Friday Favorites: Brownie Manicures, Hell of a Cruise, Magnesium for Pain, Better Breakfast, and Hallmark Movies Start Today


We made it to the weekend Besties! Not sure about where you live, but the fall chill really blew in here mid-week. It is full-on sweater-weather and I almost busted out my winter coat for an outdoor reception last night. I decided to brave it.

Let's get our fall on with Friday Favorites while I link up with Erika and Andrea. This is the perfect day for a little pumpkin spice coffee, Octoberfest beer or Moscow mule, depending on what time of day you reading this post. 

1. Chocolate Brown Nail Color

I really don't look Good in brown from the waist up. It is typically a clothing color that I avoid because it does nothing for me. I love it on other people but on this gal, no way. On the other hand, see what I did there, I am loving the brown nail trend right now started by Hailey Bieber this fall. For the record, it has already been noted in my household that I am NOT Hailey Bieber, but I can like her nails.

Hailey Bieber Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

Good Better Best "brownie nails"
Color Street Brownie Points

Using a brown manicure I think has a slight sophistication and a touch of fall. Below are some Good options if you want to try a brownie or chocolate glazed donut inspired manicure.

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***contains affiliate links

Probably the OPI one is most like the one that I have and the Butter one is most like the Hailey Bieber one. Give these a try for a touch of fall on your fingertips.

2. Hell of a Cruise on Peacock

Last weekend Running Daddy and I checked out Hell of a Cruise on Peacock. This documentary chronicles the early days of the COVID pandemic and several cruise ships that were impacted. It's so fascinating to watch all of this unfold in real time. We highly recommend this one.

3. Spray Away the Pain Magnesium Spray

I ordered this spray in my Grove box. I have been doing some reading lately on magnesium for pain. When my lupus is bad like it is now coming off of COVID, one thing that helps is an Epsom or sea salt bath. Typically it is the magnesium in sea salt or Epsom salt is what helps. I thought the spray may be more convenient, especially for travel.

I used this spray on my legs and feet the other night because that is what was really bothering me. I did sleep very deeply that night and my legs definitely felt Better in the morning. So far I would recommend this for pain.

4. Just Crack an Egg

I have also really been working on what I eat post-COVID. When I was sick, I really didn't eat much for about 10 days. I am trying to focus on fast, wholesome breakfasts. The Just Crack an Egg product is really Good. I can whip this up, put it in the microwave and it will cook while I put on my jewelry.

Could I probably do this in a bowl with ingredients? Well yes, but any time I have tried that it takes too much time and doesn't come out as Good as this little kit. I also really like that it is portion controlled and it does fill me up most of the morning, especially if I pair with a small smoothie.

5. Count Down to Christmas

Today is the day! "Count Down to Christmas" on Hallmark and "Miracles of Christmas" on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries starts today. Yes, I know that it is not Halloween yet but I don't care. I love the wall to wall Christmas movies and they truly bring me Joy.

I do want to share a little bit of why I love the movies so much. While my lupus is never great, back before I was on my major lupus meds, I really needed a lot of rest on the weekends. I have always watched the Hallmark Channel but back in 2012 there was probably only about 4-6 Christmas movies on per season. I used to snuggle in bed when I didn't feel well and watch these movies and it really brought me a lot of comfort. Frankly, these movies and a little rest are still part of my lupus self-care. Now that these movies are a "thing", I know what they mean to me and love that the stories of fun and comfort mean a lot to others too.

So say what you want, love them, hate them, secretly watch them...I was a Hallmarkie long before it was a thing. So I am ready. I am ready for Christmas in October, November and December. I am ready for my Hallmark Hunks (besides Running Daddy), I am ready for my old faves, my new faves and inspiration to make my house as festive as possible.

Are you ready for Hallmark Christmas movies? Leave your favorite movies, actresses and Hallmark Hunks in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this post today. This one was fun and light and maybe what we all need right now. I am going to get my work done, set the DVR for a few of my favorites and get ready to cheer on the home opener for high school hockey. Have the Best weekend. 


  1. Oh my gosh friend you are speaking my LOVE language- I am SO EXCITED that today is the day that I can start watching Christmas movies and you are dead on when you describe the joy it brings you- YES!! Love your list of faves too- checking out a few things- have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Settle in and enjoy Hallmark this weekend girl. I will email you about Monthly Musings today or on the weekend.

  2. I'm 99% certain that I am wearing that exact same nail shade from Colorstreet on my nails right now (I didn't read the package color though). I just did them yesterday and I am loving this deep brown with the sparkles of colors in it. Enjoy your movies!!


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