What's Up Wednesday--June 2021


Happy Wednesday Besties. The last couple of months have been a lot and I have been away from this space for a bit. One thing that I have learned over the last few weeks is that if I am not taking time to do things that I love, like being here on Good Better Best, I am not my Best self.  I am back today and linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. There is a lot that has been up lately.

1) What We're Eating This Week

Things are going to be a little busy this week with some work deadlines, lacrosse camp and Running Daddy is in the thick of training for his Iron Man so we are going to keep things pretty easy. 

I don't really have a meal plan for this week, but the Food Fairy brought us a house full of food. I have pre-marinated pork tenderloin, makings for taco meatballs, grilled cheese and other easy options. We have fruit and salad makings and we will figure it out. You know why...because some weeks are just like this and you have to wing it. 


June 2021 Monthly Musings--End of School and Summer Plans


Hey, there Besties! I have taken a little step back over the last month to deal with some family things. Everyone is ok in the Good Better Best household but I have been helping with some things to settle my dad's estate and help my mom. Today I taking a breath and linking up with Holly for Monthly Musings. This month we are linking up with other great writers to talk end of school and summer plans. Join me today for Monthly Musings.


Monthly Musings June 2021 Topics-End of School and Summer Plans


Hey there Besties! I know it's been a bit since I have been on the site. I really haven't been here since last month's Monthly Musings. I have been really focused on some things I need to do for my family right now including helping to settle my dad's estate and get my parent's house on the market.  All of this from another state. Whew. 

I hope you will join Holly and me on Thursday for Monthly Musings. I could use a little musings right now as a way to take a mental break and have a little fun. This month we want to hear about end of school traditions, either one's in your life or your kids now and all of your summer plans.  

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