Monthly Musings February 2023: Warm Weather Destinations/Winter Travel Tips


It's Thursday Besties, we have almost made it through the week. I am going to start this post by apologizing for my graphic above. I always whip up a graphic for Holly and I to use for Monthly Musings. My computer is in a really bad way. So bad that I am just going to get a new one this weekend. Therefore the typos etc. in the graphic are totally on me. 

I don't typically travel to warm weather destinations in the winter because we are a travel hockey family so all of our long weekends in the winter are focused on traveling to the next hockey rink, unless that rink happens to be in Florida which did happen in November. I will try to share my Best tips for you. Let's do this wonky computer and all.

1. Favorite Warm Weather Destinations

We spend our summer time vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC. It is our favorite place period. I also love the Bahamas.

2. Packing Cubes? Yes or No

I personally love packing cubes but I was late to this party and only started using them about two years ago. I have a super cute monogrammed set from Marley Lilly

3. Favorite carry-on?

I love my Vera Bradley duffel. So many great pockets and storage.

I have one in a print that I got a few years ago after looking at these literally for decades. Zappos has several in a bunch of differents prints and solids that are at a really Good price. 

4. Essential items in your suitcase?

I always pack loungewear. I like to have something comfortable with me that I can wear in the hotel room but also have with me that is acceptable if I need to run down to the lobby to get a coffee.

5. Excursions? Yes or No? Share your favorites.

We typically just stay at the resort because there are so many things to do. The boys do go golfing when we are in Hilton Head.

6. Random item you always pack?

I would say the above loungewear and I also try to pack my weighted sleep mask. 

I know the sleep mask sounds super quirky but I have been using it for about four years now, and so does Running Daddy, and I cannot sleep without it. At one point I thought I lost it, so I bought another one and then found the original one. I keep the spare sleep mask in that Vera Bradley duffel so that I always have it for travel. Yes, I do realize how quirky that sounds. 

7. Do You Use a Travel Agent?

Pre-pandemic I would have answered "No". Now, unless we are traveling for hockey or just driving somewhere , I would totally use one.

Before COVID I was really Good at booking our vacations to places like Disney or the Bahamas and finding the right resort, finding a deal and it all went smoothly. Now I wouldn't book a big trip, especially overseas without a travel agent.

I have a ridiculous amount of Amex points, so if anyone has any advice on how to use a travel agent when you also have Amex points please leave me advice in the comments. Do you use a travel agent connected to American Express? Teach me your ways dear Besties!

8. Favorite Sunscreen?

For the most part, I use Ever sunscreen. I use the tinted moisturizer every day and Hockey Guy keeps the same product clear in his lacrosse bag, or at least he is supposed to. It is a mineral-based. product but blends in well.

I also like their regular sunscreen for my body. I typically apply it before leaving the house if we are at the beach and when I get to the pool. If we are at the beach I usually follow up with a spray because, well, sand.

For sprays, I actually like the Trader Joe's brand. I usually like the mineral spray but also buy the regular for the guys. They don't love mineral spray.


9. Favorite Flip Flops or Sandals?

I often have trouble with my heels so I have found that the Best flip flop option for me is either Jack Rogers or Oka-Bs. I have written about them countless times over the years and are my total go-to sandals.

I love both the classic leather Jacks and then they came out with a comfort line a few years ago which are like Birkenstocks but cute. I know I may get some hate from readers who love Birkenstocks but they are not for me.

10. Favorite Swimsuit

With swimsuits, I find that you really get what you pay for and I am pretty brand loyal over the past few years to Cabana Life. 

 I think they make a quality swimsuit that lasts several seasons. I also like that they are cute without being dowdy, which at a certain age can be a hard combo to find.

Because I am not super tall, I am only 5 ft 5 in, but I have a long torso I really need a tankini. A one-piece is not a Good look on me. 

That's what I have for you this month for Monthly Musings. Please try to visit some of the other talented writers who join us if you have time.

I may be back here tomorrow sharing February What's Up Wednesday, and I am well aware that it is Friday tomorrow. I got my weeks mixed up and didn't realize that this week would have the last Wednesday of February. All this should happen as long as my computer cooperates. Sigh. That's for stopping by and putting up with my wonky graphics I cannot fix.

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  1. Those are cute flip flops! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Wonky computers are hard and that's why some periods in my life have definitely held less blogging. Also, I didn't even notice the graphic error until you pointed it out so don't worry about it. And we LOVED our time we spent on Hilton Head and would love to go back. In fact, the picture I posted of Sam and I in the ocean is on Hilton Head!

    1. Oh that this such a Good photo and I love it even more now that I know it is on Hilton Head.

  3. I love my Vera Bradley weekend/duffel bag but never thought to pack it as a carry on... that would give me double the packing space! LOL.

  4. Great point about using a travel agent now when going out of country- really good idea. Love that swimsuit :) Thanks for being the best blogging partner! XO

    1. Girl, we work so well together! In this travel environment, I want a travel agent dealing with things and not me!


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