Monthly Musings Topics February 2023-Warm Weather Destinations/Winter Travel Tips

Happy Monday Besties! I hope you have today off, I alas do not. I am up early and linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and to share the topics and questions for Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday. February is a short month, so Monthly Musings kind of snuck up on us. 

For February we are focusing on warm-weather travel. We hope you will join us as a writer, reader or both!

I will admit, that this is not my Best graphic work and there is indeed a typo in one of the questions that I cannot fix. My computer is on it's last legs and I decided that this had to be Good enough for this month as my cursor was driving me batty! I don't think any of you come here for my graphic arts skills anyway. 

See you back here on Thursday!


  1. Miss Patty, My husband told me to stop taking your recommendations! You just costed us $$$$$$. Lol 😂❤️

  2. Miss Patty. My husband said I can’t take any of your recommendations, it’s to costly!!!


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