Monthly Musings January 2023: Beating the WInter Blues


Besties, Holly and I have really Good topic for Monthly Musings for January. This month it is all about beating the winter blues. It's a real thing. Depending on where you live, winter can be long, dark and cold leading to the winter blues. Today we are joined by a group of talented writers who are also sharing their tips to beat the winter blues. Be sure to check out the writers who link up with us too.

Tip to those that link up with us, try to visit at least two other sites on this link-up and be sure to comment too. Holly and I really strive to help support the community that joins us each month.

On to the blues fighting tips!

1. Something you do for yourself to beat the winter blues?

In the winter especially, when I get home you will find me lighting some candles. I will typically light a candle that has a fragrance on the breakfast bar and then also turn on the battery-operated candles in the living room while I make dinner.

I sometimes need either quiet while I make dinner or some chill music. I also try to put the fireplace on too!

2. Something you do for your family to bring Joy over the winter?

I am all about a seasonal treat. I love to bring home a fun hot cocoa bomb, heart-shaped chocolates, or seasonal coffee. 

3. Favorite cozy items or go-tos?

I am basically obsessed with Soma cool nights pajamas. The fabric is like a dream and so comfortable. If I get home at an hour that is socially acceptable to put on pajamas, I am putting on my cool nights.

If you have not tried cool nights or any other Soma items, you can save $15 on your first order with this link:

4. Winter exercise habits or practices?

I have not been back in full swing with my winter exercise due to my health over the last few months, but I love a winter walk with our dog. I do like to take in the cool air with him and have a fun podcast going. Sometimes he even wears his red sweater if it is really cold. 

When I am at full strength we usually do two miles. I am hoping to get in a few miles with him this weekend. This past weekend I did just over a mile with him.

5. Do you practice journaling or meditation?

Yes to both. Typically in the morning, I read a few quick prayers and bible verses. I really like this book I picked up maybe two years ago. It is one page per day and a really Good way to set the day up in the right way.

I also list five things that I am grateful for and the people on my prayer list. It takes about 5-10 minutes but my days really go Better and my anxiety level is much more in control when I am in regular practice of my prayer and gratitude.

I was very into meditation for several years, but with the other morning practices it was starting to take too long and I was really starting to have my mind wander too much during meditation, so I decided to just focus on the devotions and prayer. If I am super stressed, especially at night, I will add in some meditation.

6. Do you light candles or use essential oils to relax?

Big YES here too. I mentioned above that I light candles when I am making dinner to help wind down the day. I also use essential oils almost every day and put them on to sleep every night.

I have some blends I use when I am working, some blends for the seasons and even a blend to use when my lupus is really bad.

7. Any bedtime rituals you would like to share that promote quality sleep?

As I mentioned above, I do think the right pajamas can help with sleep. Fabrics that make you too hot or not warm enough can disrupt sleep patterns in my opinion. 

I also either use a blend of essential oils called Unwind or lavender in my oil diffuser while we sleep. I used to keep it across the room but moved it onto my nightstand when I had Covid and it really made a difference in my sleep quality to have the oils closer to me as I slept.

We also have a heated mattress pad which I highly recommend. I typically preheat the bed before we get in and then turn down to a more medium heat. Running Daddy turns his completely off when he gets into bed. 

8. What are your morning habits that help you prepare for a Good day?

In addition to the prayer and journaling that I mentioned above, I also make sure that I have my outfit prepped the night before I go to bed to make sure I am not searching for things in the morning.

Running Daddy and I usually also get up earlier than we need to and drink coffee together for about 45 minutes. This is something that we have been doing for years. It is often the only time we get to talk some days and it is really nice to have that quiet time together. If you are busy and struggling to find time with your partner, try to get up even 30 minutes early and have coffee together. 

I also try to do a little writing in the morning. Sometimes even if I get the opening graphic or paragraph written first thing in the morning I feel like I have accomplished something. 

9. Favorite way to spend a day off in winter?

Typically if I have a day off in winter it is because we are having bad weather. If it is snowy, I love to make a bunch of food and watch movies. We will also typically take Stormy out in the snow which he loves.

10. Favorite winter-themed movies?

Not counting Christmas movies I love Snow Kissed which is a Hallmark movie.

Running Daddy and I also really love The Holiday. It is such a sweet movie and he has a little crush on Kate Winslet. I find Jack Black totally charming in this movie. Frankly, all four actors are just delightful in this one.

Wrapping up, I hope this first edition of Monthly Musings will help you get through the winter months. A little quiet time is always Good and this season is a reason to try new things. If you joined Holly and me today be sure to link up below. I cannot wait to read all of the other tips these ladies have for us.

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  1. I too am all about the morning coffee with my partner. It's been a game changer for us. And it's never too early for pajamas, in my opinion!

    1. Thank you for supporting ne in the early PJs club! Early morning coffee is the Best. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yes to all of the comfy pj's and candles. I love having a candle burning in the kitchen when I am making dinner- excited for another year of blogging with you XO

    1. So excited for this years' Monthly Musing. It is truly a pleasure to host this link up w you friend. Stay warm.

  3. I am going to have to see if I can find that Hallmark movie. I am still catching up on Christmas movies.

    1. You will probably find to on the schedule this winter. It's a sweet movie. I have seen ot about 5 times. Thanks for popping by.

  4. I love my Cool Nights pj's! Though this time of year I almost always sleep with a hooded sweatshirt over them and a big pair of cozy socks.

  5. I'd wear pjs all day every day if I could get away with it (sshh, don't tell, but sometimes I do!) My hubby and I don't take time to drink our morning coffee together, but I think even the brief routine of saying "Have a good day, love you", handing him his travel mug, and giving him a kiss is a predictable and anchoring start to the day.

  6. A heated mattress pad sounds heavenly! I just bought a pack of 7 battery operated candles, and couldn't love them more! Our dog is part husky, so he loves to be outside, and he often has to be convinced to come inside ! haha Thanks for hosting this fun link up.


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