Friday Five---Five Things I am Loving During Spring Sports Season

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know the Sweet Boy plays sports, mainly hockey and lacrosse but the Sweet Boy and Running Daddy are also involved in track and cross country. Hockey season wrapped up this past weekend with a BIG WIN for the Sweet Boys team.  They ended the season 12-1 in the regular season and won every game in a five game tournament to bring home the division championship.  I think we had the Best hockey season ever and watching him pose with this team and the championship banner really brought us joy. One of the biggest joys was to know that God had other plans for him last spring when he ended up playing on this team instead of another team he really wanted to be on.  Funny how life turns out, huh?

So now we are heading off in the world of spring hockey and lacrosse season. Any hockey/lax mom will tell you, it's the same game almost but one is on the ice and one is in the air and either way at this point in the are freezing at practice whether it is in a rink or outside! Now the reality of midweek practices are also setting in.  Midweek practices are really something that I struggled with last year especially when it comes to dinner.  Here are five things that I am going to rely upon this spring sports season.

1. Burger Night: Oh I can Good Better Best Burger Night with whole grain buns, organic or farm meat and healthy sides.  I am also loving these burgers from Trader Joe's it with avocado.

2. Taco Night: Taco Tuesday, Taco Wednesday...whatever...they are fast and can be healthy with Good Better Best.  We are typically a Taco Thursday house because by the end of the week, tacos are about all I can do.

3. GE Profile range: We needed a new oven in the Good Better Best household.  We have an old quirky house so we did have some limits on what we could fit in the kitchen, but Running Daddy also told me to get what I wanted.  We chose this beauty and it totally rocks.  Yeah, I feel old being excited about an oven, but this baby has really made my life easy.  I have used every cooking feature in the last month and couldn't be more happy.  The integrated griddle/ changing!

4. Breakfast for dinner: It's totally ok to have pancakes and bacon with a side of fruit for dinner.

5. Occasional take out: I try really hard to make dinner six nights per week, but I am also going to give myself a break and if we are tired....ok I am tired, it is ok to have take out every once in a while.

What are your tips for surviving the Spring Sports schedule?  Share below.

Enjoy the Best food.

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