Friday Favorites: January 20, 2023-She Said, The Way Home, a Good Red Wine, True Crime Podcast and an Easy Dinner Helper


Hey Besties, I hope you had short week this week with the holiday. Things are really buzzing around here with sports and work in full swing. I was home alone with our sweet dog Stormy last weekend as he recovered from K9 flu/kennel cough and got a ton of things done in the house while the guys were at a hockey tournament in Rhode Island. I bundled up, waited for text updates of scores, cleaned out the clutter, hung pictures, had some friends over and watched way too much tv. Some of this hunkering down is turning into my Friday Favorites this week. 

This week as I link up with Erika and Andrea, I have two things for you to watch, a podcast I found that you will like if you are a true crime fan, a dinner shortcut for busy nights and a wine you can find at Trader Joe's to accompany any or all of these Friday Favorites. Snuggle up and enjoy Friday Favorites.

1. She Said

She Said is the story of the New York Times reporters that broke the Harvey Weinstein story. It is streaming exclusively on Peacock and was way Better than I thought it was going to be. I watched it more out of curiosity but became fascinated at how the whole story unfolded. It was not preachy as I feared it could be, it was a really Good tale of how true journalists can bring a story forward and change things for the Better

In an era of people screaming "fake news" all the time and so many tabloid tales, it was really interesting to see how true journalists work a story, gain the trust of some very scared sources, fact check and then push publish. This is not a movie for young audiences but one I think you will like.

2. The Way Home

I was definitely disappointed last year when Hallmark decided to end Chesapeake Shores. I was a fan and watched all six seasons. Enter the series on Hallmark The Way Home. I definitely enjoyed the premiere on Sunday. There are three strong female leads with Andie Mac Dowell at the helm and one of the things I love about Hallmark is female-focused storytelling. 

The Way Home has definitely caught my attention with strong characters, an interesting concept and a pretty meaty story. Those who think that Hallmark is all fluff, this new series may change your mind. I am definitely in for this.

3. Lodole Rosso di Toscana Wine

I purchase this wine on impulse at Trader Joe's because I was having a few of my friends over for lasagna and salad. We didn't end up opening it that night but Running Daddy and I opened it when he got home from Rhode Island. This is a delightful wine. It is smooth and not heavy. I typically don't drink red wine because it is usually too heavy for me and makes me tired. This wine may convert me back to a red wine drinker. Well, maybe just a glass every now and then. It would be perfect for pizza night too.

4. Going West Podcast

Any true-crime fans in the house? I am typically not but since Hockey Guy is taking forensics we have been talking a lot about the Idaho case. In addition, the case of the missing woman in Cohasset, MA is very close to where I grew up. 

I recently found the Going West podcast and they do a very Good job of covering true crime cases. I don't think that I would listen to every episode because some true crime can weigh too heavily on me, but this will definitely be a resource on cases I am interested in. They are great at breaking down things like indictments and laying out evidence. Definitely check this one out.

5. Campbell's Marsala Sauce

Everyone can use ways to make dinner come together faster. I recently picked up Campbell's Cooking Sauces on impulse. These are really Good and a way to get dinner on the table quickly. 

I use this sauce with some chicken tenders from Butcher Box that I pan-seared and then added the sauce. I served on a bed of brown rice with a side of chopped salad. This dinner was super easy and really yummy on a busy night. They have several options for sauces all of which cook up really easily.

Try these out and let me know what you think. If you want to try Butcher Box, use my code here. 

That's all for this week Besties. Next week I will have Monthly Musings and What's Up Wednesday for you. Have the Best weekend and I will see you next week. 



  1. I definitely need to check out "She Said"- maybe this weekend. That wine looks great- we are having friends for dinner on Sat night and I picked up a similar wine to yours- we are doing an Italian dinner as we plan our excursions in Italy- will let you know how it is!

    1. Let me know at wine you tried. Always up for a recommendation.

  2. I loved Cheseapeake Shores and was sad when it ended. I think The Way Home will be good and am glad they have a new series. Have a good weekend!

  3. I like red wine but don't drink it very often as it makes me sleepy too. So I usually stick to whites. The marsala sauce sounds great. I like having sauces like that in the pantry for those busy nights when I get home from work and don't feel like fussing around in the kitchen.

    1. I agree on all of these points. Sometimes it's fun to have a dinner that was easy to pull together but doesn't look or feel like it was made in a few minutes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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