Monthly Musings October 2022-Thanksgiving Prep


Gobble gobble Besties. Halloween is on Monday and that means next up is Thanksgiving. Holly and I are hosting Monthly Musings today and we are ready to share all the Best tips by the talented group of writers who join us. Grab your rolling pins, your turkey brine and the tv remote for your favorite football game because we are talking Thanksgiving Prep!

1. Do you host Thanksgiving or go elsewhere?

We do not host for Thanksgiving. Easter is our holiday we love to host. We did host Thanksgiving last year and just had Running Daddy's parents and I got catering from the Mount Vernon Inn.

2. What dishes do you make or contribute?

Typically for the holidays I make the same two things. I always make these because that way I know there will be gluten free things that I can eat where ever I go.

I post my cornbread, sausage and chestnut dressing every year. I make it with gluten free cornbread but you can make it with regular cornbread too. It's fairly labor intensive but it is so Good

I also do a gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese icing. As you know I am not much of a baker. I typically do this from a mix and use a half sheet cake pan. It's has been a favorite of  Hockey Guy's since he was in preschool.

3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe and will you share with us?

Yes! See my recipe above for the cornbread dressing. Here is a tip for you if you make this. You can get already cooked chestnuts at Trader Joe's and it will save you a ton of work and time.

4. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

Typically Running Daddy does a Turkey Trot in the morning. Many years, even when he was in a stroller Hockey Guy would join him. Some of our traditions are changing lately, and I am really ok with it.

5. Stuffing or dressing?

Growing up my mom would stuff the bird. I personally prefer dressing and it is actually more sanitary. I think in the South it is primarily called dressing, but please correct me if I am wrong.

6. Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie?

I am not much of a pie person. I did get a gluten free apple pie last year and I was so excited about it. Honestly, it was fine but then I realized that I don't really miss pie that much. I think I am more of a cake person.

7. Casual dining or set the table?

I love to set the table along with a Good tablescape. Since we had a small group last year, we did use all of the silver, china and crystal. Typically when we host Easter, we have so many people that we have to keep the dining options casual. 

8. Favorite beverages to serve with Thanksgiving dinner?

Running Daddy is always in charge of wine and puts a lot of effort into it. For white, he typically chooses a dry Riesling and keeps the reds very light with either a Pinot Noir or a Zinfandel. I highly recommend that you visit your local wine store for recommendations at any price point. Try to go there several days before Thanksgiving or even the weekend before for the Best selection and to beat the crowds. 

He also tries to bring some interesting beers, usually from a local brewery.

9. Do you shop Black Friday?

I do shop Black Friday but I am usually home by around 9 am. I typically go solo and hit our local outlets right at 6 am. I then head into Old Town and visit some of the local stores that are having specials that morning.

I don't do it for the craziness. I do it to get some bargains and also with my busy schedule, it can really help me knock out a lot of shopping early.

10. Holiday movie or football game?

In our house, it is all about the holiday movies.

Ok, let's see what our other writers have for us below. If you link up with us, please try to visit the other sites and leave comments if you can. We have such a delightful group who joins us every month and you don't want to miss any of their holiday tips.

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  1. I love that you make dishes that you know you can eat. I should do that and things dairy free.

    1. Yes you should. Twelve years of being gluten free so I never go anywhere without food I can eat. Thanks for sto[pping by today.

  2. That cornbread stuffing looks and sounds amazing! How was your meal last year? Would you do that again? So curious. We are going out this year- first time ever and probably the last but I am looking forward to a special experience for sure! Thanks for being the best blogging partner and friend XO

    1. Honestly, for Thanksgiving I would absolutely do it again. We got the dinner for I think 4-6 people and for what I paid, I could never make that amount for food for that price. And the Inn is so lovely. I am not cooking this year either.I am so thankful for you as well dear friend!

  3. Our traditions have changed a lot through the years too and I'm okay with it too. I like seeing those signs of aging and those organic changes that come with it.

    1. I am kind of linking the changes. I actually love having an older kid. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Your recipes sound amazing. Our traditions are changing too as the kids get older, but I still try to do a few things each holiday. Thanks for hosting.


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