Monthly Musings Topics November 2022-Holiday Prep


Happy Monday Besties! I was actually writing this post from a hockey tournament in sunny Florida. Yes, there is hockey in Florida. I am dropping in for Hello Monday and linking up with Holly and Sarah

Speaking of Holly, today I have the topics for Monthly Musings. It's a little early this month because the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving and since our topic is Holiday Prep, we want you to have all the Good tips, tricks and recipes as we head into the Best season of the year. I know people love summer, and it's great, but Halloween through New Year's is Best season in my opinion.

Join us on Thursday for Monthly Musings. We want to hear about all of your holidays this season. We want to share and learn about different cultures and family traditions.  Just grab the graphic above, link up with Holly and me, and get ready for the holiday season!

See you Thursday!

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