What's Up Wednesday February 2023: On a Friday


Oh Besties, I have a lot on my mind these last few weeks and got my weeks messed up with February being such a short month. I thought next week was the last Wednesday of the month, but alas, it is not. So I am sharing What's Up Wednesday and linking up withShay and Shaeffer  today aka Friday. We can also think of this as a Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea, because there are a lot of my favorites from this month in here too!

Let's chat about all things February before my computer completely goes haywire or I lose track of the weeks again.

What We're Eating This Week

We are in the phase of the year when hockey is finishing up and then lacrosse is ramping up at the same time. It makes things a little confusing and hectic especially when it comes to dinner. This is one of those weeks where we did the Best we could and everyone was fed. 

Monday-Burgers and dogs, sweet potato puffs, and salad

Tuesday-We had the final spirit night of the season and had pizza from the restaurant that sponsored the spirit night. If you have an &Pizza near you, it is so Good. They have locations in several states and we had never been there before. Such Good gluten-free pizza too!

Wednesday-It was only Hockey Guy and me and it was Ash Wednesday, so we had pesto pasta and I added tomatoes and fresh mozzarella to mine. 

Thursday-Probably will be Niman ranch pulled pork that I will just heat up for Running Daddy and me. Hockey Guy will probably eat on the fly around hockey practice.

Friday- We will have takeout before the hockey game.

What I am Reminiscing About

So many hockey memories. Thinking about this whole year of hockey for both teams. Thinking about when Hockey Guy's high school team won their championship last year as last week they lost this season's championship by one point, with seven seconds left in the game, due to a penalty shot. It doesn't define their season at all but we have been thinking a lot about these games over the last few weeks and days.

What I'm Loving

I am working hard on my health lately because I am having a medical procedure in March. (more on that soon) I went back to Barre 3 last weekend and also on Monday and I love it so. It's the only exercise I really enjoy. I feel like I can do anything when I leave class. 

What We've Been Up To

We have had a lot of hockey that has taken us out of town on weekends. We also had the main championship for Hockey Guy's high school.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with treats, flowers for me and Running Daddy and I had our semi-traditional Valentine's dinner of Chinese takeout. 

We are also trying to shift course and get ready for lacrosse season. 

What I'm Dreading

Speaking of lacrosse season, it is always super cold in the beginning of the season and often wet. The one thing about hockey is that it is always dry and there is no wind. You know it is going to be cold so you dress accordingly. Last year, we had a weekend tournament that was so cold that we all huddled under blankets and the team played in snow/sleet. While I am dreading the early weather of the lacrosse season, I know that later in the season the weather will be beautiful.

What I'm Working On  

The main thing I am working on is making sure that I get and stay healthy for my procedure next month. I want to make sure that I don't get sick and have to postpone as the doctor I am going to is a super duper specialist and really hard to schedule surgery with.

I am also working to try to get more sleep. My quality of sleep is pretty Good but I lack quantity. My Ob-Gyn has had multiple real conversations with me lately about the health costs of lack of sleep. I hear her and I am trying to do something about it. 

I am also trying to clear out some of the clutter in our house. I need to put together a Thred-Up bag and then I am also trying to post three items a week on Poshmark.

I am also peeking at the yard and landscaping thinking about what I need to start doing. I bought some solar spotlights last weekend and I think I need to grab a few more. 

I am also working on the things I am trying to do for Lent. I did sneak out to Mass on Wednesday for Ash Wednesday and that felt so Good. We have a very old, beautiful church right by my office and it was a nice way to break up the day. I need to do that more, especially when the weeks are rough. 

What I'm Excited About

Honestly, I am excited about spring. I can see a few iris bulbs that I moved and planted last year starting to pop up along with a few early daffodils and it all makes me happy. There could still be a winter storm out there that socks us in March but I am excited for all things spring.

What I'm Watching/Reading

I saw this every month, but if you are coming here for book recommendations you will be disappointed. In a few years, when I have more time I will get back into reading. I read about 3 books per year and am usually on vacation.

I can give you all the mindless television to watch though! I am embarrassingly obsessed with the Murdaugh trial in South Carolina and Hockey Guy and I basically watch everything about it. We are waiting until the weekend to break into the Netflix series but stayed up way too late watching the special they did on CNN Sunday night.

Switching gears, I am loving the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. I know it is going to get dark but right now I love it.

I will never look at a can of Pam cooking spray the same way again. IYKYK.

Running Daddy and I finally watched This a Robbery on Netflix that came out a few years ago, about the world's biggest art heist. It happened in Boston at a museum I went to when I was little that my mom loves. This is one I have been meaning to watch but kept forgetting about. It's so Good so check it out if you have not seen it yet. 

We have also been getting caught up on Million Dollar Listing and really like that they have settled into Tracy, Josh and Josh. The cast got too big for a while and right now all they need is these three. 

While Bachelor Zach may be boring, this season of The Bachelor is not. We are definitely enjoying this season and all the crying and all the drama. I think Jesse the host looks a lot like Zach. Anyone else?

What I'm Listening To

Like everyone else, post-Super Bowl, I am listening to a heck of a lot of Rihanna. Gosh she was Good and made me remember to crank her up on my playlist.

And yes, embarrassingly I am listening to every podcast that I can on the Murdaugh trial. The Best one out there is the Murdaugh Murders Podcast. I have said it for over a year and on the site numerous times but Mandy Matney is what a journalist should be. She is smart, she is fair and she is not giving up until she uncovers all of the truth and gets justice for the many victims mentioned in this case. 

What I'm Wearing

I am mostly wearing the same things but did do a little shopping this month.

I am going to need a few things for early spring, especially in the business casual category.

I picked up this Ruched Blazer at Nordstrom Rack and I love the color. It comes in other colors too but the slate blue totally works for me.

I also love this Adrianna Papell Blouse that I picked up in the slate blue pattern too. It will look really Good with the blazer above but also with black or navy. It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns too. I may pick up another.


I also needed a new robe and picked up this Soma Robe which is crazy on sale and love it. It also comes in a solid but I was so into the animal print. The fabric is just divine.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Friday night we have an additional playoff game for hockey in the other league. Crossing fingers they do well.

We have a fund raiser for lacrosse on Saturday night and we may have a hockey game. I so need to figure that out.

I need some church on Sunday. It's Lent and I need church in general.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

I wouldn't say that I am looking forward to my surgery, but I am looking forward to being on the other side of it and hopefully getting some answers.

I am also looking forward to lacrosse season and hope we get some beautiful days to watch the games.

What Else is New

I think that covers things. Thanks for putting up with my late posts and wonky computer stuff. Have the Best weekend. 


  1. Good luck with your surgery! Hope a quick recovery ❤️‍🩹

  2. Sending you all of the prayers and healing thoughts- please keep me posted! I am going to watch the Murdaugh documentary on Netflix tonight- have you seen it yet? Have a great weekend friend :)

    1. Hockey Guy and I watched it. I thought it was really Good. To understand this case, you have to understand the boat crash. Thank you for your healing thoughts and prayers and keep them coming!

  3. I hope and pray all goes well with your upcoming surgery. I'm also trying to make sure that I get more sleep. I'm terrible at going to bed at a decent time and now that I read your Ob-Gyn has advised of the health costs. Then that has really inspired me. I love the colour of the blazer and the blouse looks so pretty. I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. What my Dr said about sleep has really stuck with me and I am glad it is helping you too.

  4. Working on health, sleep, decluttering and getting ready for the spring yard are all great goals. I hope all goes well in preparation for your surgery. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. So many spring goals! Thanks for your kindness and appreciate you stopping by.

  5. I am thinking of you as you head into surgery month. Prayers are being said for your recovery, friend. And today was a preview of spring and I was so here for it -- our windows are open as I type this. Whooo hooo!!! Also, how did I not know lacrosse was a part of your life?!?!? I feel like this is the first I've heard of it but it must be my forgetful memory. Haha!

    1. Hockey Guy plays lax as his secondary sport and has since about second grade. Thank you for your kindness Natasha.


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