Easy Fall Decorating 2022


Fall is not only in the air Besties, it is full on here. I have our fall decorations up around the house and I am loving it. Today I am sharing my fall home decor with you to help inspire you if you want to do a small fall vignette or decorate your entire house. My hope is that after reading this post, you will feel that design is within reach for the fall season.

I have a tendency to decorate for fall with touches of Halloween inside, this way I can leave the decorations up longer. I will have these decorations up from about early October until the day after Thanksgiving. I will remove the few Halloween items right after Halloween and enjoy the warm tones of my fall decorations well into November and not have to do anything for Thanksgiving.

Most of the items in this post I have had for a while but I did add a few more this year. I find Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Michaels to be my Best resources for holiday decor. I also have a few touches from Walmart in there as well.

Fall Tablescape

The table is the first thing that I worked on for fall. I might be the only person in our house that gets excited about my tablescape but I am excited enough for all of us.

Piece of advice here, if you see something cute, especially at a place like Home Goods, buy it, don't wait. I purchased the marigold colored tablecloth and the pumpkin placemats in late August. There were only one or two sets of the placemats in the store at the time. I also love hard, cork-backed placemats and they are hard to find, so I knew I had to buy these pumpkin placemats when I saw them.

I also like to reuse items I have such as the hurricane and battery operated candle. I use the hurricane and candle for different decorating concepts throughout the year. I added some faux fall leaves and decorative faux fall gourds and pumpkins to give autumn vibes. Some years I use real pumpkins and gourds but this year I did all faux.

Fall Mantels

We have two mantles in our house, one in the living room and one in our family room downstairs. I like to do the mantels up and am loving how these two came out this year.

Small Fall Vignettes

Even if you don't have the room or time for more robust fall decorating, a touch here or there can be really fun. Below are some ideas for giving your smaller spaces all the fall feels.

My friend helped me pick out the ghost girl and she sits with two pumpkins on our built-in in our family room. The blue pumpkin lights up and gives a soft glow while we watch Halloween movies. This trio was under $25 total and just adds a gives a little Halloween spirit in a smaller space.

The Halloween mouse and pumpkin sign are at one end of the narrow console in the living room. He sits with two votives that I use for other reasons during the year. I don't remember how much each of these were but I am estimating they were under $20 and the votives are an example of a Good decorating staple you can you all throughout the year.  

I hope you enjoyed the fall indoor touches in our home for 2022. If you want to check out how I did the tablescape last year click here

Also, please share your Best tips for fall decorating especially on a budget in the comments below. I love to hear what others do to make their home cozy for fall. 

Hope you are having cozy, Good fall feels right now!


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