Monthly Musings September 2022--Fall Decorating and Halloween


Besties, I am so glad it is finally fall and really happy that it is almost October. This month for Monthly Musings, Holly and I are getting you ready for fall and Halloween with all of our questions for fall decorating and Halloween. With the help of the talented writers who join us every month, you will have really Good design and Halloween ideas and be ahead of the game. Be sure to check out the other writers who join us and leave your own tips in the comments below.

1. How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?

Running Daddy handles the outdoor Halloween decorating. We build a Spooky Walk with our next door neighbors and connect our two houses. We are kind of a destination corner in our neighborhood. We have lights, we have music and the theme is spooky but not scary or gory. 

I handle the inside and mostly keep the theme to fall with some Halloween accents. That way I can keep most of the decorations up from September until Thanksgiving. 

Since I have been so sick with COVID, I have been ambitious in my mind about fall decorating but a little slow in reality to getting it done. I know I have plenty of time but fall decorating brings me Joy and I could use a little Joy right now. 

This past weekend, I only had the energy to do a fall tablescape and it is really making me happy. Most of the items below are either from Home Goods or TJ Maxx. 

I am hoping to do more this weekend, especially because we are supposed to get all of the hurricane rain this weekend. If you want to see what I did last year for a tablescape and my mantle decorations click here

Since our family room is mostly blues and greige tones, I am hoping I can get to Home Goods this weekend and add in some fall items in the blue, white and clear tones for downstairs. Since it is so early in the season, we can enjoy these for a Good long time. 

2. Do you decorate inside? Outside? Both?

We decorate inside and out. Bring it on!

3. When do you do your fall decorating?

I am working on the indoor fall decorating right now. Running Daddy will probably be having a conversation with our neighbors soon and then the big-time outdoor decorations will go up the weekend before Halloween. I will do some outdoor fall touches over the next few weeks but the outdoor production won't start until that weekend before the big day.

4. How do you pumpkin--decorate with pumpkins?

I try to decorate with the mini pumpkins inside and try to support a local farmstand or farmers market when I buy these.

For our carving pumpkin, we have always bought our pumpkin from the church around the corner that has a pumpkin patch.

5. Do you add lights to your decorating? Share photos.

We do add lights to the outdoor decorations. You can see the spooky walk below. 

6. Do you do anything special for Halloween dinner?

Honestly, especially when Halloween falls on a school/work night, I order pizza or another take out. In the past I have tried to make chili or something else, but the little kids start coming at 6:00 p.m. around here and I just can't get our setup ready and make dinner.

7. Favorite Halloween candy?

There are a lot of sweet tooths in the Good Better Best household. I like a Milky Way and Reese's peanut butter cup, Running Daddy is all about the Reese's and Hockey Guy loves a Kit Kat. Hockey Guys doesn't like peanut butter so any of the Reese's that he would get when he was little always came our way. Score!

8. Full size or fun size bars?

We do the fun size but we buy a lot and let the kids take multiple pieces. We are all about volume and variety at our house.

9. Best fall decor tips?

Buy things when you see them and put them away. I actually bought the harvest yellow tablecloth and pumpkin placemats in my tablescape above in August. I knew that if I didn't buy them then, they would be gone. 

I will often buy things at the end of the season too when things really go on sale and then put them away for the next year. I do that with holiday decorations throughout the year.

Also look at what you have and try to use in a new way. The cylinder in the tablescape was purchased at Walmart probably five years ago and you can see how I used it above and then used in a totally different way in the decor from last year. 

10. Pumpkin spice--yes or no?

Big resounding yes here! I have had pumpkin spice coffee already this year but have not had my first pumpkin spice latte yet because I haven't really been able to leave the house due to having COVID. If I get a second negative test the end of the week, maybe I will celebrate with a pumpkin spice latte. Should I do it?

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  1. Praying for your negative test and YES do the PSL already ;) Love your spooky walk- so so fun! Thanks for being the best blogging partner XO

    1. Right back at ya girl. PSL this morning after my second negative test.

  2. I have one boy that doesn't like peanut butter either and I was more than happy to help him eat any Reece's he received! Those and Kit Kats are my favorites.

    1. We certainly make out on the kids that don't like peanut butter!

  3. I love your tablescape...perfect for fall. I bet the trick-or-treaters look forward to coming to your house with all your fun decorations! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I LOVE your fall centrepiece. This link up is giving me so much inspiration for to make my dining room table more festive! And I also want to visit your house on Halloween. It sounds fun!!!

    1. You are so sweet! Try a tablescape. Mine makes me really happy.


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