Friday Favorites: The Bachelor, Home Remedy, Sweetest Coffee Shop and Seasonal Coffee


Friday, I am so happy to see you I could hug you. This week was just a lot. It felt long and at times weird. I was up in Baltimore for a doctor's appointment and while I got the answers and solutions I prayed for, that doesn't mean I have to like them. I am going to do what they suggest, but I am a little sad about it. This week I was also reminded that chauvinism is still alive. I don't want to talk too much about it, but this was not one passing comment that I may have misinterpreted, it was a full-on conversation that was straight out of the 1950's. The energy of this week was just a little weird, and I am so happy to be at the weekend. 

Now I can take a breath, and link up with Erika and Andrea, for Friday Favorites and share with you an old favorite show that that is giving us stress release in our house, an old-fashioned home remedy I just discovered, the sweetest coffee shop you need to find in your community and a seasonal coffee treat. Embrace the weekend and join me for Friday Favorites.

1. The Bachelor

The day of The Bachelor premiere, Hockey Guy had a day where he worked really hard and just needed to chill out so I suggested that we watched the premier of The Bachelor. It was just what we needed. We were laughing, commenting and cringing. I had taken a break from the show for a season or two but this premier brought me back to why I love this show. 

This week's episode was just what I needed last night (on demand) to help me laugh at this week. If you need a little comic relief in your life, join the ladies in the mansion, see if they are here for the "right reasons" and cue up The Bachelor on demand.

If you are watching this season, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2. Hot Water Bottle

On New Year's Eve, my sweet friend was telling us that she had just been in the United Kingdom and she pick up all new hot water bottles. I had her tell me more and she said you can heat your bed, use for comfort or aches and pains.

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Since I am all about the cozy and am always cold, I decided to order this cute hot water bottle, with even cuter cover, above. As my friend suggested, I have been putting it down by my feet when I sleep. While we have a heated mattress pad, my feet still get really cold.

What I found was that having the water bottle near my feet when I sleep is that I am feeling like my body temperature stays pretty consistent when I sleep. I think that is helping me sleep Better. The downside is that my pre-sleep routine is already multi-stepped but this step may be totally worth it, especially in the winter.

Am I the only one that has been missing out on this amazing home remedy or is everyone else in the world all about the hot water bottle?

3. Bitty & Beau's Coffee

We had a hockey game at Navy in Annapolis this past weekend and Running Daddy and I wanted to grab a coffee downtown before the game. We found out the place we liked had gone out of business and was probably a victim of the pandemic, but we found a place that was even Better

Have you been to any of the 23 locations of Bitty & Beau's Coffee? This place not only makes one of the Best mochas I have ever had in my life, but this is also a place that totally warmed my heart. Bitty & Beau's is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their moto is that it is a "human rights movement disguised as a coffee shop." I loved everything about it including its tagline of "radically inclusive."

I looked at their website and they have strategically placed their shops in college towns. I will be sure to see if they have them in the cities we visit over the next year when we are on our college tours.

4. Wawa's Maple Coffee Cake Coffee

Yes, I was super caffeinated this week. Two of my four Friday Favorites are coffee related. There is a Wawa across the street from my office, one of only two in Washington, DC. Their seasonal coffee is Maple Coffee Cake and every time I have been over to Wawa in the afternoon, it has been sold out and they don't really refresh the coffee in the afternoon.

Wednesday morning, I decided that I wasn't going to fight it and if I was going to get through the work I needed to do, I really needed another coffee. Lo and behold it was early enough in the day that they still had the Maple Coffee Cake coffee available. It was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. I did add a little  medium roast to it to give it a little extra kick. It's the perfect winter treat.

If you need a different winter morning coffee lift or an afternoon pick me up and you are near a Wawa, give the Maple Coffee Cake coffee a try. 

Now time to start rolling into the weekend Besties. I am hoping to batch cook, get my hair done and watch my boy play hockey. Have the Best weekend!

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  1. Oh friend- I hope you are ok- I will pray for you- email me when you can if you want XO


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