Monthly Musings October 2021-Fall Fun and Traditions


Hey Hey Besties! I don't know about you but I blinked and it became the last Thursday in October. What a delightful month! Speaking of delightful, today I am hosting my monthly link up with Holly and we are getting together with some other wonderful writers sharing all of our Fall Fun and Traditions. Join me as I share all the fall fun.

1. What are your Halloween traditions?

Well, the last few years it seems like the tradition has been that we have had a late hockey game, including this year.

Our main tradition is that we decorate our house and build a spooky walk with our neighbors next door. We actually set up a table on the driveway and hand out candy from there. It's a fun couple of hours.

What's Up Wednesday-October 2021


Hey there Besties.  Can you believe it is the end of October? When in the world did that happen? This has been a delightful month and one I don't want to see go. Today, as I often do,  I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday (and don't forget to join Holly and me for Monthly Musings tomorrow). Time to get all cozy and find out what we have been up to in October. 

What We Are Eating This Week

Hockey Guy is now at the point in the season where he is playing hockey 7 days a week. This makes dinner interesting due to timing and some nights he needs a light meal before practice and some nights he gets home at a more reasonable hour and wants food and fast. I am really trying to get into a dinner groove here but have not really figured it out. Here is probably what we are having this week.

Easy Fall Decorating : Tablescape and Mantle Ideas


Hey there Besties! Today I am guest blogging on Doused in Pink which is the beautiful site hosted by Jill. For those of you that are joining for the first time on Doused in Pink, I am Patty and I run Good Better Best which is a blog dedicated to finding the Best in Food, Wine, Joy and Life. I am a corporate politico, hockey mom, wife to an Iron Man, I love to cook, all things Hallmark and Bravo and work on my faith every day. Thank you to Jill for having me guest host and I am excited to share this space today.

Today, I have a few easy fall design tips for your tabletop and your mantle. All of these are budget friendly and you may even have most of these things around your house. Join me as I get our house ready for all things fall.


Monthly Musings October 2021 Topics-Fall Fun and Traditions


Join Holly and me on Thursday for Monthly Musings as we talk Fall Fun and Traditions. We look forward to seeing you here as a reader, blogger or both.


Friday Favorites: Stitch Fix Freestyle Jeans, Best Tote for Fall, TJ's Pumpkin Bread, New Rothy's Style and SNL School Board


Happy weekend Besties! October is cruising along and has been a really fun month so far. We have had hockey, fun times with friends, a visit with family and all the fun fall things. Today I have a fun fall post for you that is filled with fashion and all the fall Goodness. Join me as I link up with Erika and Andrea for my Friday Favorites.

1) Stitch Fix Freestyle/Judy Blue Jeans

I have a little bit of a complicated relationship with Stitch Fix. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but it is true. Stitch Fix and I had a really Good run for about two or three years and then I had a horrible fix that was not what I was looking for an downright dowdy. On top of that, I had a not so Good customer experience with them about four years ago. At that point I thought I was done.
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