Friday Favorites: Stitch Fix Freestyle Jeans, Best Tote for Fall, TJ's Pumpkin Bread, New Rothy's Style and SNL School Board


Happy weekend Besties! October is cruising along and has been a really fun month so far. We have had hockey, fun times with friends, a visit with family and all the fun fall things. Today I have a fun fall post for you that is filled with fashion and all the fall Goodness. Join me as I link up with Erika and Andrea for my Friday Favorites.

1) Stitch Fix Freestyle/Judy Blue Jeans

I have a little bit of a complicated relationship with Stitch Fix. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but it is true. Stitch Fix and I had a really Good run for about two or three years and then I had a horrible fix that was not what I was looking for an downright dowdy. On top of that, I had a not so Good customer experience with them about four years ago. At that point I thought I was done.

I mentioned last month that I wanted to try the girlfriend/boyfriend jean  trend and there were a few options I tried. I was intrigued by the Judy Blue Adelene Girlfriend jeans but they were sold out at a small boutique that I love to shop online in Florida. That being the case, Stitch Fix has these jeans.

I am not sure how long they have had this feature but you can now buy pieces individually from Stitch Fix through a feature called Freestyle. One thing I know about Stitch Fix is that they are really Good at finding pants and jeans that fit me. So I decided to give Stitch Fix Freestyle another try and bingo these jeans fit perfectly. They look cute and they are a total keeper.

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try you can use my code here

2. Zip It Convertible Tote

I love this bag. Period. This bag it light, holds a ton and is a total workhorse. The front pocket zips off and you can use it as a small crossbody. When I run errands at lunch or to get a salad, I just put my wallet and two phones in the front pocket, zip off and I am hands free and not dragging a big bag. 

I can fit the following in this bag:

-13 inch laptop (in an laptop sleeve)
-makeup bag
-Simplified planner in planner pouch with all the gel pens and stickers
-two phones 
-small wallet

The quality of the Stella & Dot bags is really Good and I am very hard on my bags. To make things even Better, through the end of today if you are an Insider's Club member you will receive 20% back in credit instead of the regular 10%. Not an Insider's Club member, you can join today here

Full disclosure that I am a Stella & Dot Ambassador but my opinions are my own.

3. Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix

Of all the fall Goodness at Trader Joe's, this is by far my favorite product. Always has been, always will be. Before I was gluten free I used to buy the regular version as well. I make these every weekend in the fall and they really are a staple in our house. We particularly love these with white chocolate chips. White chocolate with pumpkin is completely underrated, check it out as a combo if you have not tried. 

4. Rothy's Square Toe 

Rothy's are my go to flats. I probably have four pairs of Rothy's: two round toe flats (one pair is being replaced), loafers and a pair of the sneakers. It was really time for my black flats to be replaced so I tried the square toe this time and love them.

I have kind of big feet, I size up from an 8.5 to a 9 in Rothy's. I like the look of the points but I think they would make my feet look too big. What I love about these new square toes is that they have a little bit of the Best of all of their flats in one shoe. Slightly elongated like the point, slightly rounded like the regular flat and then a slight square at the tip of the toe.

These flats have all of the comfort and washability of all of the Rothy's. I am super happy with this purchase. If you haven't tried Rothy's yet you can save $20 off your first order with this code: 

If anyone has any feedback on the Allbirds Tree flats I would love you to leave me reviews in the comments. I am interested in their grey flats to try too!

5. SNL School Board Meeting Skit

Because we are at the beginning of a school year. I leave you with this skit from SNL a few weeks ago that had us rolling in the Good Better Best household. It's so funny because it is true.

I hope you have a really Good fall weekend. I will join you back here next week. I am thinking about doing a post where readers can ask me almost anything...if you have a question for me or like this concept leave me a question or comment in the comment section below. 


  1. Oh I can't wait for you post next week! Don't mind me if I send you 10 questions- ha! I feel the same way about Stitch Fix- it is hit or miss or love/hate...and yes that skit had us dying here especially since Rob is on our school board- it was DEAD ON :)

  2. Holly, I actually thought of you and Rob when I was watching this because I know Rob is on the school board. Plus you and I are former PTO/PTA gals.

    Yes! Please send me questions for my Ask Me Almost Anything. People can leave questions in the comments here or email me at


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