Friday Favorites-Best and Worst Christmas Songs


Besties, I am bracing myself for this to be my most controversial post of the year. Today for Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and sharing my favorite Christmas songs and then the ones that give me the Christmas crankies. The list is not long in either category, it is well thought out and only the truly deserving made the list. I did run this by Running Daddy and he thought it was spot on.

Pour a hot chocolate, light a Christmas scented candle and settle in for my Good, Better, Best list of Best and worst Christmas songs. Feel free to comment away on my list and yours!

Best Christmas Songs

These are not really in any order because I love these all so much, I really cannot pick a top one. There are only a few, because if there are too many, it doesn't make it special...right?

Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) by Amy Grant

The lyrics of this song have really gotten me through some tough times and medical tests over the last decade. A few weeks ago I was going back for some intense dental work, again, and I heard this song start to finish on the radio. If you need comfort this holiday season, this song is for you. I included the version when Amy sang with the Boston Pops, because the Pops are the Best

O Come All Ye Faithful by Casting Crowns

Last month, I also shared this song for What's Up Wednesday and it is truly the version I love Best of O Come All Ye Faithful.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams

Switching gears, this song says Christmas to me. It is big, it is fun and it is Christmas. It makes me want to twirl like Julie Andrews.

There are a million other versions of this song, but only this one will do.

Marshmallow World by Dean Martin

Dean Martin means Christmas to Running Daddy and this is our favorite from Dino. Light a fire and pour some brown liquor to listen to this album.

Santa Claus is Back in Town by Elvis

Back in 2019, right before the world shut down, we took a trip to Graceland at Christmas. Graceland at Christmas is just fun and we have always been so glad we did this trip right before the pandemic. Besties, you have not lived your life until you have seen Graceland lit up with Christmas lights. Seriously.

Elvis loved Christmas and of all the Elvis Christmas songs, I think this one is the Best

Honorable mentions

These two songs are ones I also really like but they were not quite ready to move to the upper levels.

Step into Christmas by Elton John

Honestly, can you listen to listen to this song without wanting to dance? I dare you to listen to this and not at least tap your foot.

Last Christmas by Wes Brown

I am not just adding this because he is my current Hallmark boyfriend, but Wes Brown has a ballad version of this song that is really pretty. 

Enjoy it here.

The Not so Good Christmas Song list

Ok Besties, here is where things are going to get interesting and a tad bit controversial.  These are the songs that are just so bad in my book. Again, they are not ranked because they are all equally bad in so many ways. Buckle up and feel free to disagree or agree with me in the comments.

Santa Baby by anyone who has ever recorded it

It doesn't matter if it is Ertha Kitt, Madonna, Taylor Swift or anyone else, I despise this song. It's annoying. Period.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevey (or anyone else)

It's not a cute song, it's just annoying. I mean, have your ever met anyone who says this is their favorite Christmas song? I am sure that answer is no.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by The Jackson 5

Besties, have you ever really listened to the lyrics of this song? What in the world is going on? Is Mommy have an extramarital affair? If she is, I don't think Daddy would really be laughing! Is Santa Claus actually Daddy?

No matter what this song is actually about, I always feel a little skeeved out when I listen to it. Is it just me?

Dominick the Donkey by Lou Monte

I can tell you where I was when I first heard this horrible song. Running Daddy and I were driving to New York City and where were somewhere in the Philadelphia radio market and they played this song. Where were like "what the heck is this???"

I am not easily offended, but as an Italian American, I find this song really offensive and it should just disappear.

Ring Christmas Bells by the Ray Conniff Singers

Besties, I said I wasn't going to rank these, but Running Daddy and I may think this is the worst version of a Christmas song ever.

When I hear this song, I want to turn off the radio, run out of a store and just make it go away. The end, where they are basically screaming is just a horror show. I have a total visceral reaction to this song. 

I have one more for you and Running Daddy reminded me to include this one. If you are not from the Washington, DC area, you may not be familiar with this gem. It's called Christmas Eve in Washington and it's just plain bad. 

While I know that this was written to raise money for charity, it was also written in twenty minutes and you can tell. It's cheesy and it is completely unavoidable on December 24th in the Nation's Capital. I am sorry to inflict this on my readers across America, but if I have to listen to this all day on December 24th, you should at least get a sample of this earworm.

I am ready for your blowback, I am ready for your favorites and the Christmas songs you want to go away. Give me all the comments Besties and enjoy all the Good Christmas music as we head into the final week of the season.


  1. Have to respectfully disagree with Dominick the Donkey. But remember I’m Italian from New York. For worst, I’ll add Here Comes Santa Claus because to the worst of the line “Let’s give thanks to the Lord above cause Santa Claus comes tonight.” Wrong on so many levels.

    1. Oh Good point on Here Comes Santa Claus! I never thought of that.

  2. Ok I am cracking up about Dominic The Donkey- you know I am a fellow Italian American but I laugh at this song- cracks me up and now I will laugh harder knowing it makes you cranky- ha! Love you friend XO

  3. What a fun post! I loved seeing the Graceland pictures. I was a tour guide at Graceland during my college years, but it has been a long time since I've been inside at Christmas time.

    1. Oh how fun that you were a tour guide at Graceland. You really should go see it w Christmas lights again. Wr went after Christmas and it was way less crowded.

  4. Oh I agree with most of these! I definitely find Santa Baby so annoying no matter who sings it!


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