Monthly Musings December 2022-Goals for the New Year


Besties, we are getting ready to usher out 2022 and make way for 2023. With the New Year coming this weekend, Holly and I are hosting our monthly linkup called Monthly Musings and we are focused on Goals for the New Year. Pour a sparkling beverage, make those lists and join all of the talented writers who linkup with us as we get you inspired for 2023.

1. Do you make resolutions/goals for the New Year?

I think mine fall more into the goals category than resolutions. Sometimes I think that resolutions set us up for failure. I have a word for 2023, which I will get to later on in the post but mostly I have things that I am trying to get Better at, if that makes sense.

I want to be Better at meal planning with purposeful grocery shopping, especially during busy weeks. I want to be Better about less food waste and that will evolve with the first goal. I tried this all in 2022 and then fell back into bad habits.

I also want to be Better at taking time off and enjoying these last few years with Hockey Guy at home and making time for my friends. Being around Hockey Guy, Running Daddy and my friends make me feel Good about myself. There have been a lot of situations lately that have really sucked the life out of me and I need people who help breathe life into my soul.

I also really need to prioritize my health as it is such a challenge for me. There are so many things that I do every day to stay well, but I need to also understand that I need to get to bed earlier and that it is ok to not be doing like seven things at once.

That's the long way of sharing my goals not resolutions.

2. Do you have diet/exercise goals?

On the diet front, just making time to have quick, easy, healthy food in the house is my 2023 priority. I also would rather have a small scoop of something that I really like, than a "diet thing" with a bunch of substitutions.

On the exercise front, I am trying to get back to where I was before my health went south this fall. I need to walk sweet Stormy more and I need to get back to Barre 3. I have not been to Barre 3 since right before I got COVID. I will start back up in mid-January after all the resolutions people drop off and I can get back into class.

3. Do you have personal/professional goals for 2023?

I am mostly working on my personal goals in 2023. I want to be present in this space more often. Good Better Best was sidelined a lot this year due to my health. I am hoping to see you all here at least once or twice per week in 2023.

I also just need to get into bed earlier. I am trying to wash my face, put on my lotions and potions and get into my pajamas when I get home and not wait until 10pm. I usually get home after 6pm so it is not that odd to try to get to into pajamas at that hour. Or is it?

4. Do you use a planner? Paper? Electronic? Combo?

For scheduling and planning I like the combo plate. Our family calendar is on Cozi and we all have it on our phones. Team Snap interfaces with Cozi and our feeling is that if it is not on the Cozi, that event doesn't exist. You gotta put it on the Cozi.

About two years ago I also added in a paper planner to help me manage my own day. I have used a variety of planners over the last few years and this year I am trying the Plum Paper planner. I do like that I can customize the pages and layout. If you are interested in trying a Plum Paper planner and would like a discount code, shoot me a quick email at and I will send you one.

5. Do you have a word or phrase for 2023?

My word for 2023 is deliberate. I am using deliberate in a very positive tone. I am definitely trying to be more deliberate in everything I do.

6.  Ring in the New Year or asleep by 10 pm?

It really depends. Typically we go to sleep at a decent hour on New Year's but this year we are going to a party and trying to stay up until midnight if I am up to it.

7. Favorite thing to do on New Year's Day?

I usually like to take a really Good walk and then hang out and make food all day. I think New Year's Day is the one day that everyone is allowed to be as lazy as they would like. I am going to try to watch a few movies and maybe a bowl game.

8. Any travel plans for 2023?

We have some hockey tournament plans in January to Rhode Island and I know we will go to Hilton Head, SC in August. We need to look at the calendar and figure out when we can start doing some real college tours too. College tours will be the bulk of our travel this year.

9.  Things/events you are most looking forward to in 2023?

I am always looking forward to being in South Carolina this summer or any time for that matter. 

I am also looking forward to Hockey Guy starting his college tour and exploration process. I know that God has a plan for him and it may take him places he never thought he would go. We just need to trust and enjoy the process and let God lead the way. 

10.  Will you be watching any bowl games on New Year's or around New Years'?

We watched the East Carolina vs. Coastal Carolina on Tuesday night and that was fun as East Carolina really pulled away and dominated Coastal. ECU fans are very passionate.

We will also probably watch the Tennessee vs. Clemson game on Friday night. 

I hope you all have an amazing 2023 filled with Joy, health and prosperity. I hope you will also take a moment to take care of your needs as well as others and find Joy in the simple moments. I hope that 2023 brings you time to breathe and time to belly laugh...a lot! I also hope that in 2023 you will remember that you are important, you matter and I so appreciate every person that stops by to read my posts. 

If you have a moment, please visit the other writers that link up with us below. See you in 2023 Besties!


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  1. Love your goals- and love that it is time for college tours for you- should be an exciting year- thanks for being the best blogging partner- you rock friend! XO

    1. We make a Good team and I am so blessed to have you in my life girl! Imagine if we lived closer what we could accomplish! Xoxo

  2. College tours can be fun, definitely an overload of information. I hope he can quickly feel the right place for him. I think most of his have similiar diet/exercise goals! Hopefully we can all do a little better before Valentine's Day comes :). Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    1. Thanks for joining us. Yes, hoping my health stays stable to get some Good walks in. Happy New Year!

  3. All the best for the upcoming college tours. Sorry to hear that you haven't been well this year. I really hope that all changes in 2023 and that you have an amazing year. Thanks so much for hosting this great linkup.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I have a lot of hope for 2023! Love that you joined us this month. Happy New Year!

  4. I almost hesitate to admit this... but most days I'm in comfy clothes by 5! LOL. Unless we have plans to go somewhere after dinner I tend to change into my pajamas before I start cooking (it's not nearly as weird as it sounds since my pajamas this time of year consist of a tank top, hoodie, and wide legged yoga pants). I'm pretty sure we'll be squeezing in a few college tours this spring too; though it does seem like the top 3 pastry schools in the country are right here in New England/ New York so that should make for some quick and easy weekend trips!

    1. Very excited to watch the pastry school journey Joanne! I am glad you are with me on the early PJ club too. Happy New Year!

  5. Putting pajamas on at 4:30pm is my way of life, especially in the winter, if we don't have other evening plans. And sometimes I put my pjs on for a short time and then get dressed again. So clearly you have found your people here :) And yes, finding joy in the simple things is my theme for 2023. Thank you for hosting one of the BEST linkups on the internet.

    1. Oh Natasha I have truly found my people. Thank you for that nice compliment.t. Our link-up is so Good because of the amazing women that join us each month. Happy New year.


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