Friday Favorites-More Joy, Best Tote (on sale!), Intriguing Podcast, Sewing Down South and Return to Normalcy

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Happy July Besties! While I know this is supposed to be Friday Favorites, I am well aware that this is being posted on Saturday. This should tell you how my week was. This week has been busy work wise so I needed to give myself a little grace. I also ended up on the phone with a customer service line for over 3 1/2 hours Thursday night which truly led to the delay in this post. I was rolling right along and then I had a matter that really needed addressing. It ended with me getting cut off while on hold at 11:45 pm on Thursday night as I tried to untangle the last part of a trip. The major part is cancelled but I just need to deal with the travel insurance part.

I am also working on moving around some of my blog scheduling. I think that the mid week edition of What We Wore is not really working for me. I am thinking about moving this to Mondays, so stay tuned as I move that post around.

As we head into this holiday weekend, I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that are bringing me Joy this week. After three hours of hold music the other night...I need some Joy.

1) More Joy

I wear a small
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How sweet is this shirt that my friend sent to me? The tye dye is so on trend right now and you know I am all about Joy. These are a total steal this holiday weekend, so if you need a little lift or want to send a little happy to a friend, this is a really Good way to do it. 

2) Crush It Bow Tote (on sale!)

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Guys, I looked at this navy bow tote forever and now it is on sale for only $54! It is navy neoprene with a plum and pink accent on the bow. It is perfect for getting back into life and I think you could carry this all year. I am so glad I purchased it because it might be the most unique bag I have every owned.

The inside has slip pockets, a big zippered pocket and a water bottle pocket. I am actually carrying my own water everywhere now. The Best part is this little zippered outside pocket for things like keys, phone and oh yeah, that mask we need to have everywhere. Cute and functional? Yes please!

It also comes in grey which is a total standard color now, but since it is on sale too you could pick up both and use the grey in the cooler months. I am very big into buying things on sale off season and then holding them for an upcoming season.

And with Dot Dollars going on right now, you will earn a $25 coupon for every $50 you spend on the site to use later in the month. So you would absolutely earn a $25 coupon if you purchased this bag. Win! Win!

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3) Missing in Alaska podcast

Listen Free to Missing in Alaska on iHeartRadio Podcasts | iHeartRadio

If you like true crime or political intrigue, this is the podcast for you. In 1972 a plane carrying Congressman Hale Boggs (D-LA) and Congressman Nick Begich (D-AK) went missing and was never found. This podcasts examines what may have happened. It is fascinating and a really Good option for long drives this summer. 

4) Sewing Down South pillows

How cute is this jelly pillow? Craig Conover from Southern Charm has hit it big and has brought his line of pillows to HSN this week. We went to one of his pillow parties last fall and he is just adorable! I am so glad that he found a business partner that is helping to guide him and that he is finding success. His business partner is super nice and it looks like they have a really Good thing going. 

Here are a couple of other Good options from the line.

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And of course, here we are with Craig last fall. He talked to us for a long time and just loved Running Daddy's shirt and the fact that he loves Bravo!

He is super tall and was nice enough to bend down for our photo! It was also 10,000 degrees in that party, a warm late September night.

When I say that Craig is super tall...Running Daddy is 5'11" !

Craig....there is nothing wrong with your sewing! #TEAMCRAIG!

You can read more about our VIP experience at the Sewing Down South party last fall here

5) More Return to a Little Normalcy

Despite this being kind of a crazy week, I feel like things are getting back to a little more normal. It has been Good to spend time with people at the pool, even if we need to do "airplane arms" to make sure we are a safe distance.

We got our school plan for next year and as long as people in Northern Virginia continue to do what they are supposed to do for this "group project", it's not horrible! 

I hope things are going well where you are and that everyone is staying healthy. We have all worked too hard to backslide now, especially for the kids!

I hope you have the Best 4th of July and I will see you back here next week.

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