose track during the holiday break. In so many ways, I am ready to usher this year out the door and welcome in 2023. Anyone else?

As we head into the end of the year, today I am linking up with Shay  and Shaeffer for What's Up Wednesday. December was an interesting month, part holiday Joy and part challenges. Settle in for the post holiday bliss of What's Up Wednesday today. 

What We're Eating This Week

Like a lot of people, we are in and out this week. We don't have a ton of holiday leftovers and Hockey Guy polished off the Christmas breakfast faster than you can say Merry Christmas! I am trying to make some real dinners that are fast and healthy while we can to balance out the dining out and Christmas treats.


Monthly Musings December 2022 Topics: Goals for the New Year


Happy Monday Besties! If you celebrated Christmas or Hanukkah I hope the season brought you great Joy. Today I am linking up with Holly and Sarah and sharing the topics for Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday. We have one final Monthly Musings for 2022 and we are talking Goals and all things for the New Year.

I hope you will join us on Thursday as a reader, writer or both of Monthly Musings. Holly and I will also be back in 2023 for more fun with Monthly Musings, so stay tuned as we will be publishing the topics and dates for Monthly Musings 2023 this week too!

I will see you on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday December 2023 Besties!


Friday Favorites-Best and Worst Christmas Songs


Besties, I am bracing myself for this to be my most controversial post of the year. Today for Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and sharing my favorite Christmas songs and then the ones that give me the Christmas crankies. The list is not long in either category, it is well thought out and only the truly deserving made the list. I did run this by Running Daddy and he thought it was spot on.

Pour a hot chocolate, light a Christmas scented candle and settle in for my Good, Better, Best list of Best and worst Christmas songs. Feel free to comment away on my list and yours!

Best Christmas Songs

These are not really in any order because I love these all so much, I really cannot pick a top one. There are only a few, because if there are too many, it doesn't make it special...right?

Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) by Amy Grant

The lyrics of this song have really gotten me through some tough times and medical tests over the last decade. A few weeks ago I was going back for some intense dental work, again, and I heard this song start to finish on the radio. If you need comfort this holiday season, this song is for you. I included the version when Amy sang with the Boston Pops, because the Pops are the Best


What's Up Wednesday-November 2022


Wow, the end of November Besties. This month has had some highs and lows but I love that we are in the thick of the holiday season.  Let's jump in and talk all things November and link up with Sheaffer and Shay .  Grab a cozy beverage, light the fireplace and settle in for November What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

This is going to be a busy week and frankly, I am still not feeling all that well. As I have been known to say, we have a house full of food, so we will figure it out depending on the schedule and how I a feeling. If we end up doing burgers and dogs, so be it.


Happy Thanksgiving Besties


Happy Thanksgiving Besties. I am having a relaxing day and so grateful for it. Speaking of grateful, I am so very grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to spot by this page. It is a wonderful creative outlet for me and I know there are a zillion blogs out there and I am so thankful that every week, you choose Good Better Best. Have the Best Thanksgiving and I will see you back here soon.


Monthly Musings November 2022-Holiday Prep

Oh Besties, Thanksgiving is next week and that means we are so close to the Best time of year. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I cannot wait for the holidays this year and to get you ready, Holly and I are hosting our monthly linkup. We have a host of candy cane wrapped questions for our writer friends to answer and this will help you kick off the holiday.

Grab a peppermint mocha, a soft blanket and join us for Monthly Musings Holiday Prep edition!

1. Favorite Holiday Traditions

I love buying our tree. We have purchased our tree from a church around the corner for over a decade. They have really Good trees and we usually try to get our tree when one of our friends is there.

We also adopt a nun from the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore. We purchase gifts for our nun and those are typically the only gifts she receives at Christmas. Usually their lists are very simple and really makes you think about the meaning of Christmas. We are excited that the brunch we share with them is back on in person. This is one of Running Daddy's favorite holiday events.


Monthly Musings Topics November 2022-Holiday Prep


Happy Monday Besties! I was actually writing this post from a hockey tournament in sunny Florida. Yes, there is hockey in Florida. I am dropping in for Hello Monday and linking up with Holly and Sarah

Speaking of Holly, today I have the topics for Monthly Musings. It's a little early this month because the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving and since our topic is Holiday Prep, we want you to have all the Good tips, tricks and recipes as we head into the Best season of the year. I know people love summer, and it's great, but Halloween through New Year's is Best season in my opinion.


Friday Favorites: Everyday Chardonnay, a Not So Perfect Hallmark Movie, Trader Joe's Harvest Salsa, The Watcher, and Little Moon Vital Vapor Balm


We made it to the weekend Besties and Halloween is upon us. This week felt like the hours flew by but that it took forever for Friday to
get here. Does that make any sense? Now that the weekend is finally here, it's time to put down the fun size candy taster while I link up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites.

On the list today is a Good everyday chardonnay, a not so perfect but perfect Hallmark movie, Trader Joe's Harvest Salsa, The Watcher, and Little Moon Vital Vapor Balm. This is definitely an eclectic list today. 

1. Noble Vines 446 Chardonnay

I may have written about this wine in the past, but this every day beauty deserves another mention.  Almost everyone who knows me knows that a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region on New Zealand is my wine of choice. The more pop of grapefruit the Better


Monthly Musings October 2022-Thanksgiving Prep


Gobble gobble Besties. Halloween is on Monday and that means next up is Thanksgiving. Holly and I are hosting Monthly Musings today and we are ready to share all the Best tips by the talented group of writers who join us. Grab your rolling pins, your turkey brine and the tv remote for your favorite football game because we are talking Thanksgiving Prep!

1. Do you host Thanksgiving or go elsewhere?

We do not host for Thanksgiving. Easter is our holiday we love to host. We did host Thanksgiving last year and just had Running Daddy's parents and I got catering from the Mount Vernon Inn.


What's Up Wednesday-October 2022


Here we are at the end of October Besties and I can tell you that this month was way Better than last month. I do realize that bar is pretty low. It's time to give an update on October and link up with Sheaffer and Shay and chat all things October. Are you ready? I am.

What We're Eating This Week

We are in the full swing of the hockey season now. Our dinners need to be fast, not too spicy and filled with nutrients. Some nights we are eating before practice early and other nights we are eating after 6pm games. 

Monday-Burgers, dogs, chopped salad, McCain Smiles and Alexia sweet potato tots. This is a post-game meal.

Tuesday-Chicken stir fry with brown rice. This is a before practice meal.


Monthly Musings October 2022 Topics-Thanksgiving Prep


Hey there Besties. I am just dropping by on Hello Monday with Holly and Sarah  to share the topics for Monthly Musings coming up this Thursday.

Holly and I will be hosting our monthly link up and since we are just around a month before Thanksgiving, we wanted to use Monthly Musings this month to share the Best tips and tricks. If you are in Canada and already celebrated Thanksgiving this month, we would love to have you join us and share your traditions as well.


Friday Favorites: Brownie Manicures, Hell of a Cruise, Magnesium for Pain, Better Breakfast, and Hallmark Movies Start Today


We made it to the weekend Besties! Not sure about where you live, but the fall chill really blew in here mid-week. It is full-on sweater-weather and I almost busted out my winter coat for an outdoor reception last night. I decided to brave it.

Let's get our fall on with Friday Favorites while I link up with Erika and Andrea. This is the perfect day for a little pumpkin spice coffee, Octoberfest beer or Moscow mule, depending on what time of day you reading this post. 

1. Chocolate Brown Nail Color

I really don't look Good in brown from the waist up. It is typically a clothing color that I avoid because it does nothing for me. I love it on other people but on this gal, no way. On the other hand, see what I did there, I am loving the brown nail trend right now started by Hailey Bieber this fall. For the record, it has already been noted in my household that I am NOT Hailey Bieber, but I can like her nails.

Hailey Bieber Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

Good Better Best "brownie nails"
Color Street Brownie Points


Easy Fall Decorating 2022


Fall is not only in the air Besties, it is full on here. I have our fall decorations up around the house and I am loving it. Today I am sharing my fall home decor with you to help inspire you if you want to do a small fall vignette or decorate your entire house. My hope is that after reading this post, you will feel that design is within reach for the fall season.


Friday Favorites: Halloween/Fall Movies, Organized Closet, Post COVID Coast, Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread, and Caramel Dip


Welcome to the weekend Besties. We are only a few days into October but so far I am loving it. How about you?

As we settle into this early October weekend, I am linking-up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week. This list is heavy on the fall feels so I hope you are ready.

1. Halloween/Fall movies

All of the Halloween-themed movies kicked off this past weekend and we were loving them in our house. We watched the original Halloween which is a favorite in our house and then caught the end of Halloween from 2018. 


Friday Favorites: J. Crew Outfit, Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter, New Favorite Song, First PSL of the Season, and Good Mascara

Hey Besties! Happy Friday. I am so ready to usher September out the door. This has been a long month. I went more into that on Wednesday. I am back for Friday Favorites, ready to have a little fun, and link-up with Erika and Andrea. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. J. Crew Factory Outfit

I bought this super cute outfit when I thought there was a possibility I would be able to make my work trip, but of course didn't. I still think this is a Good outfit for early fall and each piece can be worn with so many other items in your closet. 


Monthly Musings September 2022--Fall Decorating and Halloween


Besties, I am so glad it is finally fall and really happy that it is almost October. This month for Monthly Musings, Holly and I are getting you ready for fall and Halloween with all of our questions for fall decorating and Halloween. With the help of the talented writers who join us every month, you will have really Good design and Halloween ideas and be ahead of the game. Be sure to check out the other writers who join us and leave your own tips in the comments below.

1. How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?

Running Daddy handles the outdoor Halloween decorating. We build a Spooky Walk with our next door neighbors and connect our two houses. We are kind of a destination corner in our neighborhood. We have lights, we have music and the theme is spooky but not scary or gory. 


What's Up Wednesday-September 2022


Hey there Besties. Ooof this was a month and by that I mean not the Best month I have ever had. Since this is What's Up Wednesday and I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay about all things September, I will get into all this below. 

What We're Eating This Week

We are back in the full swing of hockey season so that means on Tuesday and Thursdays we need to have something mild and quick for dinner before hockey practice. I think I have a rhythm down already.

Monday-Meatball sub or leftover pasta bake with salad.

Tuesday-Airfryer chicken and vegetables

Wednesday-Pancakes (pumpkin and gluten free!), bacon and fruit

Thursday-Tortellini, gluten free ravioli and salad

Friday-Take out


Hello Monday-Monthly Musings September 2022 Topics


Popping in on this early fall morning to join Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and share the topics for Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday.

This month Holly and I are talking about fall decor and Halloween. We hope you will join us as a writer, reader and both and share your favorite fall decorating and Halloween fund with us on Thursday. Our questions are below.

See you back here on Thursday for Monthly Musings.


What's Up Wednesday August 2022


Happy Wednesday Besties! It's time for What's Up Wednesday where I link up with Shaeffer and Shay and talk about all things August! This month was packed full of all the things headed into the last days of summer and I can't wait to share it with you. Let's talk about August.

What We're Eating This Week

We got home late from a hockey tournament Sunday night so I am a little behind on my meal planning. I also had to push back our Butcher Box until this week so I am not really sure when it will arrive and that is impacting meal planning a bit. Here is what I know we will have this week.


Monthly Musings August 2022: Fall Recipes/Dinners

Fall is just around the corner Besties. Can you smell the bonfires and taste the pumpkin spice everything? I am not hating on it and really ready for fall to be here.

Today Holly and I getting together with the Best group of writers to share ideas about fall dinners and recipes. If you are linking up with us today please link back to us and be sure to visit some other writers who join us. If you could leave comments for other writers too, that would even be Better. Let's dive into the questions now.

1. Easiest dinner you make? Will you share the recipe?

Hands down, taco meatballs are the easiest recipe I make. At this point, I can probably get these taco meatballs on the table in about 30 minutes. You probably have all of the ingredients on hand to make these tonight. We had these on Monday and I love them.

You can make these with ground turkey or ground beef. Find the recipe for these meatballs here.


Monthly Musings August 2022 Topics: Easy Fall Recipes/Dinner

Hey there Besties! Fall is around the corner and this month for Monthly Musings Holly and I are ready to talk Easy Fall Recipes/Dinners.

If you would like to join us for our monthly link-up, grab our graphic, link back to us both please in your post and then join the link-up. We cannot wait to hear how the talented group of writers who join us every month savor fall flavors and tackle all things in the kitchen.

See you Thursday!


Friday Favorites Aug 19, 2022: A Good Beauty Item, A Skinny Cocktail, Two Summer Shows and a Childhood Idol


Hey Besties! Happy Friday. It is truly like fake fall around here this week and I am here for it. I literally almost grabbed the pumpkin spice coffee at Wawa this week but decided to give it a few more weeks. Even though we are getting a taste of early fall, I have a cocktail to get you through the last few weeks of summer, plus a Good beauty product for you, two summer shows and then a Goodbye to a childhood idol. I am back for Friday Favorites and to link-up with Erika and Andrea. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. Flamingo Razors

Over the last few years I have been struggling to find a razor I really liked. The brand I was using for the last few years I was not loving, but kept using it because it was easily delivered to the house. Running Daddy is a big fan of Harry's razors and has been more many years. Well, Harry's has a women's line called Flamingo and it is a really Good razor. It gives a really close shave without irritation or cuts. You can purchase at stores or via subscription. This might be my razor for life.


Hello Monday--Skinny Colada Recipe


Happy Monday Besties! I am back from our dreamy vacation in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island and I am doing a quick stop-in for Hello Monday with Holly and Sarah. Today, I am sharing a cocktail I love on vacation that I believe I have perfected at home thanks to Trader Joe's. Let's get cocktailing!

We love the beach bar at the Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head. It is so fun to come off the beach around 3:30 p.m. and have a little cocktail (or Sprite!) before we bike back to our rental house. For the last couple of years I have ordered their Skinny Colada and made a little tweak. Their original Skinny Colada used to have a coconut vodka in it, but since I never really know if a vodka is gluten free (some are not), I always used to ask for one with Malibu rum.


Monthly Musings-July 2022 Back to School Prep

Hey Besties! Welcome to Monthly Musings July 2022. This month Holly and I are sharing our thoughts with a host of other talented writers on Back to School Prep. We mentioned that this is not to rush summer away, we just thought this was a Good point in the summer to share all the Best back to school tips. We know that our readers go back to school between the beginning part of August through after Labor Day so we wanted to do this now to share the Best info.

I am going to lead with the fact that I am feeling slightly behind on any back to school paperwork, planning, book sales, and uniforms. I am going to try to do the bulk of the paperwork tomorrow night, hence you probably will not see me for Friday Favorites...but I digress.

Let's jump into Monthly Musings and talk Back to School Prep.

1. How do you get organized for the school year?

Right now I am trying to sell our sophomore year text books on our school Facebook page and then buy from our friends what we need for this school year. I need to get a spreadsheet going for the textbooks Hockey Guy needs and then add in what I have and what we still need. My brain just organizes Better when things are in a spreadsheet.

I also need Hockey Guy to try on his uniforms and see what still fits. The beauty of school uniforms is that we need fewer school clothes. They are changing the PE uniform so I need to order that too.

I am all about a to-do list and spreadsheets. Basically, color-coded lists are my love language.

I also try to get the important dates and days off at least through Christmas on the calendar in the beginning of the year.

2. Favorite places to shop for back to school clothes?

So I have a boy, who wears a uniform, I am basically of no help to you on this one!

3. Do you meal plan? Favorite back to school meals? Share a recipe or two.

I meal plan all year and always have. When we head back to school I am all about fast and easy. It takes a few weeks to get back in the grove and having easy dinners just makes things Better

Two of my Best easy meals are taco meatballs and baked chicken tacos . I have been making these forever and they are favorites in our house. I will hopefully have another easy and amazing recipe to share next week that you can get on the table in no time.

4. What are your kids favorite things about going back to school?

Honestly, just seeing his friends every day.

5. Best place for school supplies?

We typically don't need a lot of school supplies unless the teacher specifies certain things. Typically everything is provided through tuition.

6. Any first day of school traditions?

I typically just try to get a photo, which usually includes the dog. I also try to make an easy dinner so that we can spend time talking about the day and not making dinner.

7. Best lunch box tip?

I am out of the lunchbox stage, but the Best lunch box tip I have is related to the thermos. To keep food hot in a thermos all day, heat up water, pour it into the thermos and close the lid. Keep the lid on while you heat the food. Once the food is heated, dump out the water and then add the food. This way you are adding hot food into a warmed container. Try it, it works.

8. Buy lunch? Bring lunch? Both?

Now that Hockey Guy is in high school he buys every day. They have a lot of choices and very few days are a miss.

9. Does school start before or after Labor Day where you live?

We start the week before Labor Day and we have a staggered start depending on what grade you are in.

10. Best money saving tips for back to school?

If you have tax free weekends before school starts where you live, take advantage of them. Those weekends usually have Good sales and then you save the sales tax too. Take inventory of all the basics in your house like socks, pajamas, copier paper and toner and stock up on these weekends.

I hope these tips were helpful. Be sure to check in with Holly and the other writers that join us for Monthly Musings. Get your lists together and enjoy the balance of the summer.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

What's Up Wednesday-July 2022

Happy Wednesday Besties! It's time for What's Up Wednesday where I link up with Shaeffer and Shay and talk about all things July! Settle in and find out what we have been up to this month.

What We're Eating This Week

Monday-chicken stir fry

Tuesday-slider meatballs, salad

The rest of the week will depend on what day my Butcher Box arrives. We are still loving Butcher Box and it really has been helpful to have a month's worth of meat on hand and I love having different cuts of meat every month. If you want to give Butcher Box a try you can save $30 on your first box and get free bacon for life with this link

What I am Reminiscing About

We are a couple of weeks away from vacation and I have been thinking about all of the years past in Hilton Head. This will be our fourth time there and I cannot wait.

What I'm Loving

I have been using the Laura Mercier Caviar eye sticks lately and I am loving them. I think they last longer than other cream eye shadows and they do not irritate my very sensitive eyes.

***contains affiliate links

The other new beauty product I am loving is Flamingo Shave. I have been looking for a razor that I love. This is the women's line from Harry's. Running Daddy has been a fan of Harry's for many years now and they are the only razors he uses. I am really loving the Flamingo razors because they are sharp but easy on the razor burn at the same time. You can buy them in stores but you can also just have them dropped on your doorstep too. Yes, please!

I am also loving this Stella Chain Crystal Chain necklace. It is a shorter length so it is so Good for layering. I also love how highend it looks but I would not worry about traveling with it. This just launched and I think I am going to be wearing this a lot.

What We've Been Up To

We had a really lovely Fourth of July and spent some time with friends we have not seen in a while at our pool.

We also had a hockey tournament in the Philadelphia area. Hockey Guy played really well and I was able to work from the road.

We have also really been enjoying our summer weekends.

What I'm Dreading

I have a ton of school paperwork to do and I am dreading it. I have done a few things but there are also some things I cannot do until after physicals and we have all of those forms.

What I'm Working On

See above...this week I am working on a lot of school paperwork.

I also have a lot of work right now. The summer is usually my busy season, which is not ideal and I am going to be slammed until after the election.

On a fun note, I starting to work on packing lists and vacation grocery lists. I love a Good list and vacation lists are the Best.

What I'm Excited About

I am super excited about our trip to Hilton Head. It's one of my favorite places and I cannot wait to chill for a bit.

What I am Watching/Reading

I have a small stack of books and magazines ready to go for our trip. I just have to get through all my work and then I am looking forward to some coffee and books.

We are watching a few fun things. We decided to binge watch Southern Charm from the beginning. While we have watched every season, it is interesting to watch it all so close together.

The evolution of Craig is really the Best.

I am also watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I going to say this, I have never been a Kyle fan and I think they are finally showing what a mean girl Kyle really is.

I also started watching The Summer I Became Pretty and I am really liking it. I am usually so behind on these things but I do get why people like this series. This is probably for high schoolers ad up.

What I'm Listening To

I am listening to all of my usual podcasts. If you are a Housewives fan I highly recommend The Bravo Dockett. They are two Housewives fans who are also lawyers. They are really Good at breaking down all of the Erika Jayne and Jen Shah legal drama. They explain all of the legalese for these types of cases and what it all means.

I also need to work on a Hilton Head playlist. 

What I'm Wearing

I haven't really bought anything new because I am saving money for our trip.  I am mostly accessorizing to keep things fresh.

I did buy these linen pants recently. They are total classics and can be dressed up or down.


What I'm Doing This Weekend

We have a family party and then I will also start getting things ready for our trip. I am also hoping to get a pedicure. 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

I am so looking forward to our trip to South Carolina and being in Hilton Head. We also have a hockey tournament at the end of August that will kick off the hockey season.

What Else is New

I think I covered basically everything. You will want to come by tomorrow as Holly and I are hosting Monthly Musings tomorrow. The topic this month is Back to School Prep. We are not trying to rush the summer away but we thought it would be a Good idea to share tips and tricks now because there is such a range of back to school dates from mid-August all the way past Labor Day.

The questions are below and we hope you will join us as a writer, reader or both.

That's my wrap up of July. I will see you back here tomorrow. 

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