What's Up Wednesday--June 2021


Happy Wednesday Besties. The last couple of months have been a lot and I have been away from this space for a bit. One thing that I have learned over the last few weeks is that if I am not taking time to do things that I love, like being here on Good Better Best, I am not my Best self.  I am back today and linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. There is a lot that has been up lately.

1) What We're Eating This Week

Things are going to be a little busy this week with some work deadlines, lacrosse camp and Running Daddy is in the thick of training for his Iron Man so we are going to keep things pretty easy. 

I don't really have a meal plan for this week, but the Food Fairy brought us a house full of food. I have pre-marinated pork tenderloin, makings for taco meatballs, grilled cheese and other easy options. We have fruit and salad makings and we will figure it out. You know why...because some weeks are just like this and you have to wing it. 

2) What I'm Reminiscing About

This week Hockey Guy is helping out with the younger kids at lacrosse camp at his high school in the morning and then attending the high school session in the afternoon.  He started attending this camp when he was in third grade and now he gets to help out. I have been thinking about how much fun he used to have when he was little there and now he is helping the younger kids.

I am also thinking about our the summers a few years ago when we first started to go to Hilton Head and cannot wait to be back.

3) What I'm Loving

I am loving really simple things lately. One of the things I am loving is coffee with almond milk. When we were traveling a few weeks ago I started getting almond milk in my latte and my coffee and I love it. I tried it a few years ago and wasn't a fan but now I am all about it.

I am also loving the Color Wow Speed Dry spray. It helps my hair dry a little faster and is giving me a Better blow dry. 

This spray with my L'Ange blow dry brush and I think my hair is looking pretty Good these days. 

I am also loving the new Lavish body oil from Ever. It's part of their new body collection and I was able to try it right when it came out. It's is a light body oil perfect after you shave your legs. It's not greasy and is infused with Bulgarian roses. 

What We've Been Up To

Honestly, we have been up to a lot. The middle of the month we went up to Boston to help with getting my parent's house on the market. We helped coordinate the movers and hired an estate sale person. We did have a few moments of fun with dinner at Patriot Place. It was not the most romantic way to spend our 16th wedding anniversary, but honestly this is what marriage really is. Marriage is not about the wedding cake and the flowers, marriage is about being there for the other person during the tough times and loving each other the whole way.

I have also had a ton of work projects this month. I have my regular work projects and then we also do some projects related to the College World Series and also the US Senior Open. It takes a lot of coordination and I am also super thankful I have really Good coworkers that pitch in to help. 

We have also been blessed to spend some time with friends. This goes along with all the simple things I am loving this year.

Last weekend we had some fun with friends and went up to Baltimore see a double header lacrosse game with the Premier Lacrosse League. It was a hot day but a fun day and something that we would like to go every summer. It was that fun!

What I'm Dreading

I need to start cleaning out some clutter in this house and unpack some boxes from the Boston house and this weekend would be a Good time to do it. I dread all of this but things are driving me crazy and I need to just get started and get things organized in this house. 

What I'm Working On

I am honestly working on not getting so overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities. I have worked really hard at staying in the moment the last week and not thinking about all I have to do and it has really helped. I have been a little stressed and crazy productive. One thing at a time...right?

I also really need to work on getting this house organized. The last year has been a lot and I am not happy with how disoranized things are around there. This weekend is the perfect time to jump on these projects.

What I'm Excited About

Every day, every week we are one step closer to our vacation in Hilton Head in August. I cannot wait to be back there. We have a different house this year and I am looking forward to all that holds. It really keeps me going during all this work that I am doing.

What I'm Watching/Reading

I have started A Simplified Life by Emily Ley but that is going a little slowly lately due to my schedule. I think I am going to dig deep into this on vacation next month.

This book is going to help me clear out the clutter in my life and my house!

As for watching, Running Daddy and I are deep into The Crown and savoring and discussing every episode. This series is so Good!

While Hockey Guy is watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and keep me posted every night, we are also watching Million Dollar Listing New York together. It's a fun show and one that we have totally held over from the pandemic last year.

As for me, I am all in on Beverly Hills and New York Housewives. Beverly Hills is so Good this year and Kathy Hilton is a star. Why have we been hiding her all these years? As for New York Housewives, all I can say is:

Something is totally missing this year on New York and I think it is Dorinda. I think she needed a season off, but I think we need her back. Do you hear me Andy Cohen?

And of course, Hallmark Christmas in July! The movies have already started on Movies & Mysteries and they will start on July 9 on the regular Hallmark Channel. 

Christmas in July is always so comforting because I am always in the middle of a ton of work when they come on and it really helps me with a mental break. It also means we are one step closer to the new movies starting up in late October. Can I get an "oh yeah!"???? Who's with me?

What I am Listening To

Now that I am commuting again some I am back with all of my regular podcasts: Two Judgey Girls, Bitch Sesh, and That Sounds Fun.

I am not going to lie to you, I am super disappointed that Hallmark has decided to cancel The Bubbly Sesh podcast.  I was actually a guest on this podcast about 2 years ago and had a total blast. Jacks and Shawl are total delights. While they have a few Hallmark shows left, you should totally check out Shawl's other podcast called Feel the Good. She had a really Good episode with Debbie Matenopoulos that really spoke to me. Debbie is so real and these ladies really talk about their time on Hallmark ending. If  you have  ever had a job you love not end up the way you thought it would this episode is for you.

What I am Wearing

I haven't been doing a lot of shopping lately but I did need some new sandals. I really love these sandals from Toms. They look Good and are actually really comfortable. 

Because I am in the office a little bit more lately, I am dressing up more but not enough to invest in some new pieces. Because most of my cute work summer clothes were not really worn in 2020 it is like a fresh look in 2021.

What I am Doing This Weekend

I cannot wait for this long weekend. I am definitely going to get some sleep, fingers crossed. We will most likely spend time with friends at the pool. Running Daddy and I also need to put in some landscaping to replace some bushes that needed to come out. I am also hoping to go through some boxes from the Boston house and do some organizing.

Our Fourth of July plans are still in formation!

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

We are still working on our plans for the Fourth but pretty sure it will include time at our pool. Our July doesn't have a ton of plans right now but mostly we are looking forward to spending time with friends.

What Else is New

Honestly, I think I have covered it all. We covered a lot of ground in June and I am honestly looking forward to soaking in a little more summer and downtime in July.


  1. Thanks for the reminder on Christmas in July! Can't wait for you to enjoy Hilton Head again :)

    1. You are so welcome re Christmas in July. That's what I am here for! Bring on the Hallmark. Xoxo

  2. Oh man I need to be unpacking & cleaning out clutter too

    1. Ugh. Right there you. Let's hunker down and gwt it done! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I didn't know there was a Christmas in July. I may just have to check that out. And I LOVE this sentiment so much "Marriage is about being there for the other person during the tough times and loving each other the whole way." Thank you for sharing that. And ENJOY Hilton Head. We would love to go back there someday.


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