Monthly Musings March 2023: Essential Spring Fashion Pieces


Aaaah spring! I don't know about where you live Besties, but spring may be settling in right here. The cherry blossoms are out and so are all of the tourists. I have plenty of time to look at them while I sit in horrible traffic. Sigh.

Since we are embracing spring, Holly and I wanted to talk about Essential Spring Fashion Pieces as our topic for our monthly linkup party Monthly Musings today. We are blessed to have a group of talented writers join us every month for this linky party. When you are finished reading this post, make sure you stop by some of the other sites too.

Ok, let's get to the fun fashion questions. Note, I will be shopping in my closet a lot lately.

1. How do you transition your wardrobe?

In March I start to slowly transition my wardrobe. March can start out downright freezing here and then it can get beautiful and warm by the end of the month. Plus I still need warm layers and Uggs for hockey and outdoor lacrosse at the beginning of the month.
Mid-month, I also start to get a little tired of dark colors, so when I can I start to put away the greys and the heavier fabrics (keeping a few in reserve if needed) and start pulling out my pops of colors that I can pair with a jacket or other layer.


What's Up Wednesday-March 2023


Happy Wednesday Besties. First and foremost I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to send me some kindness based on Friday's post. I really just wanted to document what happened and try to put out to possibly help others struggling with similar health challenges, but lo and behold, you all showered me with such love and support. I really didn't post for attention, I was trying to document and provide future information for others. Everyone has been so kind. The Good Better Best community really is the Best

Oh March, you were so very March. You took me to one of the Best nights of our lives and then put such challenges in front of me healthwise...again. In the middle there was some fun, some food and some binge-watching. Join me as I link up with Shay and Shaeffer and take you along on the wild ride that was March 2023.

What We're Eating This Week

I have a house full of food and no meal plan for this week. We also have away games and nights out. I am giving myself a lot of grace and not pushing myself as I still work to get Better. Some weeks we all need this.


Monthly Musings March 2023-Topics Essential Spring Fashion Pieces

Jumping in for Hello Monday with Holly and Sarah to share the topics for Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday. Holly and I will be hosting our monthly link-up and we are going to be talking all things spring fashion. From transitioning your wardrobe, to Best spring colors to opinions on the latest fashion trends, the talented writers who join us every month will have all the tips and trends.

The list of March questions are above, so grab the graphic, add our links to your post and share spring fashion 2023 on Thursday. Then stick around and check in with the other writers who join us every month.

See you back here on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday and on Thursday for Monthly Musings.



Life Lately: Hey There Champions and Well, That Wasn't Supposed to Happen


Hey Besties. Happy Friday. I know that I have been a little MIA lately and usually on Fridays I link up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites, but today I am going to do a little life update. I always find March challenging and while the month started with one of the most fun nights of my life, it also threw me quite a curveball this week. Settle in, grab your favorite beverage and get ready for a little roller coaster of my Life Lately.

Let's start with the Good stuff. A few weeks ago Hockey Guy's team became the state champions. They won four straight games against some very tough teams and won the championship game in overtime. They went into the series as the #10 seed and ended up playing the #11 seed in the final game.

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