Friday Favorites: Everyday Chardonnay, a Not So Perfect Hallmark Movie, Trader Joe's Harvest Salsa, The Watcher, and Little Moon Vital Vapor Balm


We made it to the weekend Besties and Halloween is upon us. This week felt like the hours flew by but that it took forever for Friday to
get here. Does that make any sense? Now that the weekend is finally here, it's time to put down the fun size candy taster while I link up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites.

On the list today is a Good everyday chardonnay, a not so perfect but perfect Hallmark movie, Trader Joe's Harvest Salsa, The Watcher, and Little Moon Vital Vapor Balm. This is definitely an eclectic list today. 

1. Noble Vines 446 Chardonnay

I may have written about this wine in the past, but this every day beauty deserves another mention.  Almost everyone who knows me knows that a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region on New Zealand is my wine of choice. The more pop of grapefruit the Better

When cooler temperatures roll around I do find myself reaching for chardonnays from time to time. The Noble Vines 446 is a really Good everyday wine. You can find this at most grocery stores and it comes at an affordable price. It has notes of pineapple, peach and even marshmallow and the end is slightly creamy with a touch of minerals. Try this one out and let me know what you think. I may have a small glass of this when I finish this post. (Don't worry, it's the evening when I am writing this) 

2. We Wish You A Married Christmas

Hallmark is doing a very Good job at listening to their viewers and making more movies that are not so perfect. The first one that broke that perfect Hallmark mode was Cranberry Christmas two years ago and it is in my top five Hallmark movies.

This past weekend my mom and I watched We Wish You a Married Christmas which premiered this Saturday. This couple is struggling in their marriage and their therapist sent them to an inn in a small town called Gracious to work on things. There is small town fun, holiday hijinx and alpacas. Check this one out whenever you are ready to start watching Christmas movies.

For the record, I want to stay at this inn. I know it doesn't exist but I want to stay at the movie one.

3. Trader Joe's Harvest Salsa

This delightful food product has probably been mentioned in years past but this salsa is so Good. Warm spices and a little heat make this salsa perfect for fall get togethers or to stop the post-work, pre-dinner hanger.

4. The Watcher 

Ok, who is watching The Watcher? I am usually so late to the party on the hot streaming shows, but when I heard the premise of The Watcher and that it was based on a true story, I knew I had to watch it.

Hockey Guy started watching it without me, hit pause and then came out and asked me if I wanted him to restart it so he could watch with me. This miniseries is so Good, but warning it is intense and not for kids. It truly has an all-star cast and is the first movie that Mia Farrow's first movie in twelve years.

We have watched the first two episodes and Hockey Guy and I decided this is not a show you can binge. We could never watch all seven episodes in a row. About two episodes at a time would be the right cadence.

5. Little Moon Vapor Balm

I always have this product on hand. The Vital Vapor Balm definitely helped when I had COVID and Hockey Guy used it this week when he had the generalized crud. It's like Vick's Vapo Rub with cleaner ingredients. In some ways, I think it works even Better than Vicks. I have a little bit of a scratchy throat, so I may be using this tonight. 

Ok, I am off to do a day's worth of work, attend a hockey game and then get ready to finish decorating outside for Halloween. Have the Best pre-Halloween weekend.


  1. Good morning! That wine sounds yummy. I'm thinking I need to try it soon! I foresee a stop at our local liquor store tonight...I'm also out of my favorite wine, the pineapple flavor of Stella Rose. The Watcher...oh my WORD. I can only watch it in the daylight! I'm through the first two episodes and can't wait to finish it, but I found out who the watcher was. I asked my son and he told me, because I like to know early on. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh I will have to check that wine out- love a good chardonnay- we love that Harvest Salsa from TJ's too- my favorite is pairing it with their cornbread crisps but our local store is not getting those in until November this year- so strange! Have a great weekend friend :)

  3. Good Morning. Thanks for the heads up on The Watcher. I usually bing lighthearted fare while I’m making my blankets. I watched the first episode and I’m 50/50. I skipped thru the part where the boy put the ferret in the dumbwaiter and the old guy in overalls popped out. I hope the ferret was ok. I can’t watch anything where animals might get hurt. I have a nice wine suggestion. Three Pears. I had it for the first time at the beach in Ventura. It’s just so good. Have a great weekend. BTW. Tracy A has some Hallmark movies coming out again.


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