Friday Favorites: Your Favorite Posts of 2022


Well Besties, I expected this first week of January to be rather busy due to finalizing some numbers for finance and Swearing-in Ceremonies, and yet there were no Swearing-In Ceremonies. This week has been pretty exhausting and I am hoping there is some type of resolution soon. I am so ready for a weekend of friends, hockey plus a little food and wine.

Today's Friday Favorites were chosen by all of you Besties. Today, as I link up with Erika and Andrea, I am sharing your favorite posts of 2022. I always love doing this post and it is so interesting to see what you love on this space.

Are you ready? I am so ready to talk about all the fun things after this week!

#5 September Monthly Musings Fall Decor and Halloween 

One thing I know about you Besties, is that you love all things fall. My monthly linkup post with Holly in September was my reentry from COVID and had all the fall feels that you loved so much to put in the #5 most popular post of 2022.

#4 Smoky Turkey Sausage Chili

One of my first posts of 2022 ended up in the #4 spot. I did a little twist on chili in January with smoky turkey sausage chili. This is a great meal to make ahead during busy seasons and a great warmup for winter weekends.

#3 Friday Favorites from January 7th

At the #3 spot is Friday Favorites from this time last year. This was a delightful mixed bag of a healthy oatmeal, an easy soup I made, a Bravo show we were loving and my new hockey wine glass.

#2 Hello Monday Anniversary Weekend

My recap of our anniversary weekend ended up being your second favorite post in 2022. It was a lovely summer weekend filled with baking, takeout on the patio, a Costco run, planting of summer flowers and other home improvement projects. We also had a delightful dinner out and some Sunday night grilling. Just a simple weekend of Joy, but those are the Best. 

#1 Friday Favorites September 30th 

My final post of September was your favorite of 2022. This post had all of the fall feels and you were loving it. At this point, I was finally past COVID and so ready to be back among the living.

This post had it all with a touch of crisp fall air. I shared a cute fall outfit that with tall boots you could still wear now, my favorite fall body butter from Trader Joe's, a song that I was loving, my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and my favorite mascara. These were all fall things that I was loving and apparently, you were loving them too.

This wraps up your favorites of 2022. I truly love this space and the community of amazing readers who stop by every week. The people that come by here are sweet, engaging and thoughtful. I truly appreciate each and every reader and every comment. Thank you for a great 2022 and I look forward to the Best year in 2023!


  1. Oh my gosh wishing that we have a new speaker elected by Monday- hang in there friend! Love all of these posts- they brought back some great memories- excited for another year of blogging with you! XO

  2. It's hard to believe that 2022 is over but I'm excited and ready for a new year. I enjoyed looking back at your past posts. The smoky turkey sausage chilli looks so delicious it's made me hungry! Have a great weekend 😊

  3. It's always so fun to look back at the posts of the year and see what was popular with the readers.


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